Daayan 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan Kidnaps Jahnvi

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Jahnvi and Brijesh chachu take Asha Daayan captured in mirror towards temple. Daayan shouts to free her and stops once they enter temple compound. Jahnvi says with mantra power, dadyan stopped shouting. Daayan warns they are doing wrong. They enter temple. Taimaa performing havan with family informs Brijesh they are performing shanti havan. Jahnvi and Brijesh join family hiding mirror in a bag. Brijesh asks Jahnvi to go and get Aakarsh out of Satrupa’s trap as todayy is their suhagraat and if Satrupa succeeds, Aakarsh cannot be saved again. Jahnvi asks why should she. Satrupa walks in temple compound and warns Jahnvi that she did wrong by capturing daayan in mirror and should return mirror to her. Jahnvi asks why should she. Satrupa says she is not daayan and can enter temple, reminds her that she took her to yaksini temple last time. She tries to enter temple, but gets shock. Everyone rejoice while she walks way amazed. Daayan’s team member finds out about Daayan being captured and thinks how to free daayan as she cannot enter prithvilok, so she has to alert Aakarsh and only he can save daayan. Aakarsh who is waiting for Satrupa in their room is engrasped in her thoughts and mini daayan’s voice does not cross Satrupa’s created barrier and reach him. Satrupa then meets Chandrika and provokes her to go and get mirror in which Jahnvi trapped Daayan and take revenge from Jahnvi. Chandrika walks to temple and asks Jahnvi to give her mirror. Jahnvi flatly denies and fails Chandrika’s drama. Satrupa thinks she has to free daayan at any cost and returning to temple compound creates havoc via her black magic. Storm emerges and Jahnvi’s family hold temple pillars for support. Mirror falls down near Satrupa. Satrupa frees Daayan. Asha Daayan emerges and warns Jahnvi that she did wrong by capturing her and be ready for punishment. Patalini watches it on magical mirror and thinks how to help Jahnvi, she cannot move from here.

Aakarsh eagerly waits for Satrupa and once she returns asks where she had gone. She says she had some important work, now nobody will disturb them. She takes him to bed and gets romantic. He sees Jahnvi’s ring on floor and picks it. Satrupa says she would have dropped her while cleaning room. Aakarsh says he saw Jahnvi wearing it before leaving, it must be special ring. Satrupa throws ring and says Jahnvi purposefully tries to separate them. Daayan reaches her den and reminiscing Jahnvi capturing her shouts she will not spare Jahnvi now. Jahnvi’s family discusses about being trapped in palace and getting Jahnvi married to a wrong man, daayan’s son Aakarsh. Satrupa gets romantic with Aaakarsh again. Aakarsh asks her to tell him about her past. She starts that her father was world’s biggest magician and he used to show her lots of magic and get her butterflies and she used to play whole day with butterflies. One day she picked her father’s magical wand and chanted wrong mantras, immense power emerged from wand and hit her father, and her father died immediately. Her mother cursed her knowing this to split herself into 7 colors and 7 forms; since then she is wandering.

Jahnvi tells Brijesh that they could not fight with daayan and only Patalini maa can help them like she did before. Brijesh makes Jahnvi sit on a cloth and asks her to try to contact Patalini maa. Jahnvi tries to contact Patalini maa, but cannot and informs Brijesh. She informs him that Asha signaled her to reach some cave in jungle for sacrifice; she will go there and try to find out how to contact Patalini. Brijesh says she can reach dayan lok via Asha’s room. Jahnvi says this is the only way and explains her plan to him in detail. He accompanies her. They reach jungle. Asha daayan rejoices noticing Jahnvi and kidnaps her, leaving Brijesh in shock. Brijesh runs away and reaching hotel informs family that Daayan kidnapped Jahnvi; he has to go and inform Aakarsh. Veer says he will accompany him. They reach Aakarsh’s room and knock door. Satrupa opens door and says Aakarsh will not meet them. They forcefully enter room and say Aakarsh they need to speak. Aakarsh says he does not want to. Brijesh says his mother Asha Daayan kidnapped Jahnvi and wants to sacrifice her. Aakarsh asks how does he know his mother’s true identity. Brijesh says they know a lot and he should go and save Jahnvi. Satrupa says they are trying to kill Aakarsh’s mother. Aakarsh angrily holds Brijesh’s collar. Veer tries to stop Aakarsh in vain. Satrupa continues provoking Aakarsh. Aakarsh throws Brijesh and Veer out of room and locks door. Satrupa thinks she will not let Aakarsh remember Jahnvi and tying Aakarsh with dupatta seduces him. Manmarziyaan… song..plays in the background.

Daayan chains Jahnvi and says be ready for sacrifice. Jahnvi hopes Aakarsh will save her. Daayan thinks she will sacrifice Jahnvi and submit her soul to Patalini to become immortal. Jahnvi confronts Daayan and says she has lost her common sense and will not understand what is right wrong. Daayan says she will divide Jahnvi’s soul into 5 parts and will end all her 5 senses, then she will submit her soul to Patalini and become immortal. Jahnvi says everyone has right to dream, but her dream will not come true.

Precap: Satrupa asks Aakarsh if he is thinking of Jahnvi. Aakarsh says he feels he knows Jahnvi well from before. Prachi excitedly informs family that she saw Aakarsh going out, he must have gone to save Jahnvi. Aakarsh brings Jahnvi’s dead body. Prithvi alleges Aakarsh that his mother killed Jahnvi. Family performs Jahnvi’s last rights.

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