COLLEGE – A Memorable Journey (INTRODUCTION)

Hi Guys, I am a bookworm and LOVES books a lot! Like real a lot. I always wanted to be an author but think I am not experienced enough. This is my first article that I am submitting and hope you guys like it. Please leave your comments which is encouraging for me! I would start with an introduction and begin the article tomorrow.

Before that, I would just say the background of the story. This story is situated in a college where there are two groups of friends. This revolves around their friendship and the quarrels which happen between the two groups.

Group 1: ARAV– An enthusiastic young man who loves to do charity stuff. MITHRA — A new girl in town who is shy but loves her friends. SHIV — A guy who loves playing guitar and usually the gang’s entertainer and a childhood friend of Deeksha. DEEKSHA — A very very talkative girl and GF of Shiv. MAYA — A dancer and the one who loves to play pranks. ROHIT — The gang’s advicer and cannot stand any wrongdoings (for other but not for him)

Group 2: MADHAV — A guy who is a racer. He is very fond of cars and always finds gaps to trouble Arav’s gang. SRUTHI — Madhav’s GF who loves fashion very much. ARJUN — A minister’s son and the richest guy in college. All the girls are crazy for him but he only loves his cousin(also in their gang), Gita. He has a good heart though. GITA — Arjun’s cousin who loves him too. She is a shy girl who finds her friends’ deeds wrong. VARUN — He too loves playing guitar and hates Shiv to the core. RIYA — A stubborn girl who is crazy for Arav though he does not reciprocate.

So these are my characters guys. Hope you all would like it. Please leave your comments…..

Thank You!!!!



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