College love to Evergreen love (Riansh) part 7 by [email protected]

Today’s episode starts…
After 4 years

A man was seen reading a book . He was speaking some lines too from that
Book .The man was none other than vansh .

Vansh – RR

He closed the book .

Vansh – RR..RR

Then another man came to his room and said

Man – what vansh still you are reading RR’s book . I can’t believe , what do you get by reading her books ?

Vansh – Aman Bhai

He was Aman vansh’s elder brother .

Aman Rai singhania

He is vansh’s elder brother .

Aman – what ?

Vansh – Bhai I really like the way that RR expresses her feelings in her writing . I just love it .

Aman – hmm okay now let’s go papa is calling us .

Vansh – hmm

Scene shifts

A girl was writing something in a diary .
She was speaking those lines too .

Girl – Kai saal guzar Gaye us baat ko
Chah kar bhi bhol na pati Hun us rat ko
Na jane kyun na aaye tum mujhse Milne
Hai Kai shikayatein tumse
par bhi hai ikraar  tumse
Ab Yun na tadpao aur aa bhi jao
Ab in rishton ko na uljhao
Kyunki Kai saal guzar Gaye us baat ko
Chah kar bhi bhol na pati Hun us raat ko
                                                   ~KRITI ❤️

She tightly smiled .She closed the diary  .
The girl was Ridhima .

Tears made their way from her eyes .
Then another girl came to her room .

Girl – oh writer saiba ab bhi likhna . Oh God .

(Oh miss writer , still you are writing)

Ridhima – Roshni di

● Roshni Raichand

She is Ridhima’s elder sister .

Roshni – Ridhu pls now stop your writing . Come papa has something to announce .

Ridhima – yaa coming .

They both went to their parents .

Roshni – papa

Dev Raichand

Father of Ridhima and Roshni . Husband of Anuradha Raichand . A Rich person .

Dev – Ridhima , Roshni

He hugged both of his daughters .

Roshima (Roshni + Ridhima) – Papa

Then a voice from back came .

Voice – sirf papa ko hi pyaar karoge mumma  se nahi ??
(You only love your father not me ?)

Roshima turned and smiled seeing their mother .

Roshima – mumma

Anuradha Raichand

Mother of Ridhima and Roshni . Wife of Dev Raichand .

Anuradha – haan ??

Roshima hugged her .

Dev –  Roshni I have something special news for you .

Roshni looked confused .

Roshni – what papa ??

Dev – Roshni beta tomorrow they are coming . I have agreed for your and Aman’s marriage .

Ridhima – wow , congratulations di

Roshni was cloud nine . She hugged his father .

Roshni – thank you so much papa . Thank you so much .

Ridhima – di I am so happy for you .

Roshni – papa when will they come ?

Dev – tomorrow

Roshni nodded and went to her room with ridhima .

They both were siting .

Roshni – Ridhi I am so happy at last papa and mumma agreed for my and Aman’s marriage .

Ridhima – me too di

Roshni – waise , Ridhi you haven’t met vansh’s family finally tomorrow you will meet them. 

Then ridhima got a call . After talking to someone for 2 minutes she cut the call .

Roshni – who called you Ridhi ?

Ridhima – di I am so sorry , tomorrow I can’t be present in your marriage discussion .

Roshni – why ??

Ridhima – di I have to go to ladakh for  publishing of my next book .

Roshni – this is not done Ridhi

Ridhima – sorry na di , only  1 day then I will be back. 

Roshni – but

Ridhima – di

Roshni – ok

Ridhima – hmm

On the other hand

Vansh and Aman went near their parents .

Vansh – papa

Ajay Rai Singhania

Father of Vansh and Aman . Husband of uma rai singhania .

Aman – papa you called us ?

Ajay – yaa

Aman – what happened papa ??

Ajay – let your maa  come .

Then a voice from behind came .

Voice – I am here

Vansh – maa

Uma Rai singhania

Mother of vansh and Aman . Wife of Ajay Rai singhania .

Aman – maa

Uma – hmm so now tell

Ajay – so there is a good news for you .

Aman – what ??

Ajay – I have agreed for your marrige with roshni .

Aman – whatttt

Aman hugged his father .

Aman – papa are serious ??

Ajay – yeah i am serious .

Aman – yaayyyyy

Vansh – congratulations bhai

Aman was on cloud nine . Then vansh and Aman both went to Aman’s room .

Aman – finally , papa and maa agreed .

Vansh – hmm

On the other hand
At night

Ridhima (in mind) – 4 years vansh , 4 years . You have’nt called me nor texted me . Why vansh why ??? Why didn’t called me for once also . You didn’t sent letters too . You know i feel like your love was fake . Ek nafrat paida ho gayi hai mere mann mein tumhare liye .

Tears flew from her eyes .

To be continued…

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