Dil Dosti Dance 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 6th August 2013 Written Update

Rey decides to clear things with Swayam .He thinks Swayam is upset becuase of his Dance pairing with Sharon .Aditya and Sharon both told him the same thing that Swayam is not happy with Sharon and Rey being dance partners.He hesitates to call Swayam as he is on a date and decided to drop a message to call him ASAP.

Sharon is trying to select her best dress for her date with Swayam.Swayam calls and tells to keep it simple .He says simplicity defines her beauty.Swayam is waiting outside her house.Sharon comes after getting ready .Swayam gets Rey’s message but Sharon don’t let him check his message saying she needs his complete attention and switches off his cell phone.Rey sees the message delivered notification and after that Swayam’s cell is switched off so he things Swayam is really upset with him.

In college Simmi and Neha talk about Sharon being the lead dancer.Neha says she is not able to understand and justify Sharon as the lead dancer as Aditya has not seen her performance.Simmi asks her that whether she thinks Sharon undeserving for lead dancer position.Neha says she don’t find the decision fair and all of them deserve equal chance.She has struggled from the day1 to showcase her talent and prove herself .She is not able to accept Sharon getting lead dancers position without any struggle.Simmi suggests her to talk to Rey about it.

Swayam and Sharon go to Bharath’s garage on his bicycle to have their Chai date thats the 1st wish in Swayam’s wishlist.Swayam tells Sharon that he used to dream about her in that place whole day .He always used to think if she can be his ever.Sharon asks him where they can make tea.Swayam shows her the flasc which he has got from home.They sit on the floor and have tea sharing sweet moments together.Sharon asks Swayam to tell her about his dreams which he has seen there.Swayam replies reluctantly to forget it as it was chaep.Sharon forces him to say it as he can never think anything cheap.Swayam tells her that he dreamed about her on the Car Marilyn Monroe attire and posing like her.Sharon is surprised to know this but she acts as if angry and asks about the kind of dress she was wearing in his fantasy.He says he got a dress just like in his dream and kept in the garage.In fact he used to visit this place often just to see that dress.Sharon forces him to show her the dress.They search for the dress.Sharon vanishes with the dress.Swayam tells from behind to throw it.Suddenly light goes off and after sometime Sharon tells swayam to switch on the lights.

Swayam switch on the light and finds Sharon in that dress posing like Marilyn Monroeon the Car.He admires her beauty.Swayam drops her back on his bicycle .He kisses her cheek to bid good bye for the day.She blushes and goes inside.Both reach home in very good mood.

Rey is waiting for Swayam at his house.He asks Swayam why he is so upset with him.Swayam tells him he is in very good mood.Rey tells him that he knows Swayam is not happy with Sharon being lead opposite him.Swayam is shocked to know this and asks who told him this.Rey says both Aditya and Sharon told him that Swayam is not comfortable with the pairing.Swayam says he can never question Rey and Sharon’s friendship .Aditya selected Sharon as female lead without seeing her dance.That seems weird to him.Swayam tells Rey because of Aditya miscommunication is happening between them and he is not having good feeling about it.

Precap: Neha talks to Rey about giving equal chance to all the girls while choosing female lead.Aditya informs the team about their 1st photo shoot.Gang is talking about weird behavior of Aditya.Swayam senses trouble and thinks Aditya is trying to divide the team.

Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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