Qayamat Ki Raat 27th January 2019 Written Episode Update

Qayamat Ki Raat 27th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjna says someone was here. Viraj says we can kill everyone here. she says we can’t do that. Raghav has to be mine in all his senses. The one who heard us wont be able to live anyway. She says no one can know our secret.
Dadi brings Vaidahi to room. Vaidahi says why are you so scared. Take this water. Tell me what happened. Vaidahi says Sanjana isn’t a girl. She is a witch.
Sanjana comes to Raghav’s mom’s room to check if she is the one. Vaidahi says how is that possible. This must be a misunderstanding. Dadi says I saw that with my own eyes. Vaidahi says I wanna see too then. She sneaks out. Sanjana is flying in the house. Viraj says could you find out? She says it isn’t raghav’s parents. I have to see who is awake in the other rooms. Go to you room. Vaidahi says this Viraj is taking Sanajan’s face. I knew something was weird. Sanjana says I have to make Raghav mine. Vaidahi says where is real Karan then.

Karan opens his eyes in a room. He says I have to get out of here and tell Sanjana everything.
Dadi says she will kill all of us. Please go from here I will handle everything. Take this medicine and sleep. I will handle it. Dado sleeps. Sanjana comes outside their room. Vaidahi sees her shadow. She hides. Sanjana tries to check dadi but she is asleep. Sanjana says they are both asleep then who was there listening in?

Raghav wakes up at night. He says where is Sanjana? Sanjan says to Vaidahi I know you are up and it was you. SHe throttles SAnjana. Sanjana says no one can save you from me. Vaidahi throws sindur at her. Sanjana screams. Raghav says I heard some noise. Viraj says it is nothing. Vaidahi says to Sanjana I wont let you succeed. Raghav comes. Vaidahi says Raghav stay away from her she is a witch. Sanjana says she is trying to kill me. Raghav says why.. Sanjana says she doesn’t want us to get married. Raghav says stop vaidai. The churni falls on Raghav. He falls down. Vaidahi says to Sanjana I will stop you. She puts chunri on him. Sanjana flies as a bat. Raghav says where was I since so many days? Vaidahi says everything will be fine. He says do remember everything now? She says yes. They hug each other.

Raghav says Gauri.. She says Raj.
Sanjana comes to her cave. She screams. She says Raghav was going into my world and that vaidahi ruined everything. viraj says calm down. We will fix everything. He has to be yours. She opens a casket. There is kalasur inside it.

Vaidahi and raghav tell their parents everything. Se tells them that they were together. Raj says Sanjana must have been sent my kalasur. He didn’t want us to be together.
Sanjana says I am his shadow. I am from him. He was never dead. We have to be here. Kalasur has to be here for me. Kalasur can never die. He is alive inside me. Vaidahi defeated sanjana. She can’t do that. Sanjana says baba you mission wasn’t accomplished. I can’t control Raghav now because he knows my reality now. Viraj says there’s a way to do it. Viraj says let me tell you.

Dadi says let’s go from here. Raghav says she will come after us. Raghav’s mom says but your lives are in danger. Raj says to VAidahi I am sorry. She says you were so rude to me. He says I wasn’t in my senses.
Viraj says Karan is alive. HE will help us in our mission. He is alive. SAnjana says he will be our pawn. Sanjana comes there. Kran isn’t there. Sanjan hits viraj and says where is karan. Karana is hidden.
Raghav and vaidahi are trying to look for Karan. Vaidahi says life is so weird. He says but we are together now. SHe says I should have listened to you. They see Karan running. Vaidahi says we need to see if this is Karan to Viraj.
Precap-Guru ji comes and puts idols in the house to stop sanjana from coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Bakwas ki raat

  2. SBanga12

    It’s interesting, not Bakwas, it is a great time- passer and a low- time thriller, perfect for all ages. Not too scary and not too plain, like Nazar.

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