Nach Baliye 7 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik calls Arpit and Jai. Arpit shows Nidhi’s photo frame. Jai says he has chosen Pooja’s lip gloss. He says she finishes 1 lip gloss in a month. Jai says Pooja can’t live without food, so he chose chikki. Jai sas he couldn’t find the third thing. He holds her and takes out ring from his pocket. He makes her wear it. Rithvik calls Rohit. Rohit brings large box. He gives her watch. Sharad takes out chappal. Rohit shows the rings. Sharad identifies the third thing, ie. Moisturizer.. Rohit says Aishwarya applies bad smell oil on her face.

Nandish and Upen come. Nandish shows the make up box. Upen shows mummy’s tiffin box. Nandish says he brought snicker chocolate. Upen shows small make up kit. Nandish says third thing is Guruji’s photo. Upen shows hair straightener.

Himanshu comes and says he has chosen chocolate, lip balm. Amruta gets angry on him for choosing wrong. Rithvik says he is ready with the results. Aishrwarya and Rohit, Jai and Pooja, Mrunal and Sharad, Upen and Sharad have won heart in this love challenge.

He says Himanshu and Amruta are safe with Nach Power. He asks everyone to put hearts on the score board. He says Sharad and Mrunal have two hearts. He gives them 10000 Rs. He says Upen – Karishma and Sharad – Mrunal have a tie. He asks others to share their heart with Upen and Karishma. Pooja shares her heart with Karishma and Upen. Mrunal says it is okay. Himanshu and Amruta share their heart with Mrunal and Sharad. Himanshu says they were on bottom two. They really worked hard and I tried to help them out.

Aishwarya and Rohit give their heart to Mrunal and Sharad. Rohit says he is feeling good to give love power to Sharad and Mrunal. Rithvik says this week we will have no face off challenge. He says it will be difficult to get immunity this week. Amruta says everything is getting complicated. Dipesh says Nach’s journey is going to be tough. Rithvik asks them to go for rehearsals and says Nach is going to be too much. Sangram says he didn’t try this dance before.

Mrunal says their act will be passionate and seductive. Nidhi says their dance is comtemporary. Rashmi says she is happy with her dance rehearsals and is not having any problem. Jai’s wife finds it difficult to practice, but have to for Nach. Aishwarya says they are expecting question from the judges. Sana says she is dancing too much with hip hop style. She says they are still learning. Sana gets muscle pain during rehearsals.

Sana is taken to the hospital by Dipesh. Dipesh says she is in extreme pain. Doctor checks her and says we are waiting for her reports. Dipesh says Doctor asked her to rest for 2 days. Rithvik says it is difficult to get immunity. Sana is hurt. This year Nach is too much.

All the participants perform on their respective songs. Upen and Karishma’s performance is being praised by the judges.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. mrunal…..bulbul….u r my fav contestant… this shw..all d best fr tomorrow//.///rock the stage……..

  2. I feel so sorry for Sana !! Hopefully she gets a chance to continue going on like Rashmi – Nandish

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    what is the song that comes in background? plz tell..

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