Code Red 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

March 2015, Vikaspuri, New Delhi:
A lady tries to steal a baby. People notice her and catch her red handed.

Vikaspuri Police Station:
Lady Constable tries to make that lady talk but in vain. Who all are with you? Kabir comes to meet Inspector Patil regarding some case. Patil tells him that it will take a few more days. Lady Constable tells him about the lady keeping quiet. She is not saying anything. Patil suggests her to give her s special treatment. A kid (from the nearby tea shop) drops some glasses. The lady is unaffected by the noise. Lady Constable begins to take her inside when Kabir stops them. He makes some sounds using his fingers but the lady is staring blankly ahead. Kabir deduces that the lady is deaf and dumb. He asks her some questions but she gestures that she can neither listen nor speak.

Kabir is tensed when he comes out of the police station. We cannot blame anyone till it is proved that they indeed are the culprit. Everyone has a right to put forward their opinion. Sakshi nods. We have laws for everyone but injustice always happens with some people. No one knows the real story of this girl. Kabir wants to dig deeper to find out the truth. If she is guilty then she should be punished but she should be set free if she is not! Sakshi too urges him to become the voice of the voiceless people. Find out the truth.

Nayi Aawaz Head Office:
Kabir’s colleague asks Kabir about the news regarding that same lady. We should have published it in our paper. The news here says that the head of the gang that kidnaps little kids has been nabbed. Kabir wants to wait till the other side of the story is out in the open. I cannot publish it till I find out her version of the story.

Kabir meets the lady. Write down your name. She cannot read or write. She signals him about someone on the wheelchair. He next asks her about her house. She talks to him again through signals. He gets a few clues – kids, school, prayer, bell and a flower. It is getting really hard for Kabir to connect them but still he tries. He wants to know her name. Her name is Juhi she explains. He searches online as he inks some of the clues together. He clicks Juhi’s photo.

Phoolpur, Uttar Pradesh:
Kabir travels around the town. He has been to 12 schools already. The driver asks him what is he exactly looking for. Kabir tells him about Juhi (not revealing her name though). She cannot speak or hear. The driver takes him to an orphanage next. It is possible that she can be from that place.

Jyoti Orphanage, Phoolpur, UP:
All the kids of the orphanage are praying. The bell rings and they go inside. Kabir greets the caretaker of the orphanage. He asks her about Juhi. The lady denies so Kabir shows her Juhi’s picture. The lady identifies her as Vimla. She used to live here around 2 years ago.

2 years ago:
Vimla is a very chirpy girl. She is always playing, was a little naughty but used to take very good care of the other kids. One day a couple adopted them. Vimla is very excited. She bids a tearful adieu to the people of the orphanage after the couple completes all the formalities.

Present: They adopted Vimla and took her with them. Vimla was here since a year before that. Someone was taking her forcibly to some other place. Police nabbed them and found Vimla. Kabir asks her if there was another person with the couple who was on wheelchair. The lady denies. The couple’s name was Mr. And Mrs. Joshi. I also have their address. But I cannot understand why you are asking so much about her. He tells her that Vimla is in jail. She was caught stealing a baby. The lady canot believe it. She was a very innocent girl. He takes the adoption papers from her to get some more details about Vimla and Joshi’s.

Mr. Joshi’s House, Phoolpur, UP:
There is a lock on the door. Kabir knocks at their neighbour’s door. The lady tells her that Joshi’s left this house a year ago. This house is closed since then. Kabir asks about Joshi’s daughter. The lady says they had a son who was physically challenged (on wheelchair). Kabir thanks her for her help.

Kabir meets Vimla again. I had gone to Phoolpur to your orphanage. She cries seeing the photo of the orphanage. He assures her that everything will be fine. He shows her the adoption form. Where are your parents? She explains him through signals again. The new address is Durga Building, ground floor, near the place from where she was caught.

Prithvi Park, Vikaspuri, New Delhi:
Kabir is in the park. He asks people about Durga Apartment but there is no such apartment nearby. He asks more people in the nearby area. He cannot find any building by that name in that locality but notices a small Durga idol kept next to a tree. Shreepati Apartments is right in front of that tree. He deduces that Vimla was talking about the building in front of a tree with Durga idol. He goes to the house at ground floor. He knocks at Joshi’s house. Mr. Joshi refuses to acknowledge anyone by the name Vimla. He closes the door on his face. Kabir turns and notices the name plate. He immediately calls Inspector Patil. Whose baby did that girl pick up? Patil tells him that Vimla had stolen Mr. Joshi’s baby.

At night, Kabir finds Mr. Joshi’s son outside. He asks her about Vimla. The guy refuses to say anything even when Kabir threatens him about handing him over to the police. The guy suggests Kabir to ask Vimla’s lover, the body builder guy, who is also supposedly Vimla’s baby’s father. The guy goes away on his wheelchair. Kabir is in thoughts.

Next day, Kabir gets to know from Vimla that the body builder lives on the 3rd floor in the same building.

Ajeet Arora’s House, Shreepati Building:
Ajeet calls Kabir inside when he shows him Vimla’s photo. Kabir asks him if he knows about Vimla’s whereabouts. Ajeet is taken aback to know that Vimla is in the jail. Kabir says you are Vimla’s boyfriend. Right then, Ajeet’s wife comes there with some tea and snacks. Kabir is taken aback. Ajeet explains that he is not Vimla’s boyfriend. Joshi’s are actually Vimla’s in-laws. Arvind, te guy on the wheelchair, is actually Vimla’s husband. They shifted here around 1.5 years ago, very soon after Arvind got married.

Flashback: They all seemed happy. Vimla too was very happy but was more like a kid. She always used to help everyone and do all the work of the house. One day I noticed her crying in her balcony. Everything changed since that day. We could hear people shouting all the time. They always used to fight. I met her outside her house one day while she was returning from the market. The veggies spill on the road so Ajeet helps her. He tries to talk to her but she continues to walk without bothering to give any reply. Mr. Joshi sends Vimla inside as soon as she notices her with Ajeet. He is also rude to Ajeet and bangs the door on his face. The in-laws seemed pretty orthodox. One day I tried to help Arvind but he instead warned me to stay away from their family. Vimla disappeared for a few months. She was pregnant by the time I saw her again. She looked ill but then delivered a healthy baby.

Present: I know that her family used to hate her but she never told this to anyone. Kabir shares that Vimla was deaf and dumb. Ajeet understands why Joshi’s always used to taunt her about the same. I thought they were just taunting her. Kabir explains their perspective to Ajeet. Ajeet declines it straight away. Their maid comes to take the teacup away. She asks them in Bengali if she can take the cups away. Kabir thinks of an idea.

He goes to meet Vimla with a lady who can talk through hand gestures. Vimla tells them that something very bad has happened with her. kabir wants to know everything.

Flashback: Vimla used to live in the orphanage. One day mom dad came and took her home with them as their daughter. But they got me married to their son. I became their DIL instead. Vimla used to take very good care of Arvind. Arvind dozed off the first night. She did not feel bad about it but what followed later was really bad. Next morning, Vimla’s MIL takes Vimla to a doc to find out if she can deliver a normal baby. Doc shares that it is Arvind who can never become a father. Arvind and his mother are taken aback.

Present: The lady translator says someone made love to Vimla after which she got pregnant.

Flashback: Vimla is vomiting. Her MIL calls her characterless. Her husband is sure it must be Ajeet’s child. Vimla gives birth to a baby boy. She is working in the kitchen. The baby is about to fall but her MIL holds her in time. She makes Vimla feed the baby. She cannot take care of a baby. Mr. Joshi decides to get Vimla out of the house anyhow. We will keep the baby though as Arvind is not capable of anything. We need a heir (to show to the society). One night, Joshi’s leave Vimla in the middle of the road. She cries but they drive away. They stop the car at a distance, keep a bundle of the ground and they take the car in reverse. Vimla cries badly. Mr. Joshi warns her to stay away from them or he will kill the baby. Vimla is left with no choice. Vimla is outside her in-laws’ house. She notices her MIL taking care of the baby. She was caught stealing her own baby that day.

Present: Kabir wants to know who was the one who made love to her. Who is the father of the baby? Vimla only knows that it was an old man.

Kabir comes to Joshi’s House once again. Mr. Joshi tries to stop him / threaten him but Kabir talks about doing DNA test of the baby. Arvind reasons that the baby is actually Vimla’s after all. Mr. Joshi again interrupts him but Kabir speaks the truth. This baby is of not an outsider but from the family member of your own house. You should ask your father. Mr. And Mrs. Joshi walk away. Kabir talks to Arvind. You believed your parents without thinking of anything but did you try to find out the truth?

Flashback: Vimla used to take care of Arvind very nicely. She always used to keep all this things ready so he has to face no problem. They were happy together. Arvind leaves for his office. His in-laws make use of the opportunity. Her FIL comes to her room.

Present: Kabir unites Vimla with her baby. She cries as she hugs her baby. Arvind too comes to meet her. he is in tears. He folds his hands before her. He says you can go wherever you want to with your baby. He turns to go but she stops him. They have a very tearful reunion.

A charge sheet was filed against Vimla’s FIL under Section 376 of IPC for raping her forcefully. Her MIL too was charged under the same act and 120 and 34-B of IPC for torturing Vimla too. Everyone has an equal right in the system. Who are we to change them? Why some people try to use people’s innocence against them? they too feel bad. Try and listen harder. These mute people too speak a lot!

Sakshi says these people may be physically challenged but they are nowhere less in terms of their patience and strength. We need to recognize their positive aspects and treat them equally. Most importantly, we shouldn’t make fun of their inabilities. If you see any such thing happening in reality then don’t be quiet. Raise your voice. These people are compelled to remain quiet, not us!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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