Love from blackhole raglak part 11

Recap laksh kissing ragini while she sleeps and she thinks it’s a dream not less than a fairytale.

Ragini saw laksh sleeping peacefully, she lifted herself up and saw someone passing by she asked them where the main road was. He was telling her the directions while laksh woke up, he saw the surrounding and was mesmerised seeing  morning sun. He saw ragini speaking to someone and went near her. He asked the man who was thanked by ragini for route what the decorations were for. The man said that it was a festival in their village. It is the festival of love celebrated on the love of a King and Queen who ruled a kingdom including their village. Laksh asked what is their story?

The man said to know it you have to attend the festival which is in 2 days. Laksh asked do you know any place where we can stay for some days. The man said let me take you to our village head and he will show you the place.

They were on the way to the village head house when laksh saw a snake and screamed he stumbled and was about to fall when ragini caught him

Yembuttu irukuthu aasai un mela atha matta poren

Ambuttu azhagayum neenga thalatta kodi yetha varen

{there is so much of love I have for you and I want to show it to you

All my beauty you celebrate I will come and raise the flag}

Ragini made him stand and said walk properly Mr laksh else you have to the kiss the grass below.

Why should I ms ragini when I have someone who will hold me..

Ragini blushed and said you know don’t dream too much and ran.

Laksh chased her. They both came to a halt on seeing a man with big mustache and wearing vetti sattai having a strong physique.The man who accompanied them told that it was their village head and told the head about their need. The head nodded his head and turned to raglak.

He said vanakkam Enga gramathu Sarba ungala varaverkurom {we welcome you on behalf of our village}.

He showed them the house and told them to stay as long as they want. Raglak thanked them and ragini saw the fluffy cushions she jumped up and down on it.

Laksh was watching her enjoy like a kid. He glanced at the sky and whispered to the wind only I have the courage to confess my love for you.

Back in the alien world

Flue{ragini’s} dad was missing his daughter he was silent because of the fortune tellers word  He saw the world below his planet where his flue is now currently or forever live. He went to the fortune-teller and asked her if he could see his daughter now. The lady laughed she said no wait for a little king you will go there when your daughter needs you. And how will I know it he asked.The lady said you will just know for now you can go and rest king

Here ragini went to the pumpset in the village to bathe along with the girls. Ragini was astonished to see the water flow from a pump into a narrow pathway and a little pool. They all went in. Ragini was deciding to step in or not while a girl pushed her in. They all played in water. Ragini was so happy with them. She enjoyed splashing water around and enjoying the flow of water like a waterfall.

They all dried up themself and changed into sarees in a room near the pumpset. They saw ragini standing in her wet clothes and offered her a saree. She said she doesn’t know how to wrap it. The girls helped her and she was looking so beautiful in her pink and yellow half saree. One of them braided her hair in a fish tail and they gave her a bindi too.Village heads daughter rukmini bought her earrings and glass bangles for her.

Ragini was looking like an angel.

Laksh had went with the men to fresh up and was ready by now. He was wearing a white shirt and a grey Jean from the bag he bought with him for tour. He was waiting for ragini so they can see around the village.


Precap raglak moments

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