Daayan 27th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Marries Aakarsh

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Daayan 27th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jahnvi and Veer and enter Nandini’s room via master key. Veer says they are lucky that Nandini went out for sometime and asks her to get ready soon as bride. Seyansh is busy studying when his mother asks him to rest now and promotes PM Narendra Modiji’s program for children on Jan 31st at Delhi’s Taal Katora stadium with its live relay on Narendra Modi app. Aakarsh cries reminiscing time spent with Jahnvi, her proposing him, her death, etc. He walks out of his room. Mainka asks what happened to groom now. Aakarsh says he is not marrying the girl he loved, Jahnvi proposed him, but he rejected her, now she is no more and he has to marry Nandini as she loved him. Anita fixes his sherwani button, and Mainka asks him to get ready soon with smiling face. Veer returns and gets mesmerized seeing Jahnvi as bride. He explains as soon as she wears mangalsutra, she will realize when its powers are activated and continues explaining how to call Daayan via mangalsutra and destroy her. Chandrika enters calling Nandini, Veer hides, and Jahnvi draws pallu over her head. Chandrika tries to see her face and lifts pallu when Anitha enters and informs that pooja is finished, pandit is calling bride and groom for wedding rituals. Chandrika takes Nandini to mantap and makes her sit next to Aakarsh. Pandit starts chanting mantras and asks bride and groom to look at each other”s image in water bowl. Veer gets tensed. Jahnvi blows water to distort her image and relaxes. Pandit asks to start pheras and then asks groom to fix mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Aakarsh obeys. Pandita asks him to apply sindhoor on bride’s forehead. Aakarsh obeys again. Jahnvi lifts her pallu. Aakarsh is shocked seeing her, says she was dead, who is she.

Nandini enters and says she is Kundini Roy and says she got afraid when she saw Jahnvi’s ghost, then realized she is real. Jahnvi replaced dead Kundini Roy, and they all performed Kundini Roy’s last rights thinking her as Jahnvi. Aakarsh asks Jahnvi why she lied him. Jahnvi says she will explain him later, first ask Nandini why did she push her from terrace and tried to kill her, she was marrying Aakarsh for mangalsutra. Nandini says police told a man pushed her from terrace. Jahnvi asks Nandini who was that man. Nandini says Jahnvi married Aakarsh for same mangalsutra. Aakarsh shouts to shut up and asks Nandini why she lied that she loves him. Nandini says there is a man who is helping Jahnvi. Aakarsh orders security to catch man. They catch Veer, and Aakarsh orders to hand him over to police on tresspassing charges and walks away while Nandini runs behind her followed by Jahnvi. Jahnvi stops her and says she is daayan as she was talking to a man to handover it once she gets it. Nandini says what rubbish and walks away. Jahnvi is shocked seeing mangalsutra’s powers not activating and returns near mantap and is surprised to see mangalsutra glowing and realizes daayan is somewhere here. Anitha asks panditji if wedding can reversed. Pandit says rituals are complete and Jahnvi is their house’s bahu, nothing can happen now. Mainka’s mother accepts Jahnvi as her bahu and gifts her family bangles. Jahnvi says she will perform rituals later and rushes away. Nandini meets man who scolds that she failed to get mangalsutra. Nandini says she will get mangalsutra after getting Jahnvi out of Aakarsh’s life.

Jahnvi goes to jungle where Daayan attacks her. She uses mangalsutra’s power and counterattacks Daayan and orders to reveal her real identity. Daayan shows her human face, and Jahnvi is shocked to see her. Bablu reaches there and warns Jahnvi to spare daayan. Jahnvi realizes mangalsutra’s power works only on daayan and warns daayan to send back Bablu. Bablu says he is under Daayan control now and kicks her. She falls down and collapses. Daayan crawls down and tries to pick mangalsutra, but falls far away unable to bear mangalsutra’s power. After sometime, Jahnvi wakes up and finds herself in Aakarsh’s room. She reminisces all the previous incidents and does not find mangalsutra with her. She rushes out searching mangalsutra and stops hearing someone playing piano. She peeps into room and sees Aakarsh playing piano and drinking alcohol. Nandini provokes him to divorce Jahnvi or anull their marriage as she married him with trick. Aakarsh says he will not spare her so easily and will punish her each day, she would want to go, but he will not let her go. He sees someone near door. Jahnvi hides. Nandin says there is no one there and continues luring Aakarsh.

Jahnvi thinks she hurt many people for mangalsutra, she has to get it any cost. She tries to walk towards jungle when guard stops her and says she cannot go alone. She says her mangalsutra is missing. He accompanies her to jungle where she finds her mangalsutra and picks it, feels headache and sees burnt marks on ground. She returns home and thinks what must have happened, she should inform Veer. She calls him and phone rings in guard’s pocket, asks what is Veer’s phone doing with him, what did he do to Veer. Guard says he does not know, Aakarsh gave him this phone. In piano room, Nandini lures inebriated Aakarsh and tries to get intimate. Aakarsh imagines Jahnvi in her and is about to kiss her when Jahnvi enters and asks where is Veer. He says she is asking her husband about her boyfriend. Aakarsh says she thinks herself as smart and should find out himself, walks away holding Nandini’s hand. Jahnvi feels headache again and collapses. Daayan’s lizard comes there.

Precap: Jahnvi finds out where Veer is kept and tries to rescue him when Aakarsh stops her.

Update Credit to: MA

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