Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi takes Pandit ji’s help to search the bad soul

Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav telling Vaidehi that she does wrong to remind him of Chitra always and asks her to stop taking her name. Vaidehi looks on. Madhav gets a call, asks her to watch TV and goes. Vaidehi thinks what is happening and switches on TV. Suddenly Chitra appears as herself on the TV and gives a scary look to Vaidehi. Vaidehi is shocked. Jaichand doesn’t drink wine and says if I don’t drink then gets scared, if I drink then see two Vaidehis. Rani gets angry and asks him to drink, but not to disturb her. Jaichand says I will not drink wine, but will just write dhamakedar story. He tries to switch on TV, but remote is not working. He thinks to get Madhav’s TV remote. Vaidehi asks herself if she is there. Chitra as Vaidehi asks her to leave the house. Vaidehi says why will I leave my house. Chitra comes out of TV and enters Vaidehi. Vaidehi falls down and faints. Chitra comes out of room. Jaichand says I want TV remote. She ignores him and goes. He comes inside and sees Vaidehi. He comes out and sees other Vaidehi. He comes to Madhav and tells that there is two Vaidehi. Madhav says how can this be possible. Chitra says may be he is drunk and that’s why he is lying. She tells Madhav that first they will check Jaichand’s room and then their room. Rani and Sangram come there. Jaichand asks them to check in his room. They go to Jaichand’s room and see the wine bottle empty. Chitra tells Madhav that they are humiliating her and walks out. Madhav asks Jaichand not to trouble him and keep him away from all this. Jaichand asks Rani to believe him. Rani shouts at him and goes. Jaichand drinks wine and says I haven’t drink.

Anuradha comes to Vaidehi and says jija ji saw you in lawn and in the room. Vaidehi says she saw her in the TV and says she is saying truth. Anuradha says we shall go to Pandit ji. They come to the Pandit. Pandit ji asks them to tell everything. Anuradha says strange things happening. Vaidehi tells him about other Vaidehi’s wrong doings. Pandit ji asks do you feel something before fainting. Vaidehi says she feels heavy and cold when she faints and when she gets up, she feels her head heavy. She says she saw her lookalike with madhav in the market. Pandit ji asks her to sit and reads some mantra while making circle around her. He then makes her handwash with Gangajal in the pot. Light flickers. Pandit ji says truth will come out and asks her to turn. Anuradha and Vaidehi as the light starts flickering. The gangajal in the water turns black. Pandit ji says that kaali shakti is possessing you, taking one part of your soul and becomes like you. He asks her to wear Tulsi Maa and asks not to get it out else it will be dried and damaged. He asks her to use vibhooti and says that soul will come in her real form.

Precap: Vaidehi sees Chitra and calls her. Chitra asks her to leave from Madhav’s life and claims that she is only his Ardhangini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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