@mahilak room
Mahi:goes towards him and cups his face…wat happen to u??y r u like this?
Lak:nods as nothing
Mahi:smiles a bit..i can read ur face laksh,k tell me whenever u want to..dont forget im der…
Lak:immediately hugs her and cries
Mahi worries and pats him

Rag who senses mahi’s dull face…
Rag:mahi wat happen??
Mahi:laksh is in trouble…something is worrying him but he is not sharing with feeling(her eyes become moist)
Rag:(feels guilty)cooked up some stories like some project is cancelled thats y he is upset ..
Mahi:no didi..i dont think so..
Rag:assured her…

As soon as laksh came from office ..back hugs mahi..project which was cancelled yesterday,they told to reconsider today..
Mahi:so is it reason for ur upset
Lak:smiles and hug her (fb shows ragini called mahi’s suspection abt his behaviour and asked him not to convey to anyone)

@ragsan room..
As usual sanskar enters into the room with mahilak’s BABY
san:baby ask ur badima when she will give ur sister ??
Rag:giggles …tell to babipa it will take 4 mnths
San:that much i cant wait…im desperately waiting..
Rag hits him and smiles….

@one fine day @night(both were shown lying on the bed)
Rag:will u marry another girl??if anything happens to me
San:(closed his eyes tightly to control his anger)fb shows ragini asked this questioned many time to him ..sometimes he warned her ,sometimes he advised her not to speak lik this sometimes scolded her and sometimes shuts his mouth not even uttering a word…
San:ragini i know u hav mood swings in this time but its hurting me whenever u ask this question
Rag:i need my answer
San:(frustratedly)ha i will marry again..Live my rest of my life happily …r u happy now…by saying he turns opposite side..
Rag eyes filled with mind at last i heared those words from u..

Next day
San:im sry ..i shouldnt speak lik
Rag:(cuts him)and pecked his lips…
Rag:i love uuuuuuu
San:smiled and back hugs her…i love u too

Leap of 2 mnths
One fine day …ragini got severe labour pain…mahi and sujatha panicks ..admit her in hospital with the help of servants..called sanlakram….
All rushes to hospital in hurry …

San:ma how is ragini???(panicks)
Suj:doctor is saying that they hav to do caesarean …to save their lives
San:doctor Doctor (shouts)
Doc:wat happen??
San:how cooly u r asking?i warned her to change u but she (cries)…u said she is perfectely fine now suddenly wat happen..
Doc:who told she is perfectly fine..i told abt her health to ur brother already..she is having her bp is very high..if v didnt do may endangers both lives..plz understand
San became numb and looks at laksh..
Laksh:cries and tells everything to him…
All r shocked…all accepted for operation as they didnt have any other option..

After few minutes
San:is lifelessly sitting over there…all prays for them…
As soon as doc came
San:doctor is she fine
Doc:v cant say anything sanskar..its critical..
San:cries more by thinking of losing her..
Lak:sanskar,(in stammerring voice) ragini told me to give this letter to u
San:reads it…it contains sry for hiding it and thanks for loving her alot and lastly asked him to marry again and liv his life happily as her last wish….
As soon as he read her letter ..immediately torn it into several pieces….and they hear baby crying sound..sanskar heart skips a beat
At the same time..doc came..
Doc:i dont know wat to say..its baby boy and ragini is perfect…
Suj:shall v meet her
Doc:v will shift to ward after few minutes…u will c present she is unconsious..she will get her consious after 1 hr…And congrats sanskar…
San:nods by controlling his tears…..

After 1 hr
San entered into the room and looks at her ragini..tears r continuosly flowing in his eyes and goes towards ragini and abt to touch her head but jerks his hand by remembering something…and goes towards the toddler and holds the baby’s hand with his finger ….A small smile crept over his face by seeing a cute tiny pinky baby ….

Suddenly sanskar heared her voice…sans..sanskar
San looks at her..both had a painfull eyelock..
San breaks the eyelock and without looking at her ,gets out from that room
Rag:(in pleading voice)sanskar im sry plzzzz ,her eyes become moist by seeing his disappearing figure…

Hope u like it

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