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Code Red 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

September 2014, New Delhi:
Some kids (2 boys and a girl) take drugs in a room and are completely under its spell. She asks them their name. The boy (Happy) uses a used syringe to inject a drug in the girl’s arms.

The girl is found dead later on because of drug overdose. Her body is sent for post-mortem. Police arrest the owner of the resort.

City Hospital, Azad Nagar, New Delhi:
The girl has been killed actually (suffocated). Her lungs and kidneys have been taken out later on. Her name is Shreya Nagpal. The address is of Karol Bagh. Inspector shares the same details with Kabir. It has been done very neatly. She had checked in with a known person.

Kabir is tensed over the incident of organ trading. She must be in college. How can someone be so cruel to such a young girl? What will her parents be feeling! Sakshi (host) says this isn’t wrong. There is a proper law which actually encourages people to donate their organs to help someone. But the illegal activities are prevalent too. this illegal business is of approx 1.2 million. It is no less than a murder. Kabir wants to find out the truth so no other innocent person falls in this trap again.

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi:
A guy gets down from the auto. The auto driver runs away with that guy’s documents. Another guy offers to help him. The guy wants to go back to Itarsi from where he has come from but the other guy takes him to a nearby shop as he has not eaten anything since morning.

Shreya’s home, Karol Bagh:
Shreya’s parents are devastated by their daughter’s death. Kabir is there too.

Police find the same guy in some pit. There is a bandage around the side of his stomach. He is still alive so they take him to the hospital.

City Hospital, Azad Nagar, New Delhi:
Doc confirms that this guy’s kidney has been taken out. Kabir is taken aback. Inspector tells him what the guy had told him (the incident on the street). It seems like some gang is operating in full swing.

Happy (Shreya’s boyfriend) and Pravin (the guy who had offered food to the guy) take money from someone on a road. He suggests them both to go away to Meerut for a while. We don’t want any new problem.

Kabir meets Inspector again. he tries to talk about the case. Inspector is not showing much interest so Kabir talks about something that might interest him. Inspector shows him the CCTV footage os the Itarsi guy. The DVD will be available by evening. Kabir agrees to come in the evening. Kabir also asks about Shreya’s case. They have a doubt on Happy. he is missing though.

Kabir’s parents talk in favour of Happy. he is a very good guy. He has been crying nonstop since Shreya’s death. He has gone in depression.

There is a free check up camp in some village (organized by Happy and Pravin). They trap a guy by saying that he has appendix. Don’t worry about money. We will do your operation.

Kabir checks the CCTV footage. Pravin is waiting for someone on the road. A car stops by and he says something to the person sitting inside. Then follows the other incident when the auto had deserted that man. Kabir checks it again. He focuses on the guy’s face (in the car). Kabir calls out for Inspector Singh.

The mystery man reaches the camp. Happy and Pravin show him around. They address him as Doctor. He also

Kabir finds info about Dr. Ravish Kumar. He also has an Interpol charge on him. police from all the countries are looking for him. There are approx 300 people in his team (doctors, paramedics, etc). They are not able to track his car number though.

1 week later
Khatauli Village, Meerut:
The guy’s condition worsens. The family takes him to Delhi for check up.

City Hospital, New Delhi:
Doc tells the guy and his family members that someone has taken out his kidney. He shares with Kabir that this has happened with a lot many people from this guy’s village. They haven’t registered any complaint yet. One of the guys has taken a pic of the Doc. Kabir checks the photo. Kabir is talking to someone when Baldev approaches him. He had idea about the camp. I had met the guy (Happy) a few months ago. I was not in a good condition. He came to me one day.

Flashback: Happy talks to Baldev. Will you spend your whole life like this? Don’t you have to pay back your loan? I can give you Rs. 50000 for a piece of your flesh (kidney). You will recover in 2-3 months. This money can help you free your lands. You can give a better life to your family. he gives Rs. 10000 as advance. Good days are about to come! He leaves. Next day, Happy gets a few tests done on Baldev. He guides him to lie about his background to the doc (he isn’t involved). Baldev does as he is told.

15 days later: Happy tells Baldev not to worry. Just keep eating your medicines regularly and you will be fine. Happy covers up for kidney. He just calls it a piece of flesh. Happy pays him the rest of the amount.

Present: I had no idea what a kidney is. A week later I felt pain while I was working in the fields. Doc explained it to me later. He suggested me to file a complaint but how can I get into all this. I am a farmer but now I cannot do anything that requires me to use strength. Kabir asks him about Happy. Baldev requests him to help him. I met Happy that day.

Flashback: Baldev stops Happy while he is driving by a road in their village. He threatens to hit Happy with a stone. You ruined my life. Happy says you have saved someone’s life. He gives him 20k more to keep quiet. You can work for me. our boss wants around 10 kidneys more. Call your villages and I will pay you 20% of the same. you can help us in the free check up camp that we are going to organize in your village next week.

Present: Baldev says I couldn’t work in the fields so I helped him. please help me. please save me. He cries thinking about his family. Kabir asks him about Happy and who all was with him. Baldev says there were 2 more doctors with him and one big doc (the one in the photo). Baldev shares Happy’s mobile number with Kabir.

Shreya’s parents cannot believe it that Happy could do something like that. He looked so innocent. God wont spare him!

Happy is on his bicycle. A girl is also there with him. Someone is keeping an eye on his whereabouts constantly. One day, Happy comes to a resort in Azad Nagar with a girl.

Constable informs Inspector Singh about Happy’s location. Kabir comes to book a room in Krishna resort but as per their policy, they only give rooms to foreign tourists. Kabir calls someone (Inspector Singh). Inspector Singh reaches the resort with his team. They surround the hotel and send their teams in different directions to check all the rooms. They don’t find Happy in any of the room though. They find a man in one of the rooms who appears to be recovering a similar problem / injury. They give their lady constable the task of extracting info from the receptionist. Kabir notices a room and is curious. A lady from the resort says that it is used for keeping housekeeping stuff but Inspector Singh insists her to open it. The lady is left with no choice. Initially they don’t find anything there but Inspector Singh notices something on the floor. They move the almirah and find a corridor and the private hospital there. Many foreigner patients are found there.

Dr. Ravish is about to begin a surgery just when Kabir and Inspector Singh’s team walk inside the room. They arrest Dr. Ravish and his team. Police from many countries were already looking for Dr. Ravish. He had been doing the illegal business of organ trading and selling it to foreigners at a higher price. He had done a many hundred such operations till date but finally was behind bars for all his illegal activities.

A charge sheet was filed on Happy, Dr. Ravish and Pravin. Baldev was made a witness against them and a plea to lessen his punishment was also made.

It is good to donate organs. It can help someone gain a new life but be careful, may be someone is selling your organs without your even knowing about it. Raise your voice in case you feel that some wrong people are involved in the process. Maybe your one voice can save someone’s life!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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