Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Indrani attacks Advay

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indrani hits bottle on Advay’s head. He falls down. PP takes Chandni. Chandni worries for Advay. Advay closes eyes. Can Advay stop PP and Chandni’s marriage?

The Episode starts with Chandni seeing Advay and recalling Indrani’s words. Advay says Chandni agreed for marriage easily, something is wrong, keep an eye on her. Murli agrees. Mika comes on stage. He sings Aaj ki party and dances with everyone. PP dances. Indrani asks PP’s mum to stop it. Advay calls Murli and says they are really doing something, find out. Murli says I m ready for mission. Advay sees Indrani gone and looks around. He says Indrani is not here, find her.

Kajal says I can’t do this, if anyone sees then….. Shilpa looks on. Indrani sees Shilpa. Mika performs on Subha hone na de……Indrani signs her goons. Murli keeps an eye. Indrani smiles seeing Advay. Kajal goes to kitchen. Shilpa asks do you want something. Kajal says no, I came to see work, you mind your own work.

PP comes to Indrani. Indrani asks him to do what she said, go, we have few hours. PP says ya, I m on it and leaves. Kajal comes and signs no. Indrani gets angry and signs her to try again. Mika sings Main hu tera king…..PP goes to Chandni and dances. Goon sees Murli. Kajal adds something in the juice glass and signs the man. Shilpa looks on. Goon catches Shilpa. Advay and Aditya take the drinks. Indrani looks on. Aditya gets a call. He says Advay, best wishes for your marriage, sorry I can’t stay, I have urgent case, I have to go. He hugs Advay and goes. Murli tries to stop Advay from drinking juice. PP catches Murli and drags him. Indrani says I lost to someone for the first time, congrats for your victory Advay. Advay drinks juice. He asks her to get Chandni ready for pheras. She says she is getting ready, I don’t know what to give you in gift.

Murli and Shilpa are tied up. Chandni comes. Advay’s vision blurs. Chandni asks what to do now. Indrani says its my daughter’s marriage mahurat, marriage will happen, but not with Advay, with PP, Advay won’t stand in our way for long now. Advay falls down. Chandni worries. PP holds her hand and says let him be there, lets go and get married, Indrani said we should help. Chandni says Advay fainted, we should help him. Indrani says such chances don’t come again and again, before he gets conscious, we should leave from here. PP takes Chandni. Advay sees her and tries to get up. Everyone starts leaving. Advay manages to get up and walk. Indrani hits a bottle on his head. He falls down. She smiles.

Later, Advay wakes up and recalls Chandni. He thinks they went to temple and leaves. Advay comes to temple and calls out Chandni. Yash asks are you finding Chandni. Advay asks do you know where is she. Yash says old haveli. Chandni comes for marriage and thinks I have to do this marriage for my mum’s sake. She says I feel like I have left something behind. She turns and sees. Advay drives to reach there. Chandni walks to PP. PP holds her hand.

Advay arrives. They all get shocked. PP says how did he come here, do something. Indrani asks her goons to stop Advay. Advay looks at Chandni.

Advay beats the goon. Indrani asks pandit to start rasams. The goons beat up Advay. Chandni looks at Advay and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Right now I am feeling like someone is cutting my heart with a blunt Rusty knife. It’s so so painful to see AdvaY in that condition. It’s really hurting like hell.
    I haven’t seen such a heartless , cold blooded, mean spirited Vamp in my life . Surely Indrani- the Bichrani will win the competition.
    I don’t want to kill her or pp.

    I just want to bury then alive. I want to hear them screaming​, asking for death. I want to see their painful end.

    Just can’t take it. They are hitting AdvaY like hell man. How can she do that.

    Yash Narayan vashisht.
    I love you and respect you from bottom of my heart. Love you chandni also. She wanted to help, save AdvaY.

    But right now my heart , my brain is burning

    1. Nivika

      Wow…di…????????????????its for u…

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you dear..

    3. Pinku

      Really sunanda my heart is crying… asr asr

    4. Riana

      Cheers ?????

    5. Fenil

      Wow Sure Dii… awesome

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Advay Singh Raizada…victory after a little fear of losing game is more tasty it seems.
    “Advay….”- the desperate cry from Chandni for a way to unconscious Advay ..her walk that took her away from her soul mate Advay… the way PP dragged Chandni away and then final Chandni’s acceptance to Meghna-” I feel like some dear loved one is missed back”- Chandni’s feelings around Advay and then her heart out and then suppressing it by the need of money of her greedy mother..a girl is not understanding her own self..sacrificing her inner love for Dev and attraction for Advay.
    Indrani stood…PP smiled wickedly, All stood there numbly, Neeru expressionless and they all made Chandni a scape goat. Then arrived Advay Singh Raizada, her saviour..her knight with the shiny armour to save his Chandni.
    They tricked Murli, tricked Shilpa, kidnapped them to lock together, double attacked Advay but they underestimate power of true love from Dev’s heart and the so innocent not so important Yash Narayan Vashist who they all ignored, left for his own daughter’s marriage with out him and he gave the place name to Advay but not the address. Yash Narayan Vashist know and understand truthfulness.
    So this is Mika..not so impressed with him..
    Love is a war…all this is common Mr. Mathematics.
    “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?”- the most romantic question….

    1. Pinku

      Super comments astha really

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      It seems so Pinku..I tried to understand the story well.

    3. Riana

      @Astha…Dear Mika’s dance was like he came to sing and dance in his own baraat ??????…(daat phat gaye ??)…all were just ignoring him…no one was watching himmm….lol…

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      True Riana…That Mika whatever was just was Gul Khan’s show off attach with him..i feel like. No one was watching him except for MEGHNA.

    5. Nivika

      Superbbb review di…..

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Snehal.

    7. Fenil

      Dii…nice views.
      Mikka I don’t like him here.

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      I too Fenu Bhaiyyo. Di..oh your jiju warned you perhaps(wink kidding). but I will be happy if you call me just Aastha..Don’t make me old women Fenu. Its my fair warning.

    9. Harshaa

      Nice comment

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Harsha….

  3. Antara


    1. Pinku

      True antara asr shud go for it… c’mon asr rocks on

  4. It’s day by day looking interesting and Shivani also improving day by day her acting skills…advay rocks with his entry…I love Shivani and Varun sobti pairing

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      We all love Barun and shivani.. thanks for supporting # Nivay or # AdNi

  5. Fenil

    Hello Guys.

    Iss episode ko kya naam doon?loopholes wala episode from where the hell goons enters in home.

    where is Mikku ?

    Shilpa and Murali kept an eye on those devils but before they could reached up to their beloved Advay,they tied up by goons.So Sad.

    ACP also went for case he was damn lucky warna usse bhi bottle khani padti muft mein.

    Lipstick ki kasam i m sure tune lipstick hi milayi hogi drink mein..:)):)):)):)):))

    Bichrani tune yeh toh accept kiya tu first time haár gayi ASR se.Samne se var kar arey lizard and Billi bhi samne se var karte hain.

    Chandani was worried about Advay where did went your worry when you throws Nails in his path.

    Yashji came and said go you will find your Chandani at old haveli.

    Chandani turns behind thinking she left something behind unknown to fact HER DEV.

    Precap :- Action pack.

    1. Nivika

      Hey r u…fyn na….then its okk…..
      Abt many ppl are missing…like shikku,shakun and mausa ji…….but nivay rocked it today….hate this indrani yaar…kisi dayan se kam nhi yeh…bhutrani

  6. ars ki shaat hoya joo meri dil…..mein pp orbicharni kill karne ja rahe ho.aapshab meri saat h na
    prcap is heatbreaking

  7. Nivika

    ??????…..its only for asr….for giving powerpack performance….
    #love Nivay….

    1. Pinku

      True snehal love nivay

  8. Sunanda aapu..meri haal bhi aapki jasei h.cutting my heart with…(dont know what i say)
    tomorrow kaise dehkugi main

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      AB.. tomorrow will be a victory day for us. As well as for AdvaY singh raizada also.
      So we Will celebrate ..

  9. KartikK

    Had a ipkknd attack today after advay arrived Heart pleads to say plz dont get so attacks i cant handle its just cant handle yr Precap Feel the pain within heart while watching oh advay plz take care love u kg

  10. Pinku

    Hi astha sunanda riana manu antara yazhu sangita snehal…. kaisey ho sab…. mera haal tho pucho hi mate… serials ke chandini se bhi batati ho gayi meri haal…. bhagwan bachao mere asr ko….

    1. Manuu

      Hey gd.hw r u..hw is baby doing..

    2. Pinku

      Am gud dear baby hasn’t stopped crying so waiting for my golden days

    3. Nivika

      Hi pinku..i m r u…herat attack nhi aa gaya na epi dekh ke…

    4. Pinku

      Almost aahi gaya tha snehal par itney me Bach gayi..aaj agar asr ko kuch hogaya tho pakka heart attack aajayega

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I m fine di.. no bhagwan..
      ASR Will save ASR..
      But who will save that Bichrani and that cheapda pp.. ?? No one..

    6. Pinku


  11. Riana

    Thanx alot Ameena dearie for changing the monatage…????????…Now its looking SWAG !…????

    EPISODE WAS **************….

    Aaahhh…Aahhh…(Heart attack like astha)…Aaahh…ummm…mom…mom i need ambu…lance…??

    #Love NiVay ?

    1. Nivika

      New montage is just killing me…….soo hot..?????????

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Me too want to thank Amena di..
      This new montage is really something special. Killer look of smoking hot Jodi

  12. Riana

    What about all the rabbavians ???…?????????

    1. Nivika

      Hey raina…epi was mindblowing except mika’s dance…

    2. Pinku

      Super montage

  13. Harshaa

    Really feeling sad for advay. But as someone here quoted the entertainment factor is reducing. We liked the episode upto that diya rasam. There advay was so entertaining, but we can’t expect it althrough. But it would be good if pp and his mom are exposed. So along with taking revenge on chandanis family advay will solve some mysteries and problems in chandinis house

    1. Nivika

      Along with pp nad his mom indrani shld be also exposed to chandni and asr….
      Chandni although know that bichrani doesnt live her…she is trying to gain her love….indrani ki asliyat nivay ko pata chalni chahiye…how she planned to kill asr’s parents..!!

  14. Harshaa

    Lets see what happens

    1. Nivika

      To see what happens next…plzz watch ipkknd3 at 8pm only nd only on star plus…mon to friday…???

    2. Sure madam. I will as we have to raise trps

    3. Harshaa

      Sure madam i will as we have to raise trps also

  15. disgusting story. pls cv’s change story. otherwise the show always have low trp and also change Chadni

    1. Riana

      If u cant bear chandni…pls leave …here people are trying to support her…and people like you who comes from anywhere and insults anyone…story is disgusting okay…but if u dont have any right to say anything about chandni (shivani)…

    2. Nivika

      Show trp is low bcz of ppl like you…bashers…story is nice and also chandni is doing perfect job…shivani is the best….sanaya is not perfect to play role of chandni..shivani is doing her best…so plz if u can support shivani then support warna get out…!!

    3. Harshaa

      My dear friend. If u want to write any thing that is true and reliable than only write. But plz don’t bring ur bakwas here. Our forum don’t support that. We all ur problem. U don’t want to move on, as ur at zid to bring sarun. But u are not understanding in this madness u are spoiling the career of an innocent girl. Also the career of
      barun as well who is ur favourite. Really plz stop this madnessabnd learn to move on

  16. Manuu

    Gdmrng everyone..I couldn’t watch seeing ur comments..lagta hai.advay nailed it..gonna catch soon on hotstar..hav a gud day guys

    1. Nivika

      Gud mrng manuu…quickly catch it on hotstar….dont miss it!!

  17. Faryal

    Shaina di,
    Why should the story changed its amazing …. And Chandi is also working hard ………….

    1. Nivika

      Totally agree with u….chandni is doing fab job and chandni is perfect for only shivani…
      Love Nivay???

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Agree with.. there is nothing to change. Every thing is just perfect..
      Love AdvaY & chandni

  18. Riana

    Glad to see so many new peeps are joining this forum…Keep supporting NiVay…Ippknd 3 …?

    1. Nivika

      Yaa di glad to see many people but many are missing ….on first epi soo members commneted they r missing…hope they all support our nivay

  19. Maryjose

    Can’t believe that our Rowdy Prof who already knows that Indrani and her gang killed his parents mercilessly, usurped their home and wealth,looted temple treasure and just recently, on his return, he did find Chandini being escorted with security guards and a witness killed and thrown out of their house – will try to stage his wedding with hijacked bride and her evil step-mom without any of his security team or any clever tricks?! Seriously?

    I wish Hindi TV serial will treat their audience a bit more respectfully? If you had shown ASR running rings around Indrani and breaking every one of her obstacles, I would find the show entertaining! I think only an idiot will try to confront mafia gang leader like Indrani with just 2 measly helpers – Murli and Shipa! Found today’s episode totally off the charts stupid!

    ASR kind of characters will come prepared to win when on a blo*dy revenge mission! And why would he drink anything?! We tell girls not to drink at frat parties carelessly … When he knows Indrani will kill to prevail?!

    Why would not ASR call out his ACP cop friend to get him some security? At least on his search mission outside the house?!

    Hope tomorrow we will see the return of the devilishly smart rowdy professor … not a silly guy getting roughed up by goons!

    Spare us all this silly little detours. Think a bit better!

    1. Absolutely Mary! Wish they would do better! Better characterisation. When you portray Advay as a brilliant Prof/Mastermind, why these lapses then?!

    2. Nice views maryjose. I too felt that this not expected out of the rowdy professor.

  20. Nice reviews Aastha, Sunanda, Manu, Rianna and my fellow Rabba ve ians ??? Was not impressed with Mika too! Have a question for CVs- where are Shikha and Veer? And why is Yash Vashisht not there for his daughter’s wedding to do kanyadhaan?! Mahant and no ritual followed?!!! What the…? When Advay got up and looked around, where did the glass pieces of the bottle Indrani smashed vanish?!

    Loved the expressions of Nivay!!?

    I have not seen Ishqbaaz earlier, but happened to see a few scenes recently and realized that the costumes were similar here. Ghastly. Hate this color coordinated fetish. Why does everyone get dressed looking like drapes and bedsheets?! And too much makeup for everyone. Why not look a bit natural?! The only one who looks good whatever he wears is Barun! Still a pajama having a white patch?!! Everyone look like chessboards! Previous episode they wear like- buy grey shimmery material wholesale and drape everyone! Pleaaazzzz change this costumer. Keep it tasteful and natural.

    The house was supposed to be locked up. Then ACP enters. And is gone. No questions asked or answers given. And then all doors are open. Goons come in. Logic be damned.

    Mika’s performance did not warrant a payment of a rumored 25 lakhs! Was it worth it, really?!!! And what happened to mehendi rasm?!!! Straight Shaadi! Please have some logical story line.

    Agreed I love the leads, but we need a proper thread too, linking everything. It all seems hurried and haphazard. I hope the makers will do better overall and not in bits and pieces.

    The pain in Chandni’s expression was palpable seeing Advay hurt. She has no control over her feelings….she loves Dev, but can’t take it when Advay is hurt! And simply can’t tolerate PP’s touch!! One moment hesitation to place her hand on PP’s, the next happy to see Advay arrive, a few moments later, fear when his surrounded by goons. Surprise when he hits them and an overflowing tearful face seeing him being bashed. A gamut of emotions very akin to our own. Both Advay and Chandni enthrall us with their expressions and we want more. Just don’t waste time in frippery. We love our lead pair and want the best for them!

    What say folks?!! ???

  21. Nivika

    “kya advay chandni aur pp ki shadi rok payega”….was said in very funny way….he na guyz?????????????

    1. I think the voice over was Murli, our Harmonium aka tanatan!! Sounded very much like him.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Haha that was murli the tanatan spy

  22. Maryjose

    Mika Singh barely made an impression as no one from Vashisht family or ASR or Murli danced … It looked it was a separate event happening elsewhere – no connection to the happenings!

    Yes, like many of you pointed out too – illogical in every scene … How could Indrani’s goons penetrate the house secured by ASR and where was ASR security? Why did no one not see Indrani hitting ASR on his head?

    As Sangitasridhar said – why was Yash Vashisth not there to give away his daughter in wedding?

    Too many huge gaps – Pl dont go back to the shabby way you stage the show in the first few episodes. Pl get back on track. Thanks.

    1. Harshaa

      Mary i also felt the same. It was not expected out of advay. They should have taken more care. It should be like dynamic advay just like asr of ippkd1 who will never fail

    2. Riana

      Perfectly said mary…even i felt yesterday’s episode was faulty…a bit not bit more…first thing that was irritating was MIKA !…I mean his songs are amazingg but if he came to dance only for himself then dance in his home…and this gul maata…she is unpredictable…she brought a celebrity bollywood (not at all) singer and no praised him at all…even not murli / shilpa…??…It was an insult lol…

  23. Sunanda_Guchhait

    I want to say sorry to all my Nivay friends..
    These days I can’t comment or reply you guys that much.
    Super busy with my study, sudden exams are going on, seminars, projects and lots..
    That’s why I can’t do what I used to do.
    Even I haven’t write review of episodes since last few days.. sorry..

    1. Riana

      Dont apologise sunan…we are perfectly okay with it…whenever u feel free…u can comment…??…no need to say Sorry !

    2. Nivika

      Its okkk diii….dont worryyyyyyyy at all…concentrate on ur studies…….

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