Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri coming and she starts romancing with tiara on the song chalo tumko lekar. She is dancing and forcing romance on Tiwari. Tiwari’s stomach is in pain and he scolds anguri and says shut up please and you are making my condition worse. Anguri starts crying and goes in the balcony.
There in the balcony vibhu and anita are drinking coffe and down in street tika and malkhan are in the auto. Anita says vibhu you should have brought something to eat too like cookie or muffins. Anguri comes out crying. Vibhu and anita get up and vibhu says why anguri? Why are you crying what happened? Anita says wait let her speak. Anguri says because of Tiwari. Vibhu says see that man has spoilt anguri’s life. Anita says shut up let her speak. Anguri says actually we did not have a fight but its all because of tiwaris constipation. Vibhu starts laughing and tika and malkhan laugh too. Tiwari listen everything from his room and says she will insult me in front of everyone now. Vibhu says anguri I have a good solution and tie a rope around tiwari’s stomach tightly and then see in 30 minutes everything will come out. Anita says what vibhu? And that’s stupid and if you tie a rope wont the organs get pressed and please you shut up. Angrui says what do I do? Anita says make him do yoga instead. Vibhu says no that’s not possible because if he does shravaasana then everything will come from some other exit which we don’t want so don’t do yoga. Tika says instead add herbs in hot water and give him, malkhan says shut up last time that did not work and your constipation increased. Happu singh comes and says I have a better solution and once I tied a thief upside down and beat his butt so bad that when he fell down he thanked me and said sir because of you I am getting pressure, so you can try that. Vibhu says see that’s a solution I am talking about. Anita says oh shut up everyone. Tiwari there thinks everyone has made a joke of my constipation and soon Kanpur will start making fun of me so tomorrow I will go and tell anita that my constipation is fine now.
Next day morning at anita’s home vibhu is eating banana chips and anita says why are you eating those? And because of banana chips constipation can start too. Vibhu says yeah? I did not know that. Tiwari and anguri come. Anguri says take sweets first, anita says wowo sweets in the morning and why so? Tiwari and anguri sit. Anguri says actually tiwari’s constipation is fine now. Tiwari is making faces from the pain. Anita says wow that’s really good news. She congratulates Tiwari and says but you don’t lok fine, Tiwari says actually the exit has opened so everything will be coming out. Anita says oh yeah so you will have some pain now but its okay everything will be fine. Tiwari to change topic says anguri lest go and tells we have to go as I have work too. They go. Vibhu tells anita that I don’t think tiwari’s constipation has gone and he is lying maybe. Anita says oh no that will happen as so much waste will come out.
There Tiwari is waiting for doctor and says when will this doctor come. Doctor comes. Tiwari says how much time will you take? vibhu hides and is watching everything. Tiwari tells doctor that he has very serious constipation and please help him. Doctor says I have the right medicine and gives Tiwari medicine and says put this in milk and drink it at night and everything will be fine. Vibhu listens and says I will bring the truth out now.
At night Tiwari is on dining table and is in pain and says this doctors medicine did not work and he calls doctor and says what is this? And I am not yet fine and what doctor are you? Tiwari keeps phone and says anguri put the food, anguri says its already arranged. Vibhu and anita come for dinner and anguri welcomes them. Anita and vibhu sit. Tiwari acts normal. Anguri serves the food and vibhu says oh its dal too and tells twiari that did your dal come out or is it still in? anita says shut up vibhu that’s gross. Vibhu says tell me tell me tell me. Tiwari gets angry and annoyed and as he is in pain he says no get lost my dal did not come out and whats your problem? Vibhu says see I knew his black and yellow dal has not come out. Vibhu tells anita come on eat the dal its nice, anita is annoyd and says get lost and goes home. anguri says what did you do? Vibhu goes too. Tiwari screams in pain.
In the lawn at night twiari goes and is in pain and says I should try some positions here so I develop pressure. As Tiwari does, saxena comes and says why are you even trying? Why? And don’t try. Twiari says yeah? Then what do I do? Saxena says enjoy your constipation, that every bit of gas that gives you pain in the stomach and that food that is still rotting inside your kidneys, let them rot and enjoy it Tiwari. And catch hold of the nerves of constipation and challenge it and enjoy the pain and don’t let it out. Saxena says there are very few people who get this serious constipation and they are very lucky and please enjoy it. Tiwari is annoyed. Saxena says I have actually not gone to washroom since 6 months, saxena smiles creepily, tiwari slaps him. Saxena says I like it.
Precap: anguri is sad and tells anita that I am fed up and tiwari’s constipation is not going and I am worried for him as he keeps moaning in pain everyday.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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