Crazy Stupid Ishq 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 30th May 2013 Written Update

Ayaan was gazing faint anushka n remembering thr childhood, she came bck to senses n thank god that she has fallen on him otherwise she’ll b dead, ayaan slowly says that the other person might be fallen dead on whom she’ll fall, anu ask if she’s so heavy.

Ayan changed the topic n anu out of excitement shout n hugs him, ayan calm her down, she thought that the family might be sleeping, but ayan told her that he’s alone here n his father is dead, she feels sry n ask abt his brother ishaan, he told that as ishaan is growing up he’s getting more busy.

He ask her abt her sudden visit n she changed the topic n ask for water, he goes towards dinning table n as he pour it in glass pampi came thr n take the glass, he again ask the same question, she says that she has been choosen for sum contest n came here for final round, ayan ask if thy hadn’t arrange for a hotel for the contestant, She says yes they had but she dnt lyk the hotel room so she came here, ayan again n again doubt her by asking questions, if her parents allowed her, she was abt to get married n if her fiancee had a problem or not n then finally she speak the truth n tokd him that her parents are forcing her to get marry so she ran away n came here, it gave ayan a big shock.

Other side, pampi’s mother was crying n blaming mr. Atwal for all this, she says it all happen bcoz he hvnt supported her in boutique n dnt stop her from calling ppl for marriage, mr. Atwal was spellbounded, n she was worried abt her food n stay.

In mumbai, pampi was enjoying ayan’s hand made food, she was eating n njoyng, ayan was worried n clearly says that she can’t stay thr, she has to leave tomm mrng, as he’s alone here n at the same time he was worried for miral, but pampi was nt ready to listen anythng n says that she’ll stay for a week n can adjust anywhere on bed, sofa anywhere n he’ll not have any problem.

Other side, MR. Atwal was calling all her frndz but getting disappointed from all where. He saw ayan’s no. in her ph. n thought of calling him. He calls, ayan was sleeping on sofa, he picks up thinking it was miral other side, mr. atwal introduce himself n he introduce himself, earlier he was not able to recognize him but later he did n ask abt his father n felt srry after listening abt his death. He shares abt pampi n gets to know that she’s thr, he got relaxed n though that pampi n ayaan luv each other n wants to get married, thats y pampi ran away from house but ayan clears his confusion. He want to cum to mumbai to take her back but ayan stop him saying that she needs sum time n he’ll make her understand soon n send her back, he thanked him n ask to take care of her.

Next morning, miral was ringing doorbell, as ayan saw her from door hole, he got worried n ask pampi to wake up n hide in the cupboard, he opens the door for miral n she show him new clothes which she brought for him n goes to put in the cupboard, ayan got worried again n stop her n says that he needs sum space n dnt want anyone to touch his almirah as sum things are personal n also want the keys back. She got emotional n started crying, ayan hugged her n calm her down n she goes to cook breakfast, meanwhile pampi hides in the bathroom, all goes smoothly n miral leaves.

Precap: Pampi n tullu goes for side seeing n when thy return hand in hand, miral caught them as she was waiting for ayaan in the house.

Update Credit to: Amor

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