When the cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 29

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Sowmya stood there all shocked. She could see his eyes crying in betrayal.

His hands hanging loose and face turning pink. His uneven breath showed how he struggled to digest the truth.

His love angel.. HIS LOVE ANGEL !! Betrayed him.

The one who gave him hopes.. the one who he trusted, The one whom he always used to dream about, the one he fell in love with.

Standing there all astonished not looking into her eyes.

“How could you… how could you lie so easily?.. cupping his face he cried.. not crocodile tears now.. tears of pain it was.

She could see him breaking down infront of her.

“You could have told me.. you.. you could have told me.. im your friend right? .. im your friend..” he said grabbing her shoulders and shaking it.

Still unable to believe the broken truth.. he hugged her hopelessly. He had a dead reaction.

She squeezed her eyes and cried. She never saw him like that.. hugged him even tighter.

Gently releasing himself from her hug.. he quickly wiped his tears and he pulled out a fake smile..

“Fine! Love angel is my friend sowmya afterall, happy to know this” he said and turned to leave.

“Rudra.. im sorry!” she whispered in a voice which was audible to him though.

“Im alright sowmya! He said signing her ? without turning around.

“Rudra acted so mature” sowmya thought.

(If only she knew he crushed his heart refraining himself from telling her about his feelings before leaving)

Until then, she waited for his call on her every show. She got calls, but only not his.

Gauri was sitting by the window watching the moon, hugging her legs.

Om came jumping to the bed. Seeing him she released her legs. He laid his head on her laps.

Gently combing his hair she still looked at the moon.

“I have asked one of my friend working in an orphanage to enquire about your sister.. but what is her name ?” He asked curiously.

Still looking at the moon, “chandhu” she said.

“Not her real name tho. We both gave nick names to each other.

Im her ‘chutki’, cause im the little one. (Giggles)

“Chandhu is always afraid of dark. I named her chandhu because i wanted her to shine brighter to overcome the darkness, and infact she loves moon” she said pointing the moon”

Om smiled and snuggled even more in her laps and hugged her. Gauri kept combing his hair.

Om got up now, leaned forward and kissed her cheeks. Gauri smiled in shy.

He now leaned even more and reached for her lips. Gently feeling her lips, the kiss was cute. Unlocking himself from her, he saw her now. 

Her eyes was still closed. Slowly opening her eyes.. he could see the moon reflecting in her eyes.

She gently placed her head on his shoulders and they both kept staring at the moon.

“We’ll find her soon” he said rubbing her hair.

Anika enters her room after her work. The lights were dim. She Saw shivaay sleeping.

“He asked me to come early. I came late. He must have waited for me” she thinks and sits beside him and caresses his hair.

She thinks about the awkward kiss they had. Taps her head and laughs.

Leans down to kiss his cheeks. “Im all sweat and dirty” she whispers to herself.

Takes a deep breath and decides to take a bath.

Takes a white blanket and Just when she enters the bathroom.

She feels him grabbing her waist.

“Shivaay!!!” she says gulping in.

“Who else would it be?” he said moaning and pulls her inside.

“what are doing shivaay.. leave me… leave me shivaay.. “ she said pulling herself away.

He opened the shower and made her stand. They were getting drenched in cold water.

“No shivaay…no…Noo !!!” She shouts.

Hugging her from behind he nuzzles inside her hair. 

Her shouts subsided. She tightens her hold onto him. Yet with a hesitation she pushes him away and runs out.

She comes out and stands all drenched with a wide smile.

“Anika!! Pinky comes shouting in..

Shivaay comes out and holds anika.. “why did you run?” he asks.

Pinky sees them. “Oh my mata !!!!” she says in shock. And realises what would have happened.

Trying not to laugh, she asked “What happened ???”

“Err.. Maaa.. it is.. it is… RAINING !! Shivaay says.

Realising he lied in the worst ever possible  way both anika and shivaay bit their tongue.

“Ohhho! Raining uh…” pinky winked.

“Anika, we still have some rituals to do. So be ready tomorrow” she said smiling.

“Ji ma” anika replied as she rubbed her hair with the blanket.

“Ahem ahem.. shivaay!! Next time turn the shower nozzle to hot water. Look how she is shivering in cold” pinky said as she left.

Shivaay looked at anika. They both laughed.

Everyone gathered at the dining table for dinner.

“It’s too hot outside. The weather man told that we’ll be having a long summer this year” shakthi said all irritated.

“I hope it rains soon” jhanvi added.

“Who knows jhethani ji.. it’s raining SPECIALLY in some areas” pinky said as she looks at shivaay.

Shivaay chokes and coughs. Anika bites her lower lip and controls laughing.

Sowmya looked at rudra. Rudra looked sullen. Sunk in an ocean of thoughts.

He could feel her. He turned to see her looking at him.

He Pulled out a fake smile. She smiled back.

“I have asked you for a statue to keep infront of our office, is it..” tej asked Om.

“Nearly over Mr.Oberoi. Will deliver it to you by this week end” Om replied.

“Call him papa atleast now, Om. You wanted him to treat me well. And he treats me well now, well all thanks to gauri” she says and smiles seeing gauri.

Om looks at Tej and slightly smiles.

“If only he managed my office work, ill be more happy” Tej added.

Om’s smile vanished. Before he could speak, Gauri calmed him down by placing her hand on his’s.

“Let him do what he like Tej. Dont force him into your business. You know he hates it” Jhanvi says.

Prinku looka all disturbed and runs to her room all weeping . Anika saw this and rushed to her.

“Prinku?” anika called out.

Quickly wiping away her tears prinku saw anika and fake smiled.

“I saw you crying, what happened?” she asked.

“Nothing bhabhi..im not crying” she said.

“Dont lie. Your brother Om doesnt lie.. his sister shouldnt lie too. I can see your face all pink.. tell me.. what happened?” anika asked.

“ACP Ranveer” she said squeezing tears.


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