A Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Chanya Part 01

I am delighted to see such a great response to my intro..I didnt expect such a response..Keep supporting me like this …love u all..

So lets start first chapter …

Anika dii !!!oh god..you are still here..i was searching u everywhere ..here she is standing like a statue..huh..di can u hear me? I am talking to u..dii..Gouri is talking like a chatter box..still Anika is looking at the sea.

Di how many times should I tell u that just forget whatever happened ..everything happens for good na ..

Anika -Areey when did u start reading my mind..i was just enjoying the beauty..nothing else ..I am not thinking about past..ok..look at..opera house is looking so beautiful na..seriously ..I can spend my whole life here..

Gouri can see the pain in her eyes..Anika is avoiding her eye contact ..Although she knew that she cant hide anything from her detective sister ,she did try her best..

Gouri-Acha di let me tell u that it has been five years since we have shifted from India to Sydney..you are still thinking about the incident that happened in india and asking me to see the beauty of sydney..di let me tell u something..please forget everything that happened in five years ago and lets think about the future..And ha I came here to inform u that you have to attend the tv interview tomorrow .

Anika -No gouri i dont feel like going there..please inform them that i dont want to come there..

Gouri-what are u telling di?just go ..its such a great occasion ..dont say no..think about mom and dad please..they will feel bad if u dont attend there..please !!!

Anika had no other option than going there..ok..i will go..i dont know what to do in that interview ??huh Am i a superstar that they are asking interviews from me..

Gouri-Dii you are more than a superstar na..no one has got such a results in that exam..you have become all island first among so many students na..so u are my superstar di..lets go home..my sister should look like a princess in that interview ..lets go dii..

Gouri escorted Anika to home forcibly ..

Next day..

Anika Kapoor is ready to attend her first interview ..She was looking exactly like a princess..Everyone who was present in the studio were mesmerized by her look..So the interview begins…

Interviewer-So lets start todays programme with Ms.Anika Kapoor who has become the all island first in UMAT exam (an exam for undergraduates for medicalstudies in Aus)with a record..Being an indian by origin she has achieved such a victory in Australia ..So Ms.Anika I have heard from your friends that u had an amazing journey to reach such a level..we would like to hear your story from school to present..it will be a great inspiration to our future generation who is watching this programme now..So will u??

Anika is shocked by this question ..omg what should I do?How can i tell my story that too in public.??

Precap-Will Anika tell her story???

Done with first epi..I know its boring..still bear with this part…give me your comments ..

  1. Fffan1234

    Lovely update

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting ..will update soon..

  2. Fenil

    Lovely chappy.
    Dare you call it boaring.
    Awww if i know you have other characters also then i would place request about Ishana.but now its fine Gauri.
    Love the sibling bonding between Anika and Gauri.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Chanya

      Ok bhi!!i wont say so..hmmm..i ll add ishana as a character but this will be a shivika ff..so the main story will revolve around shivika..will update next part soon..

  3. Sachu

    Hi Chanya darling 1st part is too good and suspense filled. Looking forward to read the next part soon. May ur this attempt be a khidkithod one.

    1. Chanya

      wowww dii…i am so delighted seeing your comment..will update next part soon..i will send u the link di..your comment means a lot..

  4. Aashi9

    update soo

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting ..will update soon..

  5. Sairish

    I’m hell eagerly waiting for the mystery to unfold ..
    take care of grammatical errors di …
    (i hope you would permit me calling you *di* ) pls post soon
    TAKE CARE di

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …ya i will take care..of course u can call me di…no need to ask..will update son..

  6. Alekhika20

    Superb update

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      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update son..

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    Awesome…update next part soon

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  9. Shabana

    niccee my eagerness is increasing even moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    loved this part post next asap
    love uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Chanya

      Hiii shab!!!happy to see your comment …ya will update soon…

  10. Khidkithod chap….
    This ff is similar to thai film “a crazy little thing called first love”….
    Is tjis the same story

    1. Chanya

      Yeah…i got this idea from that movie..but i wil make some changes..Thanks for reading and commenting ..will update soon..

  11. Di it’s not boring ? it’s a good one di. I wonder who that baby is ?. And Anika an Gauri are sisters ! That’s so cool. And Im curious to find why Anika is sad ?? you updated next part so soon ? I read this as soon as I got to know ?

    It’s mind blowing ?? I wonder what will happen next ?

    Good luck di ? All the best for next part ?

    Love you so much di ???

    1. Chanya

      Awww piyu i am so happy seeing your comment ..it means a lot..some mysteries are yet to unfold ..just wait..will update next part and i will send u thelink..love u loads my sis..

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …will update soon..

  12. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting ..


    Dear Chanya
    AniRi Sis Bond Is Awesome??Waiting For Next Update?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting ..I have already submitted the next part..do read it

  14. Ankita27

    Amazing update…

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting ..I have already submitted the next part..do read it..

  15. Soumya85

    It’s superb episode di
    Sooo much suspence
    Loved it a lot
    You have written very well di
    But I’m angry on you you didn’t send me the link ?

    1. Chanya

      Thank you so much somu..I didn’t want to disturb you as you were busy with studies and exams na…I will send you from next episode onwards..

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