Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 30th May 2013 Written Update

Madhav comes in holding Anisha and Smriti spots them. Madhav explains the situation and Aaru goes to get spray. Smriti tells Madhav to take her to the room.
In the room, Smriti is going to get doctor but is stopped by Anisha and she tells Madhav to get the balm. He applies it for her.
Aaru comes with spray but finds Madhav applying the balm on Anisha’s leg. Aaru tells Anisha that she was bringing the spray but she found no one there. Anisha replies back to her rudely.
Anisha tells that the ghazals are finalised. Madhav praises Anisha. Aaru asks about the choosen ghazals but Anisha taunts Aaru about not knowing ghazals. Aaru leaves and Madhav looks on.
Rahul is working and Prerna comes in with breakfast. Prerna asks if he wants any help but Rahul says it’s ok. Prerna convinces him and takes the laptop but Rahul tells we shall have food.
Madhav calls for Aaru and Aaru comes out. Madhav compliments her. They are going to the hall when Madhav spots Anisha and goes to help her. He tells Aaru to bring Dadi.
Madhav goes to help Anisha and they start going. Aaru is sad looking at this.
Aaru brings Dadi down and Dadi praises the preparations. Madhav comes there with Anisha supporting her.
A guest who is introduced to Madhav mistakes Anisha to be Aaru. Smriti corrects the guest. Guest apologises and Madhav says it’s ok.
Gaurav and Smriti cut the cake and someone asks Gaurav about the no of years of their marriage. He replies five. Madhav imagines his 5 th anniversary celebrations when Anisha brings him back to earth.
Dadi praises the preparations to Madhav and Aaru. Madhav find Anisha limping and he goes to help her again. Aaru and Dadi don’t like it.
Drink falls on Aaru’s dress and she leaves to the kitchen. Dadi comes there and tries to warn about Anisha. Aaru doesn’t agree but Dadi counters her by questioning her behaviour in the evening. Someone comes and tells them to join the function.
They both come to the hall and find Madhav helping Anisha. Anisha sits with Madhav. Dadi asks Aaru to stay with her.
Ghazal program starts. Aaru is staring at Madhav. Madhav notices her and looks on but Aaru averts her gaze. Anisha and Madhav are enjoying the program. Ghazal ends.
Gaurav asks Madhav to perform but he refuses. Smriti and Anisha also request to perform a ghazal for them. Madhav agrees looking at Aaru.
Madhav remembers moments with Aaru and says a ghazal. Aaru has a bright smile hearing him. He ends it and all clap for him.
Madhav tells that this appreciation is not written by him but Anisha. Aaru is sad to hear this.

Precap: Aaru is sad and Madhav tries to know the reason. Aaru snaps back saying it’s her fault that she thought he said the ghazal for her. She abruptly stops shocked that she said it.

Update Credit to: Maria

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