Anything for u my love… Swasan – Part 1

hi frnds. this is my second update. let me know how u felt abt story.

lets start

Swara reaches her company. After swara’s company, little far ragini’s hospital is there. Ragini tells bye to swara and move to her hospital.
Laksh: hi shona, had breakfast? Ragini went to hospital?
Swara: lucky, why are you overacting ? I know you already talked with her more than me, then why again asking me, as if you don’t know.
Lak: shona, this is like a formality talk. You should know this.
Swa: oh really? Stop these formality talk. Now tell where’s our project preparation came to?
Lak: come, ill show you.
Swara’s phone rings. Seeing caller name smile appeared on her lips.
Swa: yes sanskar, tell me.
San: so swara madam is very busy. Not even gud morning call?
Swa: no sanskar, you know today is maa, papa’s marriage anniversary. We forgot that. So did u reach your company?
San: yes honey, already reached and was waiting for my love to call. But my princess is so busy.
Swa: sanskar. Am always free for you.
Lak: someone was asking me about project work.
Swa: (luking at laksh)lucky..?
Lak: love birds, continue your talk at lunch. Now boss is coming.
San: ok shona. Call at lunch time. I’ll call to aunty , uncle to wish them.
Swa: ok,
San: bye. love you.
Swa: you too.
Lak: (from back side) love you three.
Swara kept phone.
Swa: now start to work.
Lak: sure madam.
Swara smiles.
Swalak are having lunch. Ritu comes there and joins them. She also works with them.
Swara’s phone rings.
San: evening meet me, I want to buy gift for your parents.
Swa: ok, at 6 I’ll be free.
San: ok, I’ll pick you from there.
Ritu: is that sanskar?
Lak: ritu. Is this to ask? Of course its him.
Sanskar picks swara on bike. They bought gift and went to garden to spend some time.
Both were sitting on a bench.
Swa: sanskar, its going to complete 8yrs.
San: what?
Swa: (glares at him)sanskar?
San: stop glaring swara. I know. 8 yrs back we came to know that we love eachother. And I got my life partner. Is this thing to forget?
Swa: (hugs him) I love you so much sanskar. I can do ANYTHING FOR U. but cant live without you.
San: kisses her forehead, you think I can be able to live without you.? Never swara.
Swara kept her head on his shoulder holding his hand. They were like that only for few mins. Then both went to swara’s home. There raglak already prepared everything for a small party including only family members and best frnds.
Rag: welcome love birds. Now come soon and help us. I sent maa and papa to outside by some reason. They may come at any time.
Ritu also comes there. Kavya, Nikhil, Aashi and karan also joins them. They all r frnds of both swaragini.
They switch off all lights. Shashe comes to home. Sees darkness everywhere.
Sha: shekhar. See switch board, any problem is there. Suddenly lights get on.
All: happy anniversary to both of you.
Sha: what is this swaragini. Is this our age to celebrate with cake.?
Swa: maa. Love has no age. Now come and cut the cake.
Both cut the cake and feed each other. Swaragini also cut the cake and feed them. Sanlak were taking their pics.
After sometime, all went to their homes,

Precap: swasan lovestory

hello frnds, actually i wanted to write this ff few months back. but due to studies i cudnt. after a gap i visited tu. but i dint found any swasan ff here. pls let me know whether u liked story or not? shall i continue or not? waiting for ur answers. thanku.

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