Tu Mera Hero 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi saying the butter milk is ready. Titu smiles. She asks him to have it in crèche and remember her. He says give it to me now. She asks him to have it and drink. He says please. She asks him to get it and runs with it. Panchi says statue. Surekha comes and what is she doing, now will she make Titu run to get food. Panchi says nothing like that. Surekha asks Titu to say. Panchi says I told statue to him and he can’t say now. Surekha says what. Panchi says it’s a game, where you can’t move and say, and just shake head.

Panchi touches her feet. Surekha says fine and blesses her. Panchi thinks Surekha should not know about crèche. Surekha says she did not come to waste time. She gives the weight machine and checks his weight. Panchi worries. Surekha checks his weight and says 700 grams more. Panchi smiles. Surekha asks how did this happen, he has gained weight. She says I mean its good. She asks is Panchi forcing him to eat more, I think she understood my warning, don’t be afraid, you can tell me, I come to meet for an hour, I m your mum and mum is mum all 24 hours. Panchi says I hope you are happy.

Surekha thinks how can she manage work and home together. She says I will leave. Surekha asks Titu is his head aching. He signs he misses her. Surekha takes the weight machine and gets emotional. She leaves. Panchi relieves Titu of the statue. Titu says I will not go to crèche. Panchi says what, you have to go, if you go late, kids will tease more, go there and get friendly with them. She says there is no option and asks him to go.

Rachna sees Manorama sleeping and wishes she did not fill poison in Chetan’s life. She tells Manorama that she is mad and her mind does not work. She laughs. Manorama says no, I m not mad. She gets up and starts shouting. Rachna smiles. Arvind comes and asks Manorama to see Rachna is their bahu, why is she attacking her. Manorama says she crossed her limit, she is not bahu, but a witch, she wants to send me to mental hospital. Rachna says I just came to give the newspaper. He says I know and asks her to leave.

Surekha tells Govind about Titu. He says she does not care for him and is always caring for Titu. He says he will lose weight in 24 days. She says she cares for his good health and happiness. He asks then why is she troubling Panchi, she is also taking care of Titu, why does she taunt him. She asks him to have tea and goes.

Rachna makes tea. Manorama comes to her and whats this. Rachnasks what. Manorama shows the mental hospital news. She scares Manorama and makes her more angry. She says what you sow is what you reap. Panchi slips on Titu and says sorry. He asks her what is she swearing, why does she want to make him work. He gets ready to leave for crèche.

He sees the lizard and talks to it in his humor way. Panchi smiles and talks to lizard. She writes the lines on the wall that Titu will work hard and become a responsible man. Titu laughs seeing the lizard go and reads what Panchi wrote. He says he will not work. Vaishaili talks to Rekha. Rekha says she is very fit and do any exercise, but she does not mean this. She says she means she walk for miles. Vaishaili says yes, she is fine but once she gets any illness, she will go up. Rekha says stop, I will drink lemon water. Titu writes no in every line Panchi wrote to make him work.

She says all the hard work got waste. She says she will not work if he earns money. He says he earns happiness by cracking jokes and making people happy. She asks him to get earned money and she will cook hot food for him, else he can rest in crèche. She takes him. She says its imp for him to go to crèche today, as she planned some imp surprise for him. She calls the lady and talks to her.

Surekha cries missing Titu and says she does not feel happy without him. She says how will I eat anything, I will not eat anything. Rekha and Vaishaili come and hear her. Rekha says her drama did not end till now and smiles. She says yes Titu went, everyone got upset, I donlt understand what to do. Surekha says yes, I can see the lemon water glass empty. Govind comes and keeps straw in the glass. He asks Surekha to have it. Rekha asks Bhagwati to get water for her.

Sundar gives the parcel. Govind says Akhan Gyaan came from Maharaj. Sundar tries to read. Govind drinks the juice by straw as Titu does. Sundar reads the pamphlet and Rekha taunts Bhagwati. She reads it and says Titu can stay there, and reads even adults can stay there in between them, one adult is already admitted. Rekha laughs. Govind reads it and says its very good, it has all arrangements for adults, we can get Titu admission in this. Surekha gets irked. He says did Titu…. Everyone is shocked.

The reporter tells Panchi that he can understand her work, but whats the reason to leave her husband in between the kids. She says he does not like to work and I don’t like him getting hurt. The lady asks if Govind’s business gets down, will she take the burden on her for her lifetime. Surekha and Govind look at Titu.

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