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A girl named Anjali / Anju is waiting for someone at the college. Her face breaks into a smile as she notices a guy (Sunny) coming to college on his bike with his friend. She keeps looking at him happily while he walks inside oblivious of her presence and even her name.

Anju says this is weird right? I watch him daily. I haven’t told him (or anyone) and neither will I tell anybody that I have a crush on him, that I watch him daily. He is in the final year while I am in the first year. In the class, she notices Sunny passing by the corridor as he talks to a girl. Anju’s friend observes her keenly.

Anju stays distracted even at home. I watch dreams that Sunny and I collide one day, my books fall on the floor after which he will ask me my name. Things will start then. I know this is a little filmy but I want it to happen this way only. We become friends and then loves happens so that I can tell everyone that Sunny is my boyfriend. She imagines going on a long drive with Sunny on his bike. Will it ever happen?

Anju walks out of a hotel room. She covers her face with a scarf and goggles so that no one is able to recognize her or ask her the reason of coming here.

Sunny calls out for Anju and asks for a pen to fill form. She gives it to him and drools over him as he fills the form. He turns to go but then stops to introduce himself. He thanks her for the pen and even compliments her on her dress. Anju is all smiles.

In her room, Anju cannot help but recall the whole incident time and again. he talked to me for real? She pinches herself to check if she had been dreaming.

Sunny spots Anjali in the college while he is with his friends. He calls out to her but she doesn’t notice / hear him so he walks up to her to talk to her. he asks her out for a coffee. Anju’s friend notices them talking to each other.

Anju is not able to believe that Sunny is actually taking her for coffee. He asks her if she has a boyfriend. He calls her Anju, compliments her on her beauty and asks her out for a dinner date tonight.

Anju is super excited as she gets ready to go on her dream date. She asks her mom how she is looking. Her mom says she always looks beautiful. Anju goes inside her room to take her bag when her inner self tells her that she is going to make a very big mistake today. you remember what Jyoti had said? Flashback shows where Jyoti tries to explain to Anju that Sunny is not a nice guy but Anju is not ready to understand any of it. Jyoti takes Meghna’s name. Meghna refuses to say anything to Anju when she asks her about it. Meghna was Sunny’s ex girlfriend. She is not interested in giving any sort of advice to Anju regarding Sunny or anything.

Anju and Sunny are at a pub. He keeps touching her face, her hairs while they dance. Meghna has stopped talking to me. she thinks that I am wrong. Anju deduces that Meghna is jealous of her. Sunny makes Anju try drugs. Anju wakes up with a heavy head. Anju’s other self comes to warn her again Anju is madly in love with Sunny. There is nothing wrong in snorting drugs once or twice. I know everyone is jealous of our relation.

Anju is again at the hotel. She finds Meghna leaving from the room. You could have told me everything Meghna. Meghna reminds her of how Jyoti had warned her about this honey trap. I wonder why you had to hear it from me only that you are falling in the trap. Meghna walks off. Anju rings the bell of one room. Sunny’s friend (Ajay) tells her the room number that she has to go to. Sunny injects drugs in Anju.

Doc comes to check Anju at her home. He tells her parents that she might be taking drugs. Anju feels pukish and runs to the washroom. She is in a bad state.

Anju lies to her parents that it must be food poisoning. They try to explain her how they have always trusted her. are you doing something wrong? Have you taken drugs? She denies. She notices that it is 7 and goes to her room as she has to go out. Her mother is sure Anju is hiding something from them.

Anju is in desperate need of drugs. Ajay finally reaches there and they inhale it once again.

Jyoti is concerned for Anju as she continues to yawn in the class. Anju nods. She gets up and tells her sir that she needs to go to the washroom. Anju texts Sunny that she is waiting for him (and the drugs) at the backside of college but he lies to her that he is in the class. Anju has become highly addicted to drugs. Anju’s inner self tries to make her realise the same but Anju shoos her away.

Anju couldn’t come out of the trap laid for her. She reaches a hotel room and there is a guy waiting for her. I cannot see any way out now!

Anju’s mother is concerned seeing her state. She tries to make Anju talk to her but Anju’s inner selves confuse her. She thinks of telling but then stops thinking that her mother wont be able to bear it.

Anju tells Jyoti to lie to her mother in case she calls you. Jyoti tries to make Anju realise that she is wrong. Anju confesses taking drugs. I have got myself entangled in all this on my own. This is a chakravyuh. There is no way out! I should have listened to you and I wish Meghna would have told me everything too. Jyoti prods Anju to tell the truth.

Sunny stops Anju as she has been avoiding his calls. She is feeling guilty as she is not able to face her parents. I know I am wrong. I don’t want to do it anymore. I used to like you. I dint know that you will take me on the wrong path. I just want to get out of it. Sunny shows her a video clip where he had intoxicated Anju. He had filmed her while a random guy was having s*x with her. Anju is shocked seeing the video. I have many more such videos. This field is very good and is very beneficial too. If you want to get out of it then I will upload it online. This is my business! Anju understands his every trick now. This was not love. it was a trap where I fell on my own. Meghna fell in the same trap before me. Anju tells Jyoti that she is stuck in this badly. I cannot understand how to come out of it.

Anju’s mother yet again tries to make Anju talk but Anju don’t speak up. There is an inner conflict in her once again as she thinks over the fact whether she should tell her parents or not.

Anju continues to meet random people at the hotel. Sunny is a broker of the high level escort business. He gets money by using innocent girls like Meghna and me. its his work to flirt with girls and then supply them to rich customers. I cannot even tell what all we have to do!

Anju writes a note for her parents. Sorry, you have tried to ask me lot many times but I couldn’t tell you anything. You still loved me unconditionally which I don’t deserve. I have committed such mistakes that I cannot even tell you or I wont be able to face you ever. You too will break down. I have fallen in the trap completely. I cannot explain what all I have been forced to do. I cannot blame anyone. its all my mistake. I know that you will be hurt once I am gone but it will be less in comparison to what you will feel after knowing the truth. I don’t want to live anymore. Goodbye! She is about to hang herself but her inner self prods her to speak the truth. Anju is worried that she will only give pain and insult her parents. I have ruined everything. They tell her not to give up. What’s your parents’ fault in all this? This is the time to answer back. Lay a trap for them (Sunny and Ajay) now. Anju tears her letter. She makes up her mind to do the right thing.

Anju asks Jyoti to help her in coming out of this drug addiction. They both go to a rehab. They discuss it with the coordinator that they wont be able to share the whole story. Plus being a college student the timings will be flexible. Coordinator is more than happy to oblige.

Anju takes the injection from Sunny and heads to the said room. She starts collecting it all in a bottle in her room daily. Her parents are somewhat relieved to see the positive signs. Her dad wants to know the truth but he knows that he cannot force Anju.

Anju is battling with all the highs and lows while she continues to visit the rehab centre. Her coordinator encourages her not to fall weak. You might feel like taking drugs but stay strong. Anju wakes up in the middle of the night and is in desperate need of drugs. She fills the injection but keeps it back in the end.

Sunny asks Anju to take the injection here itself but she denies. she goes to the said room, empties the injection in the bottle kept in her purse before meeting her clients.

At the college, Anju and Jyoti discuss about her progress. Anju says it is tough but I wont give up now. Jyoti says Meghna told me that Sunny is going to target you. Anju wishes that things would have been different if Meghna would have told the entire truth.

Anju fills lot many bottle in her drawer. Tomorrow I will be out of this Chakravyuh for forever. She is in a fix when she gets confused by what her inner self has to say. She tells them both to be quiet. I know what I have to do and I will do it.

Big Day:
Anju takes the injection and goes to the washroom. She comes out and acts as if she is under the effect of the injection as she holds the wall for support. She sits on the bed itself. Ajay tells her to go as the client is waiting for her. she asks for a sip of cold drink. She pours one bottle of drugs in it. She puts another key in the keypad outside and walks off. I have taken a chance just like they had taken one by targeting me. it is my turn now. This time they will fall in my trap. She meets her client. Today will be the last day!

Sunny and Ajay discuss about girls. Sunny makes drinks for both of them.

Anju comes to their room. Both of them have passed out. She says, I have not come here to delete or steal my pictures and videos. Both of them would have saved it somewhere. My plan is something else. She removes their clothes, makes them both lie down together and shoots a video. She thinks of Sunny’s words, of him threatening her.

Sunny and Ajay wake up but are clueless as to what they both were doing together. They blame each other for making such plans. Anju calls Sunny. Plan was successful. Such video, such picture that you cannot even think of! Your and Ajay’s parents would not know what you two do together. She sends him the video. Sunny and Ajay are stunned seeing the video. We have got trapped. I wont leave you.

Sunny meets Anju for the chip. She asks for her chip too. You will only get what you will give. I am trusting you so you too should trust me as now I can do what you can do! Don’t cross my path ever again!

Anju tells Meghna that they are free now. Sunny and Ajay cannot do anything against us anymore. Meghna cries.

Anju ponders over what to do about Sunny and Ajay as they will surely target other girls now.

Anju gathers courage and tells everything to her parents. They are stunned at what they hear. She wants to file a police case against them. I don’t want them to trap other girls like me. I know it will be insulting for you if this comes out in the open but I will face everything. Will you support me? her father nods and they share a hug!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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