Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 8)

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So sorry for not being able to reply to everyone individually guys but I read all the comments and really a big hug to all of us for the support ❤ A big sorry for updating so late :p

Still at the picnic spot, everyone finishes their meal and Ragini takes in all the dirty plates, starts wiping them and the men are helping her cleaning the table. Everyone senses the awkward silence that is roaming in the air but finally Ansh speaks up. 

Ansh: let’s play hide and seek! 
Ragini: yes you go and play 
Ansh: I said everyone 
Ragini: Anshu there… 
Ansh: there is nothing left to do now we helped you na? Now your turn to play with us! 
RP looks at her and nods so finally she agrees 
Ragini: ok ok who is counting? 
RP: I will count but only till 30 ok? 
Ragini looks amused: ok go hide everyone and be quick! 
Ragini hides near a tree, Laksh hides in the bushes while Ansh hides under the table! 

RP spots him first and goes up to him: found you! 
Ansh: that is not fair! 
RP come on I found u next is your turn. Laksh and Ragini come out and Ansh says: ok find new places to hide I am gonna count and then come! 

RP finds a very nice spot to hide near the lake and Laksh goes into the bushes on the other side. When he looks on the other side, Ragini is also hiding there. 

Laksh whispers: hey this is my place to hide! 
Ragini is about to get up when she hears
Ansh: ready or not here i come! 
Laksh holds her wrist and makes her sit down. She sits but there is a thorn in the bushes that pokes her and she gets a cut between her knee and her foot 

Ragini winces in pain: sssss
Laksh: what happened? Don’t make noises
Ragini glares at him angrily and is annoyed 
He looks at her again and she is trying to hide it but he sees blood oozing out on her leg and panics! 

Laksh: Ragini you are bleeding! Let me have a look at it! 
Ragini: no need I’ll… 
he doesn’t let her speak and makes her sit on the grass. He looks at her leg and takes his handkerchief then starts wiping her blood. Of course he doesn’t have any bad intentions when he is holding her leg and wiping the blood. She looks at him and thinks: is he really as bad as I think he is?

Laksh: i have an ointment in my pocket let me apply it on the cut! It pains a little but it’ll be ok! 
Ragini cannot say anything, his touch is sending shivers down her spine! She doesn’t know what is happening to her it just seems like someone is soothing her pain! 

Laksh is busy in cleaning her wound and he doesn’t know why he is being so gentle to her. He is treating her like a baby and the only thing that matters to him is to make her feel good! 

Ragini: why do you carry ointment around? 
He was really happy that she finally spoke to him
Laksh: my nani always used to tell me to have it on me because when i was a kid I used to fall a lot and get bruises 
He puts his hand in his hair making a silly face
She smiles a bit seeing his love for his nani and then he ties another handkerchief on her leg. 

Laksh: look Ragini i
Ansh: found you! Didi? What happened? 
Ragini: nothing Ansh it’s just 
RP: Ragini? 
Ragini: arey I said nothing happened don’t panic 
Laksh thinks: once again I wasn’t able to apologise 
RP: let’s go home 
Ragini: no you guys carry on I’ll sit here on the table 
Laksh: are you insane? I have seen blood coming out like crazy! Before it starts again we need to get you to a doctor 
Ansh: you are right buddy! 

Ragini tries to get up but no luck! Her leg hurts a lot! She is in immense pain when everyone looks at each other. Laksh doesn’t wait for anyone and picks her up in his arms. 

Ragini: what are you doing? 
Laksh: you aren’t able to walk and you want me to put you down? 
Ansh and RP: don’t argue Ragini/didi 
Ragini makes an angry face and Laksh chuckles at her cuteness 

His one hand was on her back while the other was on her thigh. He was holding on tight while she had her arms around his neck. 

She was obviously not looking at him but he was looking at her from the corner of his eyes! She didn’t notice it because she was too busy in being angry! 

They go in the car and Laksh places her gently on the back seat of he jeep and lays her leg straight and he sits on the opposite side. RP Plays the radio and awkward songs start to play.
Yeh jism to hai kya…
Laksh looks at Ragini being shocked and she opens her eyes wide. She tries to pull her dress down to cover her leg and then looks at Laksh but he is looking the other way so she gets relieved. Laksh smiles looking that way because he knows what she is doing! 

They continue the journey and Finally after a long time which seems like eternities to Ragini, they reach the house. 

Ragini thinks: oh shoot! Stairs! Noooo!!! 
Ansh takes the empty picnic basket and Ragini says: RP do you want to come for dinner? 
RP: no Ragini I have to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting with Rajveer. He is a tough nut to crack! 
Ragini: i have never seen him 
RP: oh it’s better if u don’t! 
Ragini laughs 
Ragini: thanks for today RP and now we’ll leave 
RP: see u all tomorrow 

Laksh goes towards Ragini and she gets off the jeep on her own and shows him her hand. She is suffering from her pain but she is trying her best not to show it. This pain is nothing compared to what kind of pain Laksh has given her and he knows it. RP leaves with his jeep.

While he is in his jeep he thinks: when I saw you Laksh, I knew you were the right guy for my little Ragini. You are independent and strong because you left your family and built your own world and so did Ragini. I knew that if I told you all about her, you would admire her courage and that’s exactly what you have been doing! These days, I see your urge of being friends with her and make her happy and this is what I love about you both! I am glad that I finally found the perfect guy for my daughter who understands her because she is just like him. I hope she understands him soon too! 

He then goes to his house meanwhile outside the building: 

Laksh: Anshu take the basket upstairs and go open the door I’ll help your didi come up 
Ansh: ok buddy 
Ragini tries to walk on her own but it is very hard. 
Laksh: please let me help you! 
Ragini: sorry my parents couldn’t raise me at all and you think that I was not raised properly so what will people from the society think? That I was raised like a characterless person who is being carried by a boy?
Laksh has a lot of guilt but he composes himself 

Laksh: look Ra… 
Ragini: I don’t need your pity! I knwo RP trusts you so he must have told you! But i was strong till now and I always will be! I don’t need people like you to… you know what forget it! 
Laksh: you are taking me wrong I… 
Ragini: don’t hurt my Ansh now! I know u r getting close to him so you can hurt him and say the same things to him too! 
Laksh: why do you think that? 

Ragini has tears in her eyes: then what do you want? 
Laksh: genuine friendship Ragini and I also want to apologise for whatever i said I didn’t know 
Ragini: this is all out of pity
Laksh: look Ragini it is not out of pity and the day I prove you that, you will be my friend! 
Ragini: never! 
Laksh: We’ll see that!! And that day will come very soon I can promise you! 

Now can we go up the stairs and let me help you! 
It’s because of me that you got hurt so it is my duty to get you to your door! I won’t carry you now but i need to carry you in the stairs. 
Ragini knew he was right! After all, it was his fault so she didn’t protest much! 

They somehow got to the entrance of the building where Ragini’s injury was hurting. When they got there, Laksh picked her up in his arms again to climb the stairs. His hands arm was under her thigh and the other one was on her shoulder while she had her arms around his neck. Both were trying to not think about this but it was a fact that they were having too much physical contact with their exposed parts. She was cursing herself for wearing this dress and he was cursing himself for wearing half sleeves. They finally got to Ragini’s floor and Ansh opened the door to their room. Laksh went in there and put her on her bed. He was on top of her and they had an eye lock. He got up and Ansh removed Ragini’s shoes.

Ragini: Thanks
Laksh: what? Come again?
Ragini: don’t fly too high
Laksh laughs then he looks around and sees pictures of Ansh and Ragini all around the room. This brings a smile on his face and Ansh starts showing him the pictures of him being a baby. Laksh is so happy to see that Ansh has built a good bond with him while Ragini is just resting her head back and trying to forget the flashes of Laksh carrying her.

Precap: Office?

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