Crazy Stupid Ishq 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Anu has arranged the house with decorative and romantic items. When Shanaaya thinks that they might be together, Ishaan is sure that Anu wouldn’t lie to him like that. Ayaan reaches Anu’s house. And compliments Anu. He is surprised to see all the candles and everything at the house and Anu makes some excuses for all, then Ayaan asks that how come you are not mad at me anymore and Anu says that I was just a little mad yesterday but I trust you completely and they have a nice eye locking moment and when Anu is trying to tell her feelings, Ayaan is listening very silently when she blurts out that dinner is getting cold and we should start eating. Ishaan and Shanaaya are having fun at the bar rating the couples and enjoying themselves.

When Ayaan tells Anu that there

is less salt in the food, Anu goes to get some and while she’s trying to reach the cabinet, she falls but Ayaan catches her and again they have a cute romantic moment. When Anu again sees the chance and tries to tell that she wants to tell something to Ayaan, Ayaan says that he knows what she wants to say, Anu asks why, Ayaan says that I know that you were gonna ask me how was the dinner and it was great and he also knows that Anu just didn’t invite him for the dinner. So, Anu should tell him what she wants to. On the other hand, Ishaan and Shanaaya decides to resume their party at the house but decides to call Pampi first and she lies that she is at her friends house so Ishaan and Shanaaya are about to reach house where Ayaan and Anu are still there.

When Anu tries to tell Ayaan that it was Shanaaya’s call, Ayaan stops her and tells her that she should tell what she wanted to and Anu says that she will definitely tell what she wants to but first Ayaan will sing a song for her and he does that, he sings “Mera Man Kehne Laga” and they dance a little together. Ishaan and Shanaaya reaches the house. Now when Ayaan asks that Anu now you should tell what you wanted to, Anu is about to tell when Ishaan and Shanaaya enters the house and looks very mad. Ishaan tells to Anu that how come she lied to him and Shanaaya asks why Ayaan lied to her. Everybody starts questioning Anu that why she lied to their friends, she answers to everybody’s questions but she makes up all that.

PRECAP: Shanaaya asks that why did Ayaan lied to me… Anu tells Ishaan that she’s in love with Ayaan, and Ishaan now decides to accompany Shanaaya in separating Ishaan and Anushka.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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