Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,listening to the pandits astrology tat vibhuti will have two wives anita gets angry and says I think I belive it vibhuti also pretends to be angry and says this man is fake nd says how can tell all this just by seeing ur hands and anguri then asks pandit to see her hand vibhuti is making faces and anita looks at him angrily vibhuti says he is a lier
Panditji is seeing anguris hand and he says tat in coming days some one is going to blame her and anguri says wat r u saying pandit anita then says tat how can she believe in all this its all fake and then pandit says give me my cash and anita says see I told you and vibhuti replies I know I know he looks fake
Late night manmohan comes downstairs and sees vibhuti sleeping on sofa in his dreams vibhuti catches manmohans hand kisses it and manmohan wakes him up and seein g manmohan there vibhuti asks wat r u doing here as doctor has asked u not to move and u r walking manmohan says tat he wants to sleep in hall and vibhuti asks y u cant sleep in room and manmohan says tat in his bedroom he gets bad dreams but vibhuti says tat he gets very romantic and naughty dreams then manmohan says tat u go n have ur romantic and naughty dreams and let me sleep here and vibhuti agrees tells him tat sleep carefully as the sofa is very small and manmohan says tat he will manage and wishes good night and vibhuti says god bless u in aunning way and leaves laughing while manmohan talks to self tat we will talk about it tomorrow tat were his dreams romantic or naughty and vibhuti wishes good night while manmohan wishes good night to anita
Saxena is seen again entering vibhutis house while vibhuti is seen sleeping in his bedroom and covers his face with blanket saxena enters the room thru window goes near bed and thinks tat under the blanket is tiwari and says sorry to him for hitting him last night and vibhuti in sleep while changing side slaps saxena and saxena then thinks tat now everything has become equal and says like it and while going down stairs vibhuti kicks saxena and he goes down laughing manmohan is snoring badly saxena goes near him considering him as vibhuti and says tat because of him unknowingly he hit and innocent man so now he will hit u double so that the innocent guy feels reliefe and I will hit u at such places tat every morning u will remember saxena and he says I like it and starts hitting him hardly while manmohan shouts for help and vibhuti hears it and says wat kind a sound is this and wakes up to see while saxena hits and runs away and vibhuti comes down with a stick in hand and manmohan starts shouting for help seeing him considering tat vibhuti hit him and runs out of house and vibhuti thinks wat has he done goes behind him while saxena is seen running out of house and comes manmohan shouting for help thinking that vibhuti is hitting him vibhuti tries to ask also wat happen y r u shouting and running manmohan still is shouting by mistakenly vibhuti hits manmohan with stick and he runs to his house calling anguri out and anita ,anguri come out running asking wat happen and manmohan says see wat is vibhuti doing anita asks wat happen and manmohan tells tat from last two night your husband is hitting me vibhuti says y will he do all this manmohan says tats wat I m not understanding wat enemity he has wit me
Seeing this anita shouts at vibhuti and says wat is he doing he is an ill person instead of helping him u r hitting him this is all so embarrassing anguri then says he has done nothing wrong and I have no complain from him as he did right by hitting manmohan says have u gone mad and anguri says no as till yesterday u could not move but see now u can run and all this happened because vibhuti hit u I should actually thank him and says that he is great vibhuti then says to all that this is a therapy and it works and so he hit u hardly and I m just modest man and anita gets happy and says its ok and she is proud of him and anguri then says to vibhuti tat she is very thankfull to him manmohan then says to anguri lets go and she then asks him to say thanks to vibhuti and manmohan says thanks to vibhuti tat he treated him in this way someday if he gets a chance he will too treat him same way and they wish each other good night and anita specially asks manmohan to take care and leave anita then naughtily says to vibhuti so doctor boy lets go in bedroom vibhuti says lets go darling and anita leaves while vibhuti says tat I didn’t even touched tiwari
Next day anguri is singing songs and working on her terrace and vibhuti comes on his terrace and sees her she is singing song he then asks where have ur huband gone tat u r singing a song to call him anguri sees vibhuti and says when did he came vibhuti says just wen he heard u singing he got attracted and says tat she is a koyal anguri says tat but a koyal is black then vibhuti says tat she is a white koyal and she then asks does anita also sings vibhuti says no she just shouts and then says he means she cant sing and then anguri asks vibhuti does he sing he says yes previously he alone use to sing to but since he has seen someone he feels like singing a duet anguri asks who is tat person vibhuti then says tat there is one wonderfull singer anguri asks who nasseba banu he says no its hassena bano and then anguri sees anita coming and shows to vibhuti seeing her vibhuti runs in and anguri sees tat manmohan is following anita staring at her anguri thinks wat is tiwari doing there and while following anita tiwari bumps ino a man nd fells anguri gets angry and goes inside manmohan enter house and anguri comes down and she looks angry to manmohan anguri then asks wat were u doing on road he says I was walking and asks her to bring some water she then asks how did ur clothes get dirty he then says y r u asking questions like this first go get some water anguri then blackmails him saying tat first tell her or else she will call amaji manmohan thinks tat anguri seems to be angry today and then asks her y will she call amaji manmohan then says tat he actually didn’t wanted to tell her but give her a surprise she then asks wat surprise manmohan says tat wen he went to market he saw a lady talking very nice English and he remembered u

Manmohan says to anguri tat he missed her a lot and says tat he came home thinking tat if u learn to speak proper English then he could proudly tell everyone tat she is my wife and infact all the English people will say tat they will speak like anguri I was thinking who will teach my anguri this kind of English and he tumbled and anguri says tat she thought tat u were staring anita manmohan asks where did anita came in between anguri says she was ahead of u and manmohan says tat he don’t remember this and leaves while anguri in her mind thinks tat there are so many woman in their area but y do everyone stare her only and thinks to ask this to amaji
Next day anguri calls amaji and amaji asks her how is she and anguri tells that gentlemen in our area stare at anita always amaji then asks was tat buffalo also staring and anguri asks who buffalo amaji says to her ur husband anguri says no first she thought so but when he told her the entire story she believed tat he was not staring at anita amaji then asks wat story he told and angury says tat she is feeling very shy amaji asks to tell and anguri says tat he was lost in her thoughts so much tat he did not remember tat anita is walking in front of him and tummbeled and fell amaji then talks to herself tat anguri is so innocent as she knows her son how naughty he is and anguri then asks one question to amaji tat in their colony there are very beautiful ladies but everyone stares at anita wat is so special in her and amaji asks have u ever went to a sweet shop anguri says yes and amji continues there are two types of sweets one which is normal and other one which is covered with silver and asks which sweet would u like anguri says tat one with sliver cover and amaji explains tat sweets r the same but r more attractive due to silver cover so the thing is tat a wife is like sweets and she has to be beautiful angurily innocently says tat this means every wife has to apply silver on her face may be anita also uses it amaji then says tat she wil tell her clearly that a wife should look beautifull she should aply make up wear nice clothes and says men like to eat rashgulla(sweet)so a women must be also like a rashagulla he will always choose the attractive one or else he will go out to eat and anguri says tat yes whenever she makes rashgulla he never eats it tat means he goes out nd have it amaji then says tat u start looking beautiful so tat ur husband will get attracted towards u anguri says I understood amaji tat I have to look so beautiful tat he will not see anyone else but me. Amaji says u r rit and then they hang up anguri then decides tat she will also try n look beautifull at night while seeing tv she sees a advertisement video of making ur eyes look beautiful and decides to do so to attract manmohan

PRECAP:-vibhuti is saying to anita tat she looks like some one and anita looks like and then vibhuti sees a rat and says rat anita thinks tat he is calling her rat while vibhuti says tat there is rat behind her and he jumps on table while anita says tat wat kind of man u are u r scared of a rat while anguri tells manmohan that she has a surprise for him and he asks wat she says look in to my eyes manmohan sees and gets shocked .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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