Code Red 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Betul, Madhya Pradesh
Kabir is riding his bicycle. A girl comes running from behind and overtakes him. He dropped his pen back in her village so she has come to give it to him. He is amazed that she can run so fast. He thanks Rani for the pen and calls her flying Rani before he leaves.

3 years later (January 2014, Bhopal, MP):
Rani is rushed to a hospital as there is a cut on her wrist. Police stops media people at a certain point. A journalist remarks that people are ready to take any shortcuts to gain fame in the fields of sports in today’s time. MP’s Rani Dilkota is also an example of that. She failed her doping test and tried to commit suicide to put pressure on the committee. Kabir watches the news and is in thoughts. He recalls meeting Rani 3 years ago in Betul.

Sakshi asks him what happened. Is it unbelievable that a girl can take drugs to reach the top? Why are you so surprised? Kabir replies that he has seen Rani running. She was a pro. Why would she need to do something like this then? Why will she choose the wrong path then? Sakshi says maybe she had some reason. He is still finding something wrong. I will have to find out the truth.

Kabir comes to meet Rani in City Hospital. He shows her the pen and reminds her of their meeting earlier. Its been 3 years but I still remember everything. Rani is in tears. He wants to know everything from the start. How did you reach here and why did you do it? Rani too has not forgotten anything.

Coach Yograj Sir had seen me overtaking your bike the day you called me flying Rani. Next day I was running before him in a ground. Yograj tells Rani’s father (Bhushan ji) that Rani could have broken the 100 meter national record today if she was a little fast by 2 seconds more. Admit her in State Sports Academy. I will talk to them personally. Rani thanks him.

State Sports Authority Office (Bhopal, MP):
An official named C.P. Gupta looks at his female colleague (Sheela) with bad intentions. He compliments her on her beauty. A junior (Shukla) comes to take his sign on some file. Gupta suggests him to make sure that the list of recommendations is smaller this time as it is of no use to either them or their country.

Rani reaches outside SSAO along with her parents. Bhushan ji goes inside to talk to the concerned officer. Rani knows how hard it was for her Amma to allow her to stay here. Bhushan ji assures her that everything has been taken care of. Make us proud now. Rani hugs her parents before going inside with her madam.

Rani watches all the girls in awe as they practise all kind of sports and activities. Two modern girls (Kamya and Ritu) mock and taunt Rani. A girl (Sunita) supports Rani but they leave from there as they don’t want to be around two backward girls. Sunita assures Rani that there is nothing to worry. We have to get up at 6:30 am tomorrow for practise. Rani nods.

6:30 am next day:
All the girls take their place. Rani is still sleeping. She wakes up hearing the whistle and comes out wearing suit only. The practise has already begun yet Rani joins them. She is the first one to finish the race with Kamya. Kamya is not happy with the way Rani is running with them (her clothes). Rani’s Coach (Satpal) tells Rani to run following the proper procedure or one can get injured otherwise. He disperses everyone but compliments Rani that she started last but was at the finishing point with the other girls only. Your speed is really good. You just need proper training. Be on time from tomorrow and wear proper dress.

Next day: Rani feels shy because of the short clothes. Sunita makes her understand that they cannot run in baggy clothes. Rani is not so comfortable with the skin show. Kamya and Ritu smile seeing her thus. Satpal starts the race but Rani sits grounded in her place. Satpal asks her what the problem is. She tells him that the clothes are really short. He tells her to go if she cannot follow any rules of the Academy. Kamya laughs at Rani who runs to her room and cries. I wont be able to do this. Sunita comes and assures her that she will help her. the fight has not even begun yet. We have not come here to run for our village but for our country. Can you not do this much for your country? Don’t let yourself accept defeat so easily. Rani is all pepped up now.

Rani starts doing all the practise / exercises easily now. She watches Kamya and Ritu running fast and talks to Sunita about it. rani comes first in the next practise race. Kamya and Ritu are not so happy about it.

Selection Day (2012):
Members from the committee come the Academy. Shukla points out at the starred names in the list. They belong to the most special category. Rani Dilkota is the fastest runner here. Her timing is very good too. He next points at Kamya’s name. She is very special as she is the granddaughter of a very big businessman. Satpal tells the girls that those girls will be selected for this year’s state team by Mr. Gupta. Sunita and Rani are not selected for any of the race. Shukla tells the rest of the girls to try next year. Satpal tries to talk to him about Rani but in vain.

Present: Kabir is upset to know there is corruption in everything these days. I still cannot understand the matter about the drugs. Did you really take drugs to boost your strength / speed? Bhushan ji tells Kabir to go away but Rani talks in Kabir’s favour. Kabir assures them that he can help them. Bhushan ji is hurt as he sent his daughter to the city because of which his daughter is in this condition. Back in the village, everyone is talking bad about us. When she lost for the first time, it was me only who sent her again to run.

Flashback (Second Year, 2012):
Bhushan ji tells Rani that she does not have to make anyone lose but she only has to run for her own happiness. There is no need to give up. Don’t think anything, just run. Rani meets Sunita again. Sunita says it is ok if we don’t get selected this time as well. If we complete 3 years in the academy then we will automatically get selected in police. Rani runs with the same spirit again and Satpal is really proud of her. rani is disheartened that she is not selected this year as well. She asks Shukla why she dint get selected when her timing and running is the best. Shukla retorts if she thinks she is P.T. Usha. Selection Committee’s decision is the last decision. He leaves. Satpal stops Rani. You lost this chance but don’t do anything that you lose your government job too. rani refuses to become a constable or take up the government job. It is too much. Everyone went ahead me and I am still here. I had not come here for this. I want to win the race and win a medal for my country.

Present: I dint get selected second time too. I was completely broken. Coach Sir encouraged me and I came in the Academy for the third time. Kabir asks her about the drugs.
Third Year (2013):
Bhushan meets coach Yograj and tries to understand as to why Rani was not selected in the past two years. Yograj guarantees that Rani is great and she will get what she deserves. I wont let anything wrong happen to her if she is on top this year too. She will surely get selected this year.

Mr. Gupta is a very greedy man. He agrees to select the girls on the basis of the favours that their relatives / family members do for him. he gets a call from his senior (from Government Administration Office). Someone has surely given you the wrong info. We select only on the basis of talent and performance. The senior Government official has received many complaints from people that there is something fishy in the selection process. Yograj and Bhushan are with him only. Only those should get the chance who are good at running. I am sending a committee to look into the matter. Gupta is angry.

Selection Day (2014): Gupta announces a slight change in the selection process. A few people here had problems with the past selection process so there will be a race amongst you all today. Those who win will be selected. Dronacharya Award winning Mr. Rajendra and Mrs. Rohini will be the decision makers today. Rani wins the race. Gupta is not happy about it. Two people from the committee take Rani with them to do her blood test. Rani says I was getting punished for what I could never see even in my dreams. The same government official gets a false report where it is mentioned that Rani takes drugs. I had no idea about drugs yet I got blamed for it. Rani wakes up at night and slits her wrist using a blade.

Present: Kabir says it was all wrong but it is also true that your doping test turned out to be positive. It directly implies that you had taken drugs. Did you eat anything before the race? Rani shakes her head. Nobody eats anything for 2 hours before the race but we can drink glucose. Sunita had given us glucose that day. Flashback of the same is shown. Kabir gets thinking.

Kabir meets Sunita. He tries to make her talk. You got selected because you know you are not as talented as Rani. You wanted to remove her from her place so you can get her place. You gave her that glucose laced with drugs so she gets disqualified. Sunita tries to walk away but Kabir calls her a cheater, a backstabber. She tells him that she has not done anything wrong. They have done wrong with me actually. I got that selection after losing everything.

Flashback: Shukla lures Sunita for making Rani lose. Once you get selected then you will certainly get the job of Sub Inspector. Meet Gupta once. Sunita goes to meet Gupta in his cabin. He makes her lock the door from inside.

Present: Sunita cries. I dint want to do anything that happened in reality. I dint give any drugs to Rani. She leaves.

Kabir meets Shukla. Sunita has told me everything. She has taken your name. He scares Shukla and makes him talk about Rani’s case. Shukla gives in. I haven’t done anything. I was just a pawn in Gupta’s hands. Rani dint take any drugs. Gupta changed her blood samples. I was just following his orders. Kabir thanks him.

Kabir rushes to the hospital and finds the doc. It is still time in 48 hours. There will be traces of drugs in her blood still if that was true. Please do her test again. I am sure the report will be negative. Doc agrees.

Coach Satpal gives ID card to all the girls going for the nationals. Sunita looks sad.

Doc confirms Kabir that he was right. There was no trace of any drugs in Rani’s blood sample. Bhushan ji hugs his daughter.

Sunita declines to go.

Government Administration Office: Kabir, Rani, Bhushan and Yograj explain everything to the senior government official. They show him the real reports. He orders his junior to take action against the present selection committee. Kabir suggests him to think about Rani first. The bus is about to leave. Rani is on a wheelchair because of the weakness. She still gets up and assures him that she is completely fine. I will take part in this competition. He agrees.

Kabir misses the bus by a minute or two. He starts following it. His bike breaks down. Rani looks at the bus worriedly. He tells her to run and she is more than happy to catch up with her dreams. She chases the bus and even overtakes it. Everyone is surprised to see her, especially her coach. Kabir finally catches up with them and reminds Rani of her name (given by him). She repeats it happily and then sits in the bus.

Kabir writes, people get selected on the basis of political pressures or high profile businessmen paying huge money in our country. Talented players get sidelined. Talentless and incapable players get selected because of the pressure and greed. Attention to the fact that, when Russian Nadia Comaneci got selected then kids were selected from different schools, different cities on her state meticulously. But here, talent is in the end while recommendation wins big time. Best performers get disqualified and they lose in the end because of the age factor. Good players die in the process. But Rani Dilkota is on her way to fulfil her dreams. Not many capable players get a chance to prove their potential today because of some or other discrimination factor. Gupta and Shukla got punished by the recommendation of Sports Minister but there are still such dealers in our society who continue to destroy the potential of people before they can even start spreading their wings. Sports world cannot prosper until we take all these people out.

Rani wins the medal for her country.

Sakshi says, it was not a normal incident but they do happen so it is important to talk about them as well. If you something like this around you then you must raise your voice. Maybe your one voice can bring justice for an innocent girl.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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