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I know many of my readers will miss this book, so I am giving an extra plus!

I know many of you are happy with their happily ever after life, right? Showing you some glimpses of their sweet life to have some extra sweetness….Ready to have some sweetness?

It was during Sid’s and Mallika’s marriage function, when Annika due to her mood swings, wanted to put Mehndi on her hands and legs like a bride-to-be. To let you know, Mallika is Annika’s bestie and Sid is Shivaay’s bestie.

Shivaay was literally like, “Is she really going to marry again?” and says, “Annika, it’s for Mallika. You are being like a child nowadays, even though you are so cute.”

Annika was in no mood to hear a ‘No’.  “Okay, then Annika and baby is sad”, saying this, she started crying.

Sid, Shivaay’s friend and bridegroom-to-be asks, “Bhabhi, why are you crying?”

Annika, not leaving an opportunity, says like a kid, “Your friend is not allowing me to put mehndi.”

Shivaay understood her play and said, “She wanted to put on her hands and legs like your fiancee. Don’t allow her to do it.”

Sid, being calm, trying to support his bhabhi said, “Bhabhi, you don’t talk with Shivaay. You stay here with Mallika. He is not allowing you to do it, right?”

Shivaay hearing it, said, “No need of it, you can put mehndi wherever you want. I don’t mind.”

Annika smiles and goes to sit with Mallika, who is her bestie……and got ready like this!

See the naughtiness in her face, you can only say 'Poor Shivaay'! No wonder, Shivaay had to give up for this naughty girl!

See the naughtiness in her face, you can only say ‘Poor Shivaay’! No wonder, Shivaay had to give up for this naughty girl!

The next glimpse which I wanted to share is after the new year party. When Annika and Shivaay were having their talks with their small baby when Annika was 5 months pregnant with our sweet Vanshika. Yes, our sweet Shivika’s child is Vanshika. At last, they didn’t make a cricket team!

Shivaay and Annika were sitting on the bed and they just had their cute fight, when Annika says, “Baby, you love your mom more, right?”

Shivaay was in no chance to leave and says, “Baby, don’t listen to her. I am always your favourite.”

“No, you love Moms more..”

“No, you love papa more..”





Annika then says, “Your papa is a Bhagad Billa. You are not going to be friends with wild cats, right?”

Just then, the baby kicks. “Aah…”, Annika exclaims.

He understood the baby kicked and said, “See, my baby loves me more.”

She pouts and says, “Now baby and papa in one team. I am out.”

He hugs her sideways and says, “What will baby and papa do without moms?”

She smiles.

Some months after on the day when our Vanshika was born, Shivaay didn’t even talk to anyone except our cute baby. He was busy telling her stories, till she slept! Annika knew that her husband was a sweet father. Sometimes, she used to feel that he will pamper her girl and she will be the Hitler among them!

It is the truth. Whenever Vanshika is naughty, Annika is the one who scold her and Shivaay pampers her like anything. But this papa is not that sweet, when it comes to any boy talking or sitting with his princess.

This happened till Vanshika once told she had a friend who was a boy. It took a 3 hours for Annika to convince Shivaay!!!

Do you know what Shivaay used to do when Annika doesn’t talk to him? He simply make some rice and curd. He will then mix them and starts eating it. The moment Annika sees it, she forgets about the fight and eats it!

What if it is the other way round? She just needs to make Vanshika say that she is with her. The moment he hears it, he will forget about the fight!

Oh…..My! I forgot to tell you about Vansh! He will kill me today. As you all will expect like other brothers, he will also not allow his sister to mingle with boys. Then, I will say you’re wrong!

Vansh is one of the brothers who love his sister a lot such that he make sure that his sister is strong enough to face any situation. But he won’t keep quiet if anyone hurts his sister, he will make sure that person is not able to look up to her eyes.

Vanshika is not what you think, she will bash you up, if you hurt her brother. But the fun really starts when they both fight! If anyone comes in between, then they will be like “Who are you to come in between us?”

When the sweet Shivika are together,  why should we worry? We just want Shivika to be together….Anyway, love exists in our hearts and not brains, otherwise, we will have reasons to love…..

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    And I loved the dress it’s so beautiful

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