Cursed Princess (RagSan Ts) last shot

Let’s begin….

Ragini sees Rajmatha who was already looking at her

It was so difficult for her to act ignoring her, her hands shivered and she excused from the old man and started to walk

When princess swara stopped her
Swara smiled at her
Ragini controlled herself to react to her, her little sister is in front of her and she can’t do anything.

Ragini was about to pass by

When swara:jiji.
Ragini was shocked, she didn’t face her. She knew she is calling her but still didn’t reacted. She don’t want anyone to lose their life because of her.

Ragini moved from there as fast as she could.

Here Sanskar explained his love for Ragini to his parents and Ragini’s curse

Aastha:but she…
Sanskar:i love her maa
Aastha:but i can’t afford to lose you my son.
Arjun:i agree with aastha

Sanskar:there’s nothing called curse. It’s just people’s assumptions. And i don’t want my mom dad to fall on the same assumption

Aastha:it’s not like that sanskar
Sanskar:then how mom?
Arjun:try to understand son you are the future of this kingdom. This kingdom belongs to you. I hope you will understand and choose the best!

They were about to go from there

When sanskar being hurt:what future? When a Prince himself can’t do what he wills for!! How would he come upon people’s wishes?. When the prince himself can’t save his love then how would he spread the love among the people’s.? When the prince himself can’t get the justice for his love then how would he give the justice among the peoples? When the prince himself can’t get the comforts of his life then how he able to give the comforts to his people? I hope you will understand and choose the best! Dad you only thought me that if any matter does work on your ownself then you can crack it anyhow among the crores of people too. But here it looks like i have lost the battle with myself then how would I be a king?

Here Ragini goes out and cries at the corner remembering the past where she lost her parents.


On Ragini’s birthday party after sharmista’s arrival and shekar refused her to identify her

Sharmishta:you just refused me to identify because i don’t belong to upper class. If you find that you won’t face such conditions then…. (loudly) you are wrong king shekar. You are wrong.

Shekar orders his guards to throw her out.

Guards held her and pulled her

She fell on her knees

Janki look shekar as she found the truth in her eyes

Sharmishta who was been pulled out but she shouts loudly:isiliye.. Isiliye aapko bhagwan ne betiyan diya hai. You will understand this when your daughter will suffer the worst then this.

Janki looks at her daughter’s who were very small to understand what was going o.

Sharmishta:there shouldn’t be any love in her destiny.
She breaths heavily:then you will understand the pain…
She breaths her last as she consumed the poison

Once after sharmishta’s death, Ragini fell unconscious

She fought for her life and death for many days

Raj guru:i am sorry Queen janki. But Ragini is cursed.

Janki and Rajmatha was shocked

Raj guru:Ragini ke grahnakshathr ke anusaar woh kisi bhi wyakti se prem nahi kar sakti. Whoever it may be her parents her loved one’s or in future she can’t love any guy.

Janki sits with thudd

Ragini:if this happened, she would lose all those persons. For now to make Princess to turn heathy we should make the yaghya

Janki fights with shekar

The matter which he didn’t took seriously came as a curse. The kingdom lost its happiness

When shekar suddenly disappeared as he found some solutions to take the curse away from his daughters. But he lost his life in that process

This came out another shock to the Gadodia kingdom

Where the other kings started to lay their eyes on this big empire
But Rajmatha was too strong to handle this loss as she faced the same as she lost her husband the former king at very young age.

Ragini got fine after the 50 days yaghya but she lost the purpose of living
As she lost two of her best friends. People’s started to gets scared of Princess Ragini.

Raj guru:princess Ragini would prove to be danger if she stays…

Janki glares him where tears rolls down her cheeks

Raj guru:queen, you can’t take this lightly

Janki:those kids died because of the wheel they are playing with. It’s not because of my daughter

Raj guru:may be wheel but it’s because princess

Janki:if it was like that, then i should be the first person to die.

Raj guru:think about the future of this kingdom…

When janki sees her little Ragini who standing near the curtain being scared and she crying silently as she heard everything

Janki moves to her
Ragini:if.. If i love you. I will lose you. Kill me ma before i kill more of my loved ones

Janki kneels to her and hugs her and cries

Janki wipes her tears and picks her up in her arms

And starts to leave when Rajmatha:janki where are you going?
Janki:to the place where my Ragini can live as a normal people

Rajmatha:the kingdom…
Janki interrupt :the kingdom has you Rajmatha but my Ragini doesn’t have anyone other than me

Janki sees little swara, she hugs her

Janki:if my will power is true then this kingdom will be ruled by my both the daughter’s especially the future queen Ragini Gadodia
She smiles teary being determined.

And she left the place and a soldier followed her

Janki:why are you coming with me, i don’t have anything!

Soldier:your highness, i am coming by my wish please allow me to come with you it would be my pleasure to guard you and princess Ragini. Please don’t deny!
He was the soldier whom janki helped him a lot financially

They stayed in a small village, nobody knew where they went!

An year passed

Janki taught Ragini every possible things which A future queen should have. In other word janki was preparing her to be the best queen.

And one day janki died due to her illness.
Which Ragini took the blame on her.

And the soldier tried his many ways to make her understand it was not her but she was hurt angry on herself and was adamant.
She turned rough hearted but inside she was the same scared Ragini. Who scared to lose more of her loved ones.

Fb ends

Ragini cries

This day she have wore some silver metal types of belt she was about to remove it and when she listens the gossip

A soldier :make sure that today is the last day of prince sanskar
Another soldier :if today too the plan flops our king won’t pardon us!

Ragini was shocked.

Here arjun:our son in no more the small he has grown aastha
Aastha looked on teary
Arjun smiles

Sanskar:if my will power is true nothing can happen to Ragini neither me!

Aastha smiles being convinced :where did you learn about all this specially love?

Sanskar:by seeing my mom dad and the king and queen of maheshwari kingdom

They smiles

Arjun:okay now show me my daughter-in-law, this is not fair you have shown her to your mom but not me. I am always the last
He gives a fake anger look

While sanskar and aastha laughs later arjun too joins

Alekh peeps in

Sanskar:enough of peeping come inside

Alekh laughs sheepishly:you knew?

Sanskar:i know everything.. what’s happening behind me?
He scratches his head
Both hifies and laughs

Here Ragini:Prince Sanskar doesn’t know what is happening behind him? This plotting. No no.. I should do something this kingdom shouldn’t lose their future kingdom. But i need to infirm someone

Just then she remembers sanskar, i need to search him instantly. She is still unaware about his true identity.

Ragini moves in but she doesn’t see him, she looks carefully at each of the soldiers but sanskar was no where to be seen.

She sees swara and Rajmatha, whom she didn’t wanted to meet.

She goes out again

Once after she left

Sanskar comes down the stairs with his parents.

Here the goons were all set to kill Sanskar as they disguised themselves as a soldier’s of Maheshwari kingdom

Alekh looks for Ragini:kahan gayi?

Sanskar looks around but he didn’t see her
“did she go?” the thought arises in his mind

He sees the old man and was about to move to him

When a king stops and introduces himself and his daughter
Sanskar couldn’t move from there as one by one started to introduce themselves to sanskar
And sanskar was pissed but he didn’t let it reach on his face

He says alekh to look after her

Alekh was hesitant to move, as he is sanskar’s friend cum his first guard. Don’t know why but he didn’t wanted to leave him and go.

While the goons were not having the opportunities due to alekh

Sanskar again signs him, so finally he moves from there looking at him

Arjun announces:i thank every princess and girl’s who attended this function and be a part of Prince Sanskar’s happiness! Now i would say that the wait is over. My son i mean prince Sanskar have chose his princess in between you all.

Everyone gets excited

But sanskar was looking for Ragini but she was no where to be seen

Aastha presents the crown in front of all

Some were excited curious and what not?
Some were praying themselves that Prince Sanskar should select them.

It was the high time as nobody knew what is gonna happen?
One side Sanskar was tensed with the situation as Ragini wasn’t in his far to far vision. And other side the guests were excited to know who is the lucky girl. And in other side there were the goons in disguise who waiting for this moment,when sanskar would be surrounded by no goons and he alone would be present there!

Sanskar takes a deep breath and takes the crown he was about to move to look for Ragini by himself

When a disguised soldier was behind him, ready to attack him
Nobody didn’t noticed him as everyone were curious

The goon took out the knife looking here and there making sure no one is noticing him while doing this
They have already planned once after they kill Prince Sanskar, they would consume the poison, this was the order of their king.

Sanskar stood in between the peoples:i want to….
Here the goon was about to stab him

That’s when everyone noticed

Arjun screamed;sanskar
Aastha was shocked

But someone just punched the goon coming in between the prince and goon.

Sanskar couldn’t understand what was happening he turns and sees a person covered them in lengthy coats and he couldn’t see the face as the persons back was faced to him.

Just then the goons comes there

And the person removes the coat sliding towards them

They moves back

Just then she pulls the sliver metal object she tied as a belt around her waist and rolled it into a ring and then threw it in the air holding it tightly
Roll start to disclose to be a long thin structured sword. when she stood cross looking around the royal hall as half of the hall is filled with the disguised goons, who were now scared by her this act.

When a goon tries to attack sanskar by sword
Sanskar was still blank, he didn’t had any of the defence objects.
Mostly he was confused about this person who has saved him.

Just then the goon was about to attack when she stopped it through the small knife with the other hand. Not even looking at him.

Goon fears

And the person who saved sanskar is Ragini, who have covered half of her face

When a goon was aiming sanskar from far, when he felt a pain on his chest
Yes, ragini aimed knife on his chest. And he died at the spot

While every guest were astonished and shocked

Ragini without turning:prince sanskar move back

He felt that he heard the voice

Ragini again loudly:Prince Sanskar!!

Sanskar moves back, when there comes alekh

Alekh got to know about the attack when he went out and what shocked him the most was he saw Ragini’s transformation and killing few of the goons.
He couldn’t differentiate at that time whether she was in their support or not?

But he was hell worried for sanskar but goons cover up him.

Alekh smiled witnessing the scenario, the way Ragini saved sanskar. But he was astonished too,he never thought her to be like this.

Just then swara remembered a flashback
Where she was helpless without the weapons with her and she was also stuck in such situation. The same person have saved her not once but several times. Who is she? The person came in her mind was Ragini.

Ragini:This was vow to my mother and my motherland. Wherever i go that’s my clan(when a goon tries to attack, she hits him through the metallic belt) THAT’S MY CLAN.

Oldman was scared for Ragini, he knows she always loses her control when such things happen. She has made herself like this when she reached her teen. She always kept her eyes on her kingdom and the kingdom she is living.Afterall she is a queen!

They are held in hostage.

When Ragini was about to move she was not in her control
She was angrily breathing heavily
When she felt something placed on her head.

She turns immediately to attack when she stops seeing Sanskar, she is still unaware about his identity

He smiles widely being proud, as his choice didn’t went wrong

Everyone are so curious to look at her face

Sanskar removes her mask

Swara smiles happily seeing her

Aastha was having some insecurities till now, but at this moment she broke it.

Sanskar forwards his hand to her:will you marry me?

Ragini was calming herself and then she remembers her curse.
At first she felt happy seeing him but in the next moment that thought of being “cursed” built the barrier.

She immediately moved back forcefully covering her feelings.

Sanskar:Ragini, believe me you are not at all cursed but…..
Before he could continue she ran.

Having no other option to stop her
Sanskar orders the soldier:Guards!! Catch her.

While the soldiers gets alert to catch her but they were scared of her too.

Sanskar sees the metallic belt which she left there itself and he picks it up and moves in the direction she went.

Ragini sees the soldier’s are closing the main door.
She didn’t wanted to arise her feelings for him and kill him in the web of curse. She can’t take it anymore.
She was adamant to escape from this place.

The main door was closed

Ragini stood there rocked for a moment
Behind there was sanskar

Sanskar:there’s no chance of escaping Ragini. It’s the end. Look you don’t have to..

Interrupted by Rajmatha:Ragini baccha.. After getting you back we don’t want to lose you again.

Sanskar looks at her confused

Tears rolls down her cheeks, she slowly turns wiping her tear and she made herself stiff. When she slowly starts to move back

Sanskar:Ragini.. Don’t

She was too quick in climbing the wall, she runs from there

Rajmatha cries:my granddaughter

Sanskar was confused as he is unaware about Ragini being princess.

Ragini runs away

While Sanskar climbs his horse to catch her


Sun raised but sanskar couldn’t get Ragini.
Where he will search her.

According to the peoples she have ran towards the forest

And now he is in the forest but where will he search her.

Sanskar:i know Ragini, you love me but please don’t leave me like this.


When Ragini was running out the palace the crown which sanskar placed on her head fell
She stopped and picked it and caressed it.

She puts on a bag she had

And runs

Fb ends

Sanskar:please God make me meet my Ragini.

And here Ragini is shown tied in chain:if you truly are a men then open this.

And the person in front of her was king who sent his soldiers to kill Sanskar

King:who are you? And why did you flop my plan?

Ragini laughs :be a man. Be a man!

King:this is your punishment, let me tell you a good news that the prince whom you saved last night is searching for you madly all over the forest and he may reach this place anytime.

Ragini just kept looking at him

King:and the bad news i will kill him

Ragini angrily:you can’t do that.

She started to pull the chain

King laughs :and you will die here until your last breath.

Ragini tries to break the chains but unfortunately she couldn’t

Here Sanskar was moving when he sees a group of Aghori’s

He thought he may get some help from them.

When the head person from Aghori’s:you have come like years before her father came for the solution

Sanskar looks confused as he don’t know whether he is talking to him or someone else

Old man:she is in the danger!!!

Sanskar looks at him

He stood:her father died while doing the task of clean the curse from her life.

Sanskar:what do you mean? Do you know the girl?

He smiles :i knew that you were going to come here years before.

Sanskar was confused, he thought of not wasting his time. He should move to search Ragini

Old man:Ragini

Sanskar gets alert listening her name

Sanskar:how do you know her name?

Old man:don’t worry about her, she is safe.

Sanskar impatiently :would you please tell me where is she?

Old man:take off her curse she will automatically come to you, you will get her there itself

Sanskar :but how?

Old man points to the mountains :woh pahad dekh rahe ho? You have to go there and with whole heart you have to ask for the clearance of her curse without wishing for your own life

Sanskar was about to go

When old man:it’s not easy, you may lose your life. Her father too lost his life while doing this. Because nobody returned from the mountain who went there.

Sanskar smiles:if my love is true then definitely i will complete it and free her from the so called curse. And i don’t care for myself.

He moves towards the mountain believing his love and determination of freeing Ragini from the curse.

A men to the old man:why did you say she is safe? And he will definitely lose his life. And what about the girl is she really in the mountains. Guru ji?

Old man laughs:because it’s the test of true love and they have to win this!


Here the king to Ragini:you know what, we don’t need to do anything your lover cum The prince sanskar went far to the mountains to save your life from curse.

Ragini looks at him confused and she was constantly trying to break the chain

King:what a love? I didn’t knew you were his love?! Anyways he is gonna die

Note:his men were behind sanskar and him meeting aghori’s were seen by them and they infirmed to the king.

Ragini was shocked

King:so how would you save him?

He laughs and goes out and his men’s locks her.

Ragini cries remembering sanskar his confession and all their moments

Ragini:why do you love me so much sanskar, i don’t deserve it. I can’t let you die because of me. I can’t stay here for long

When she sees the crown in her bag

She takes a deep breath

And starts to pull and tries to break the chain

Her wrist gets the and bleeds

Here Sanskar reached half of the mountain it was getting dark and dark deep inside but he didnt worried about it he kept a goal to free Ragini from the curse.

Here Ragini breaks the chain when his men comes inside he was about to attack her

When she removed the small knife in which she tied her hair and aimed on him and he died

Taking this as a chance she took his sword and moved out

And she somehow escaped from there.


Here Sanskar reached the place. It was totally dark and there was no single ray of light

He could listen some dangerous sounds but he ignored it.

Here Ragini climbing the mountain:Sanskar please don’t do something which will take your life. Don’t love me like this. I can’t tolerate losing my loved one. I love you sanskar.
She was praying for him constantly

When here sanskar’s breath held, he couldn’t breath anymore. As his heartbeats were getting low
When she confessed there

But he asked he prayed for Ragini’s better life.

Here Ragini couldn’t see anything due to darkness

And she called for Sanskar

Ragini:Prince Sanskar…please God keep my Sanskar safe

When the ray of moonlight falls Ragini

Ragini looks around and sees Sanskar feel unconscious

Here the king’s men have started following Ragini. King’s order was to kill both of them.

Ragini kneels to sanskar

Ragini pats him:sanskar….

His hands have turned cold and he was having no moment he was neither breathing

Ragini was shocked, she burst into a bitter cry.

Ragini placing him on her lap she cries and then hugs him.

When the King’s men reach they had fire sticks they were about to attack Ragini from behind

When a sword stopped him. It was swara

And alekh and some soldiers were present they fought with them and held in hostage

Alekh was shocked to find Sanskar like this.

And tears rolls down his cheeks

Swara too had tears seeing Her Sister who is crying uncontrollably

Just then there the Aghori’s reach

Rahini was crying felt his movement

She looked at him who has opened his eyes.

He smiles weakly

Ragini cries

Sanskar:i told you, you love me. To prove i had to face the death and come.

Just then she remembered her curse

Alekh helps him to sit:you have scared me

He hugs him

Ragini silently was about to move from there when
Sanskar held her wrist:once i faced the death, i won’t mind to face it again. But first i will push you off the cliff and then i will follow you, if you again try to leave me and this is the truth mark my words

Ragini cries hugging him

Old man:his love freed your curse and your love for him brought him back from the death

Alekh and Swara smiles


Arjun and aastha welcomed Ragini and Sanskar

She was made to sit in the big royal room

When Sanskar enters there

She immediately stood

Sanskar:what happened?

Ragini being confused:you were soldier right? How did you become Prince Sanskar! (she lightly hits her head) i mean you are Prince right why did you portrayed yourself as a soldier!

Sanskar smiles and pulls her on to him, she hits his chest

Sanskar:what do you think about it?

Ragini:i..i..umm..i don’t know
She couldn’t look at his eyes which were having intense love for her

Sanskar getting close to her:really?

Ragini pushes him a bit

Sanskar:waise i studied everything in gurukul but still i know nothing in front of you, would you please teach me? I would proved to the best student you know.

When Ragini acts to attack him with a small knife and sanskar stopped her with sword

Ragini:i don’t think so you need something more than this.

Sanskar dreamily:yup, you are right i don’t need something more than this.

Both smiles

At the time aastha comes gives her a white gown

Ragini:i didn’t wore such heavy clothes and jewellery

Aastha:but you have to wear it after all you are a upcoming queen

Ragini looks at sanskar, who smiles at her.

Aastha:sanskar what are you doing here. Move out

Sanskar pouts and moves out

Later Ragini wears the white gown and she looked heavenly
And sanskar couldn’t take off his eyes from her

While she blushes

Alekh to sanskar:oh ho, now she is with you don’t stare her like it’s the last
And he laughs

Sanskar smiles:you will understand when you will fall in love

Alekh was about to say “never”

When he sees Swara who is standing next to Ragini

Alekh:umm.. May be

Sanskar tapered his eyes at him

Alekh:concentrate bhabhi then me. Or she may feel jealous

Sanskar was about to punch him and he runs away!

Later Ragini and Sanskar got married

Ragini to Sanskar:You have completed me!
Sanskar smiles and she hugs him.
Sanskar:you are again cursed.

Ragini looks at him confused

Sanskar:cursed of my love for forever
Ragini smiles :and i will accept this curse whole hearted
And they hugs.

And they lived happily ever after


A girl:true love always wins! This way Ragini and Sanskar gave test for their true love his love for her freed her from curse and her love for him brought him back from the death

While few other girls smiles:amazing tej…

A guy:and when will you accept my true love
Tej looks at him irritated.

Tej:but i don’t love you.

Guy:but i like you.

Tej:you just like me.but he loves me.


She piints to the direction where her love was standing with his signature smile

All:varun? When did this happen?

A girl:Te-Var. OMG… That mean you were the TeVar whom you casted in the story and we were too confused about it

Varun:because she is my Ragini oops Tej who just dreams ourselves in a fairytale

Tej:after all you are my prince charming.

Varun hugs her:you are cursed!

Tej looks at him confused

Varun:Cursed of my love for forever.
Tej:and i will accept this curse for forever.

Both hugs again.

The end

So how was the story?
Hope i didn’t bored with some illogical things???

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