Code Red 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Some flashes of an accident followed by police investigation is shown.

New Delhi, September 2014:
Five boys are watching a match on tv. The other four are getting excited seeing the match but the fifth boy (Prashant) tells them to be quiet. Ben is sleeping. He too is feeling sleepy so he comes to his room. Another boy follows him as he wants to borrow a book from that guy. They switch on the light and are shocked to see Ben with a head injury. The pillow is all bloodied.

Ben’s mother is checking out a photo album. She is missing Ben. She recalls an incident when he had walked inside her room asking for help. He had fallen on the bed and his parents got real worried. That is when he had wished her a happy birthday. She scolds Ben for doing something like that again. He assures her that he is not going to die so soon. She scolds him for talking that ways but then cuts the cake. They are one small close-knit family. Ben’s father asks his wife if she dint get to talk to Ben today. She nods. I have been calling him but he is not picking my call. He knows that she cannot live without her son yet she has sent him so far. She has full faith in her son’s abilities. He is a genius. He will become a big man some day. He suggests her to wait for the big man’s call when he gets free. She says I too wont talk to him. Just then, she gets a call from Ben. She picks up the call and then scolds nonstop thinking that it is Ben. She is shocked to hear something. The phone drops from her hand and falls on the floor. Her husband is worried too.

Ben is taken away in an ambulance.

Police is investigating the case. He questions everyone one by one (including Ben’s room partners). Aman tells the Inspector that he noticed Ben’s condition at around 6:30 am. There was blood all around. Prashant tells the Inspector that Ben had an accident. I was not with him. Inspector asks him if Ben had any enemies. When did you see the dead body? Prashant denies. He thinks of that night. They had found it in the middle of the night yet one of the boys had suggested everyone not to say anything to the police. You will be trapped in the case for no reason. no one took Ben to the doc which is why he died. You will all be blamed for Ben’s death. Flashback ends. Prashant says we informed the landlord who informed you. the next boy (the one who had told everyone to keep their mouth shut) lies that he slept by midnight. I have no idea what happened. the other 2 boys give their statement too.

Inspector tells the media that this is an accident case. The boy died after sustaining injuries in the accident. We will share the rest of the details once the post-mortem report comes. Kabir is there as well. He looks on keenly as Ben’s parents enter inside the police station. He too goes inside after them. He switches on his recorder.

Ben’s parents refuse to believe the Inspector’s theory. There was something wrong. Ben calls us every morning and evening. He dint call us yesterday. I called him but he dint even call back. Inspector offers her water so she calms down. I have checked. Your son had an accident. She agrees.

Ben was going on his bike when his phone rings. It is his mom’s call. He tells her that he will call her back once he is home. He had turned left when suddenly a kid came running from the opposite side. Ben stops his bike but it skids. He falls on the ground in the process. His right arm is wounded. Later, Ben calls his mom. He tells her that it was just a small accident. I am fine.

Present: That happened in the afternoon when he got hit on his arm. He got no injury on his head. Can’t you see that someone has killed him? Inspector still repeats what he had found from the investigation. We cannot take any action till the post-mortem report comes. She gets angry. Maybe you don’t want to take any action against the culprit. I want justice for my son! She walks out of the police station with her husband. Kabir too goes after her to talk to her.

Ben’s mother mistakes it that Kabir wants a news for his paper. You want to know how we are feeling after losing our son? You will never understand what a mother feels in such a condition. Kabir stands there stunned.

Sakshi (host) asks Kabir if he is stunned by this ever so dominant reality of a journalist’s life / profession. He reasons that every person / reporter is not the same. there are crimes in the society. Media makes the society aware about it. Sakshi adds that the media also at times makes news as per their wish. It is important to feel that pain before making a relation regarding it. Journalists and reporters are strong enough to make the world which we people always dream of. But if the very same people make news of people’s emotions then people are bound to lose their faith. Kabir values everyone’s pain. That is what matters to me the most. I will leave this profession the day I stop feeling that way. She motivates him to dig deep in this incident. Help a mother find out the truth about her son’s death. Make her believe that you are a real reporter.

Kabir approaches Ben’s parents again. you are right. I cannot understand a mother’s pain but trust me. I can try my best to help you if you tell me everything. Ben’s mother is in tears. She tells him that Ben used to love them a lot.

Flashback: Ben had topped. His photo was also in a newspaper. He shares his dreams with his parents. I will go to Delhi to prepare for CAT’s entrance exam in November. I will go to IIM Ahmadabad from there. I will become a Top CEO one day. His mother gets sad. You can study here too. he reasons that Delhi has very big and good coaching institutes. She gives in when he requests her for it.

Samarth Hostel, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi:
Ben and his parents finalize the room. He meets his roommates next. Two of the guys are not so happy to see him. They are even surprised to see the family’s bonding.

Present: Ben’s parents cry. We had no idea we were seeing him for the last time that day. He left us. He will never come back. We don’t even know what happened to him. I am pretty sure that he dint die in any accident. Kabir promises to find out the truth.

Samarth Hostel, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi:
Kabir knocks at the door. Prashant opens the door but refuses to talk to him. I have already given my statement. Please excuse me, I am not well.

Tasty Momo Shop, Vasant Vihar:
The shop owner praises Ben. He always used to make everyone smile. Ben was very friendly. He always used to help everyone. He had become friend with a little kid who was upset. The kid’s mother was very rude n kind of opinionated about people from the east. She takes her son away.

Present: Kabir gets to know that Ben’s best friend Prashant used to stay with him only. He has two more friends, Keith and Zara. They live nearby only.

Kabir meets Keith next. Ben was a really helpful and caring person.

Flashback: Ben was really concerned when Prashant was ill one day. He even took care of him the entire night. Early morning, Keith calls Ben to check on Prashant. Prashant is better than before. Fever is down. He dint sleep for the entire night. He tells Keith that this is their family here. We will have to take care of each other.

Present: Kabir asks if Ben had a fight with anyone. Zara replies that they have to fight here for their identity every single day.

Flashback: Ben, Keith and Zara were enjoying singing one day. Some guys had randomly teased Zara. Ben got angry. The boys went away but still teased Ben when he had gotten up angrily to give them an answer. Another time, a girl had pushed / stopped Zara from boarding the bus before her. She and her friends had passed on comments about their roots and had called Zara Chowmein, Chinki, etc. Later, at the momo shop, Ben wonders why no one said anything to those people. Zara says we have gotten used to it. you too will get used to it in time.

Present: Ben had a fight with his roommates day before yesterday. We don’t know what happened after that as we came to our home. Kabir thinks of meeting Prashant again but Keith advises him to go there tomorrow. Kunal and his friends will be there only. Kabir nods.

Next day, Prashant wants to stay back at home. He is disturbed by Ben’s death / loss. Aman leaves for college. Kabir rings the doorbell. Prashant is not happy to see him. He turns his face away. I have already told everything to the police. Kabir points out that that is not enough to send the culprits of his friend to jail. Prashant repeats that Ben died because of the accident. No one was the culprit. Kabir says you are the biggest culprit of Ben. You are hiding the truth. You have cheated your friend. Prashant denies. Kabir insists. You also know that Ben had not got so injured in the accident that he could die. You too know it very well. What happened to Ben suddenly at night? Ben loved you like your own brother. He stayed awake the entire night when you had fallen ill. He considered you his family. Does a family maintain silence when one of its members dies? Prashant says Ben was very happy when he had come here. It appeared as if all his dreams are going to come true. The people here started teasing and taunting him.

Flashback: Ben’s two other rogue roommates (Kunal and Manoj) used to behave rather rudely with him. They used to make fun of him and everything about him. Ben and Kunal had almost gotten into a verbal spat but then they both went their own ways. Prashant says they never left any chance to trouble Ben. Kunal used to make Ben wait for very long time before he could use the restroom. Ben even tried making chapattis for Prashant once. He shares everything with his mother (the smaller problems, not the bigger ones though). Ben was scared of hurting her or breaking her trust. Kunal and his friends come there. He taunts Ben again.

Ben complains to the landlord. Kunal instead complains to the landlord against Ben. We don’t get to know what he is cooking in the kitchen all the time. The landlord refuses to interfere in their matter. Ben wants his security deposit back but the landlord declines. we have made an agreement for a year’s time. Ben threatens to call the police but the landlord was unaffected. Prashant knows that their landlord keeps PG’s illegally. This is why he doesn’t want to get involved with police. The same kid comes to play with Ben when he is sitting there with his friends. Ben reminds the kid that his mom has told him not to talk with Ben. Always listen to your mother. Zara gives him a chocolate before he walks away. Ben remarks how kids are pure hearted though they have a change of heart as they grow. I cannot tolerate it anymore. Zara shares how everyone in the girls hostel talks / gossips against her. I do have a best friend though who makes sure no one says anything wrong against me or she wont spare them. Ben wants to raise a voice against them. KUnal comes there with his friends. He sits down beside Zara and asks for a kiss. Ben tells him to mind his tongue. Kunal again gets into verbal spat with Ben. We are illiterate and backward people while you (north east people) are so fashion forward and modern and English speaking. Ben says we can become friends or enemies by choice. Kunal still doesn’t get his meaning. He continues taunting Ben about Zara. You are just saying such dialogues as a girl is with you. They almost get into a fight but a PCR van passes by. Kunal pretends to hug him and walks off from there.

Present: Prashant is in tears. Kabir confirms the facts about Ben’s death. He takes Prashant with him.

The post-mortem report has come. It has been found that Ben dint die because of any accident. Someone had hit him on his head with a rod. Inspector tells the constable to bring all Ben’s roommate here. Kabir comes there with Prashant just then. Ben’s parents are there too.

The day of the incident, 8 pm:
Ben, Prashant and Aman are watching the match. Ben is very excitedly cheering for India. Kunal and his friends too come there. He has come to resume their fight. Kunal threatens him to lower down his eyes but Ben pushes him again. Prashant tries his best to intervene but Kunal hits Ben with a hockey stick. Kunal tells Prashant to make Ben understand things clearly. He has come here to study and should focus on that only. Ben is writhing in pain. Prashant helps Ben in lying down in his bed. Ben is still holding his head as it’s hurting badly. Prashant wants to sit with him but Kunal’s friend tells him to sit outside. Kunal bhai is calling you. Prashant leaves unwillingly.

Prashant goes to his room when he feels sleepy. Aman follows him inside as he wants to borrow his book. They are shocked to see Ben lying in a pool of blood when they switch on the lights.

Present: Prashant breaks down and does Ben’s parents. Inspector thanks Kabir for his support. He also appreciates Prashant for telling them the truth. Kunal and his other 2 friends get arrested. Ben’s mother slaps Kunal. Lady Constable controls her somehow. She cries in a corner.

Kunal says an outsider hit him. Kabir asks him if he is not educated enough to know that Ben’s mother is as Indian as he is or you don’t want to accept it just because they look different than you. You should actually feel good about the fact that you are born in a country which has diverse culture, different food, different life styles, and different looking people. You wont find this much diversity in any other country. Even after this much diversity, we all think of India as one. But some people like you are breaking our country. You discriminate people on the basis of their states. Who are you to do so? Our diversity is our strength, not our weakness.

A case was registered against Kunal and his friends under Section 153A and 295 (for discriminating on the basis of states) and under Section 302 (for killing Ben) of IPC.

Kabir writes, who is not in love with their motherland. But those people, who don’t like anyone from the other state coming to their state, must think of one thing. Would they have been able to make if one state and live there safely if they loved their state and culture so much? Can no foreign army come and invade over their land? We all are a part of one big Bharat. We are safe till the time we are together. why hold so many differences when we all have to live together. people know it well but they must also know that West Bengal is not just the end of India. There’s North East India too. This has not happened for the first time when something wrong has happened to a north eastern kid; or when their identity has become a problem for them. This country belongs equally to everyone. It is not a welcome gesture to discriminate amongst anyone of your own house!

We feel so proud of our Bharat as it has spread such beautiful messages around the world (about unity). Why have we included discrimination on the basis of someone’s state suddenly? Isn’t it wrong? We must raise our voice against it as it is indeed wrong! Maybe your one voice can help someone find their own identity. We may come from different parts of India but we all are Indian after all!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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