Daayan 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vishakha Possessed By Daayan

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Daayan 12th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Party starts. Ammaji greets her friend Menaka and thanks her for coming. Menaka says thanks for inviting her and says she sent Asha to help her, did she help. Asha comes and says she did not as she has mehandi on her hand. Tanya congratulates Mainka that next party will be in her place as Aakarsh is preparing for marriage, he found a girl and even bought engagement ring. Jahnvi hears that and thinks what kind of a boy Akash is, he did not inform anyting to his family. Mainka calls her and asks if she knows anything about it. Jahnvi says she does not know. She sees Sehaj/boy possessed by dayan walking in and joining guests. She then meets Chachaji who shows some map and says today he will find out who is possessed by Dayan. Tanyaa and Janhnvi mimic Harsh/Kaju and his wife Jananta/Kishmish, their affection for each other. Everyone laugh. Tanya then dances on Wah Wah Ramji…song.. Jahnvi sees boy getting up and walking. Sehaj is about to pick something when an Ammaji scolds him to rejoin everyone and sends him away with laddoo. He tells his mother Suman that everyone are elders here and he is not enjoying party, so let us go home. Suman tells daadi that Seyansh wants to go home, so she is going. Daadi asks to wait for 5 min till cake is cut. Mother agrees. Jahnvi thinks she has to stop Sehaj somehow and dances with Tanya. Dayan’s black smoke emerges and walks behind. Jahnvi notices it. After dance, she slips. Aakarsh holds her. Tanya says Jahnvi got leg sprain. Aakarsh says he will lift and drop her to her room. He walks away lifting her. O karam khudaya re…song…plays in the background. He then makes her sit on bed and says their relationship starts and ends with just gazing each other. She nods yes. He asks why did she slip so nervously as if she saw a dayan. She says she is feeling drowsy, if she can sleep now. Aakarsh nods yes. Daadi gives him ring box and says he dropped it. He thanks her and walks away. Jahnvi asks Daadi if Suman aunty and Seyansh left. Daadi says yes.

Jahnvi rushes to chachaji to inform him that Seyansh left. She sees him writhing in pain and asks what happened to him. Chachaji says Dayan came to know about his plan, so she punished him and shows bite mark on his hand. She says Seyanash left already. He collapses. She gives him some pill and he wakes up again. She says she will take him to doctor. He says he is fine and seeing Dayan’s aide going away on map asks Jahnvi to go and check who is it. Jahnvi rushes out of house and sees a woman wearing shawl and holding black purse walking away, then is shocked to see woman is Vishakha bhabhi. Vishakha disappears. A speeding truck heads towards Jahnvi and she escapes narrowly, holds tree. Dayan’s lizard is seen on tree. Jahnvi then sees Vishakha’s bag in bonfire and picks it, sees kid’s clothes in it and reminiscing she herself giving it to kid Bablu thinks why Vishakha was having Bablu’s clothes. Dayan’s black smoke heads towards her growling and she runs towards home, gets in, and locks door. Black smoke stops. She returns home and informs Chachaji. Chachaji says why did not he realize it is Vishakha even after seeing many signs including Vishakha feeding black dogs which dayan’s aides do to grasp dog’s powers into them. Prithvi sees Chachaji and asks what is he doing here, he warned not to enter house. Chachaji says he came to take food and runs away. Prithvi orders Jahnvi to go home and sleep now.

Next morning, during breakfast, Jahnvi sees Vishakha working normally and serving food to family. Jahvni thinks how to check if she is dayan. She meets Chachaji who gives her 4 brass cups and asks to make Vishakha stand for 5 min between them, if she is possessed by dayan, she cannot stand for a min. She joins family back and finds someone’s phone ringing, she picks call. Aakarsh speaks and says he left his phone at home, can she unlock it and check client’s important message for him. She agrees and asks password. Aakarsh says digits. Jahnvi thinks it is her birthday. She sees his girlfriends’ messages asking if he is sure about marrying that girl, has he tested her properly. She angrily asks if his clients talk too personal. Aakarsh says they are his close friends and asks if she can deliver his mobile to his hotel. She asks why should she, he can send someone else. She walks living room and sees family playing truth or dare. They insist her to join. She agrees and seeing Vishakha insists her to join them, thinking she can find out truth via this game. She plays game and when Tanya’s turn comes, she chooses dare. Jahnvi asks her stand between 4 brass cups. Vishakha says she would rather dance. Kaju and Kishmish say it is an easy task. Jahnvi says let it be and insists. Vishakha nervously stands between cups. Kishmish gets up, and Big vase falls down on cups, breaking one cup into 2. Jahnvi thinks how can cup break so easily. Once they all go away, Vishakha asks if her plan failed, she cannot do anything. Daadi walks to her just then and asks Vishakha to go and cook lunch.

After sometimes, Jahnvi sees Vishakha going out of house and follows her. She sees her going into jungle and hears Bablu from pit pleading her to save him. She jumps into pit and asks if he is fine. Bablu’s eyes turn total black like dayan’s. Jahnvi gets tensed. Vishakha flies in air like dayan and asks if she wants to destroy dayan, she cannot. She then herself finds in the middle of road and Vishakha shaking her and asking what is she doing and how did she meet with an accident, showing her wrecked scooter. She gets Jahnvi into auto and heads towards home, seeing her tensed asks reason. Jahnvi says Bablu is missing since many days. Vishakha asks if she thinks Dayan took away Bablu, if she thinks so, she should forget Bablu as Dayan never returns children. Jahnvi is shocked and asks how does she know. Vishakha says she believes in dayan, chudail, pisach, etc., and they are immensely powerful than human, so she should stay away from them, else she will lose her life. She offers sweets to Jahnvi. Jahnvi reminisces Chachaji telling not to eat anything from whoever she doubts. She resists. Vishakha insists her. She gets out of auto and runs into home. Vishakha smirks. Jahnvi’s TV serial director pleads her to rejoin shooting as shooting cannot happen without lead cast Kundini. She says she does not have time and will not rejoin shooting. Her uncle walks in and says she will as he did not like her joining serials, but also told not to break promise, so she should not break promise and complete her shooting.

Precap: Aakarsh tells family that he has selected his life partner and wants to know even if she will select her. He walks towards Jahnvi holding diamond ring. Jhanvi follows Vishalkha and sees her meeting Prithvi and asking where is he. Pritvhi says he buried him. Jahnvi comes in front and asks if they killed Bablu.

Update Credit to: MA

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