Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 27th August 2013 Written Update

When asked by Ayaan that how Anu knows about that song lyrics, Anu replies that she listens to Shanaaya sing all day and has got stuck in her head. They have a little argument and Anu comes out and starts talking to herself what’s wrong and all look at her thinking she’s crazy. Shanaaya comes and tells her that since Ayaan has started to become popular, you’re becoming more nicer to him, Ayaan listens to this, comes and scolds Shanaaya that she isn’t doing anything like this, we’re childhood friends. Then Ishaan and Anu goes out to eat so they both can become chilled out.

Anu seems to be lost in her thoughts and Ishaan asks her where in the world is she today, she replies that if you want to meet someone what would you do and he replied that I would simply go up

to them and meet them but one thing is important that when you want to talk to them, you have to be there physically and mentally but as of right now you’re only here physically. Then he asks him but what’s wrong, she tells him that she sees this person wherever she goes, then Ishaan tells that i think she’s in love, and she gets mad that why everyone is saying this when I know there’s nothing like this.

While, she’s trying to go to washroom, she sees Ayaan all over the place and she gets really irritated. She thinks that what she used to do when she was in a problem and she’s like oh yea i should consult the help from Tullu and decides to go meet him.

She reaches his house and hears a voice from aunty and she gets little nervous and decides to go inside the house anyways but not from the door, from Tullu’s room’s window and gets in. She sees Ishaan get in so she hides under his bed. Ayaan gets out of the washroom and gets ready to sleep when he remembers to close the door and walks away.

Anu comes out of the bed and goes behind him when he turns off all the lights and she gets confused where to go, Ayaan sees her shadow and hides thinking its a thief. When they see each other there’s a little scream and Ishaan wakes up so Ayaan hides Anu and there is this little funnu scene between Ayaan and Ishaan. Just then, when aunty hears a noise, Ayaan sends Pampi to go home.

When she reaches home, Ayaan calls her to say why she came to her house, she says that she’s sleepy and she’ll tell her tomorrow. Shanaaya sees her and asks her if she is alright? She starts telling a lot of things really fast, and Shanaaya thinks she’s totally out of her mind and leaves.

Next day, in the office Ayaan tires to talk to Anu, but she leaves. They play little hide-n-seek.

PRECAP: Ayaan texts the girl (Anu) that she’s written very well lyrics and he tells that she’s probably fall in love and Anu talks to herself saying “I love you Ayaan”


Update Credit to: Sapnokirani

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