Crazy Stupid Ishq 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 6th August 2013 Written Update

Ishaan’s house:

The show starts with Anu coming to Ayaan’s place to wish him Friendships Day but Ayaan gets mad saying that he knows that we are not friends, he loves her and will keep doing so. Just then Ishaan comes and declares that everybody has to come to his Friendship Day party. They all get excited. Ayaan privately tells Ishaan that he has to make sure that he does nothing bad this time and Ishaan agrees since he is leading into the Event/Pary organizer and he himself doesn’t want to mess it up anyhow.

At the Party:

Shanaaya arrives and walks up to Ayaan saying that he must be waiting for her. They greet and compliment each other. Just then, Ishaan’s friend (Mr. Dagat?) arrives and Ishaan tells them that he has organized everything and the game is being held in the room inside making sure that no one will know about it.
Pampi has finished the song but is thinking of the way to reach it to Ayaan. She decides to put it in his pocket but everytime she tries to Ayaan leaves or gets the noticed of Pampi. So she decides to think something else as that won’t work.
She glued the paper in which she wrote the song, underneath a wine glass and told the waiter to hand the glass to Ayaan, but he didn’t do it like that, he went asking everybody else first, Punnu picked up that glass but changed his mind later, and Shanaaya did the same thing and finally at the end Ayaan gets the paper, he gets really excited.

Police enters the Party:

The Police officers comes and tells that he has been heard that there has been a gambling going on in this party and they have came to investigate it. One of the officers found the room and informed other that there has been gambling playing here. The police asks who organized the party and everybody at the room points at Ishaan, police arrests him. Pampi is screaming and telling Ayaan to do something but he said he won’t do anything this time. Pampi tells him that you should come to the police station to meet Ishaan but even if you’re not coming I will go.
Update Credit to: Sapno ki rani

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