Internet Wala Love 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai opposes Aadhya’s decision to marry Samrat

Internet Wala Love 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat apologizing to Aadhya and tells that he wants to become suitable for him. Aadhya says I will ask Nurse to bring soup for you. Rajjo says Samrat complicated the situation, how Aadhya will refuse now. Jai says Aadhya talked to uncle and they broke the alliance already. He says I am feeling bad for Samrat, but he shall understand that relations are not made by force. Samrat sees Aadhya coming and acts as if he is in sleep. He tells that he don’t want to hurt her and apologizes to her. Aadhya gets upset and goes. Samrat smirks. He gets discharged from the hospital. Samrat holds Aadhya’s hand and apologizes to her. Aadhya asks him not to make her feel guilty. Jai tells Aadhya that everyone is alright now, he says I will talk to Dadu and asks her not to take tension.

Aadhya says I feel right thing will happen. Rupa tells Dadu that they shall do the kuldevta puja today. Shubhankar says puja can’t happen today and says he is not fine. Dadu says Shubhankar is right. Aadhya says once Samrat gets fine, puja will happen and marriage also. Samrat hears her and thinks I know that I will end. Shubhankar says Aadu..Aadhya says we shall get the date fixed. Rupa says fantastic and says this girl had said the right thing. She says we shall get the date fixed and says Puru, Praveen and Preeti went to temple. She says Samrat is fine and came out of room hearing about his wedding. Aadhya tells Shubhankar that she will be here for sometime to take care of Samrat. She says I will drop you outside. Rupa says why not? Samrat smirks. Shubhankar is upset with her decision and goes.

Aadhya asks Shubhankar to believe her and says this is for everyone’s betterment. Shubhankar says what you would have done if he had slit his neck. Jai sees Shubhankar going upset and thinks if all family’s mind is out. He thinks to talk to Aadhya, but Rupa stops him and says we shall celebrate with family. She tells about her friend’s daughter Puchki and says lets go for party to her house. Jai says I will come later and goes. Samrat asks Aadhya to go and change her dress, as she was in the hospital all night. He gives the dress which Rupa got cleaned. Aadhya takes the dress and goes to room. Jai comes there and asks where is Aadhya? Samrat says why, and says she is changing her clothes inside. Jai says you shall rest, what are you doing here. He says I thought she might need my help to tie her chain or dori. He says I will see and peeps through the keyhole. Jai asks what are you doing? Samrat says she is my would be wife and I have full fight to see her. Jai gets angry and asks how dare you to do this with any girl.

Aadhya comes from other room and asks what happened? Samrat says I was about to slip, but Jai held me. Dadi calls Samrat. Samrat asks Jai to take care of bhabhi and goes. Jai holds Aadhya’s hand and asks what is happening? Aadhya asks him to leave her alone. Jai asks her not to lie and asks why are you ruining your life for Samrat’s stubbornness. Aadhya asks why you are getting angry? Jai says you don’t know and says he does your aarti daily and take care of you. He says Samrat don’t deserve you and says you need such a guy who can take care of you…and…Aadhya asks what…They hear some noise and run to Samrat’s room.

Samrat plays sympathy game and says I tried to take water, but jug fell down. Aadhya says you might have called me. She says she will bring water and get it cleaned. She goes. Jai asks Samrat why is he doing this drama and asks him to get up. Samrat says if you had understood that go and prove, everyone will think that you wants to break my marriage. He says Aadhya came here to take care of me. Jai says you are taking advantage of her innocence. Samrat says everything is fair in love and war, love for Aadhya and war against those who will come inbetween us. Jai gets angry. Aadhya comes there and asks Samrat to eat. Samrat says I don’t think that I can eat with my hand. Aadhya makes him eat fruits. Samrat coughs. Aadhya asks if he is fine. Samrat holds her hand. Jai goes to his room and takes out his anger on the punching bag. He punches on the bag recalling Aadhya’s decision. Aadhya goes to get mixed fruit juice for him. Samrat thinks you are trapped by me…and can’t do anything now.

Rajat comes to Jai. Jai tells him that he teased me and taunted me. Rajat asks what happened? Jai says Aadhya decided to marry Samrat. Rajat is shocked. Jai asks him to go and thinks why didn’t you tell me…Aadhya. Samrat comes there and says it is wrong to take out anger on others. Jai asks him to go. samrat says I will not go as I am unwell, and you have to go. He says Aadhya is taking care of me, I got Aadhya now and you have lost for sure now. Jai says Dadi tells that one shall not celebrate before winning, as bad sight effects it. Samrat goes. Aadhya sees Jai hurting himself and comes inside. Jai asks why are you doing this. Aadhya says Samrat is unwell. Jai says even I was taking care of him until I come to know …..Samrat comes from outside and asks Aadhya if Jai is troubling you. Aadhya says I was bringing juice for you. Samrat shows their wedding card sample and asks Aadhya to check the design. Aadhya looks at Jai. Samrat says what matters is the name and not design. Jai gets upset. Samrat says you have to do all arrangements in my marriage.

Jai holds Aadhya’s hand and asks why is she avoiding him. Aadhya says you will not understand. Jai asks her to make him understand. Samrat comes there. He introduces Aadhya as his fiance and takes pic with her. Jai tells Aadhya that he don’t care about his life, just as she don’t care about her life. He stands infront of the speedy car. Aadhya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the hell aadhya?
    Yaar iss serial pe to dushman hi jite rehte he
    Bore ho chuki huin

  2. Kinda like the track. Lets see how the plot goes

  3. Deepak Nishad

    I love this Searle and I very excited to watch next episode I waiting when Aradhay exposed smarat

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