Gehraiyaan …the depth Chapter 2

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Sorry for the late guys. I was busy in my studies and then my cousin’s wedding happened. So pardon me for the late update and do give a look to how the story forwards….


Swara enters her father’s house with gifts in her hands shouting HAPPY DIWALI. Her voice was filled with happiness that this year she is celebrating diwali with her new found family, that this time she will get love and blessings of all her family members but what she didn’t knew is what the future has kept in store for her.
Her dadi came saying “aa gyi mahri poti…aaja shona…bahut bahut badhaai ho deepawali ki…mahri poti ko kisi ki nazar na lage or wo aise hi chahakte rahe” she blessed her while putting kohl on the back of her ear. Swara’s eyes get filled with tears of happiness. Never in her life she thought that she will get so much love from her grand mother and when she get she was so much overwhelmed that she got tears , also she was missing her dida. Parvati saw the tears in her eyes and asked why is she crying in this auspicious day teasing her that if her dida got to know that she made her shoru cry the she will rip her apart. Swara hugged her immediately while dadi said don’t be emotional and what we call in English “Hppi diwali” for which shomi came correcting her “hppi diwali ” nahi maa “Happy diwali” and shona laughed.
Shekhar and dadaji also came and blessed her and then she apologized to them for not coming earlier to meet them.
Dadi said “shona come I have made rasgulla for you …come and taste ” saying this she excused shona and herself and take her to kitchen and asked her that whether everything is good between her and sanskar and also she asked her while hesitating that is there something between her and laksh .
Swara frowned on hearing such a question from her dadi and asked her that what is she asking her …. She can’t even think of laksh like that now and she is in mm for ragini only. But then she recalled that sujata and ap also asked her the same question previous day … So she asked her dadi that why everyone is doubting her for same reason .
Parvati then explains her that how ap and sujata came 2 days back and told her to make swara understand .
Swara was confused. … She calmly tells her dadi not to take tension and that she will never let her head down in front of the family .
Swara goes to her room in Gm and takes out all her certificates as she had planned to go to banaras with ragini.
While taking it out a video camera falls from the cupboard by mistake . she holds it and cleans the camera and plays some video in it …..
1st video(video is of the time just after shekhar and shomi’s marriage)
Swara – ragini plz mujhe sitaar bajana sikhaona plz
Ragini- arey swara you are toh rockstar in playing guitar why you wanna learn playing sitaar.
Sitaar is outdated now….infact you teach me how to play guitar
Swara- are meri laakhon me ek behna who told you that sitaar is outdated ha . you know why I learnt guitar because I was fascinated by its design but even I like the sound of sitaar and unless and untill you teach me how to play sitaar I will not teach you guitar
And she teases ragini by making funny face and runs away

Swara had a small laugh while remembering the scene

She plays the 2nd video (after sanskar’s entry episode- at night)
Swara-(in serious tone)  ragini you know laksh loves someone
Ragini gets shattered inside but composes herself and said – so what swara its his life
He can choose his lifepartner why are you tellling me this
Swara – but I thought you love him
Ragini-(teary eyed) hamare kisi ko chahne ya na chahne se kya fark padta h swara
Swara- fark padta h ragini …. Bahut fark padta h qki….
Ragini -qki …..
Swara- qki….. Laksh tujhse pyar karta h …. Meri pagal behna (and hugs her lovingly while ragini blushes)
Swara feels guilty of sowing the wrong seed on ragini’s mind due to her misconception. She became teary eyed and then while wiping her tears she promises her self being determined that “Ragini I promise I will bring laksh back in your life with the love you have carved for and the love you deserve”

She plays the 3rd video
Dusshehra night (after kali mata puja in ragini room)
Ragini was speaking to herself with hatred while holding the family photo(photo contains dada dadi shekhar shomi and swara)- swara tumne humse humara sab kuch cheen liya humara pyaar humara parivaar humare rishte humari dadima humare papa …. Ab tum dekhna hum tumse tumhara sab kuch cheen lenge yaha tak ki tumhara aatmvishwaas bhi kho dogi tum swara. …. Hum tumhe kabhi bhi khush nahi rehne denge……

The camera slides down swara’s hand …she feels like the floor slides down her feet and she gets shattered. … She becomes numb and tears flows down her cheeks …..

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