Veera 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev scolding Manjeet and asking her to leave from home. Deepu comes and hugs Geet. Veera asks Baldev to come with her. Baldev says later, let me send this unwanted guests. Veera insists and he goes with her. Manjeet gets angry on Geet and asks her to pack her bag, they will leave. Geet and Deepu leave. Manjeet taunts Bansuri and says if she goes from this house, she will take her along. Bansuri says no one listens to me in this house. Manjeet asks her to stop her in this house by any way to keep her secret a secret, else…. She smiles.

Baldev asks Veera will she ask for one more chance for Manjeet. She says no, I want to tell something else. He asks what. She repeats his lines what he told there and says she felt glad. He says it does not mean I m not annoyed. She says even I m annoyed for some things. She says maybe Manjeet does not have place to stay, so she is staying here, everyone does mistakes, this will make relations well, we should forgive her. Baldev says I thought you are smart, but you are not, Manjeet dislikes you and wants to kick you out, her intention is wrong, if you felt glad about what I said, you will not stop me, they should leave.

Bansuri comes and he leaves. She says Veera, this is not good, they are part of our family, he can’t kick them out like this. Veera says I know, I was explaining the same. Veera thinks to take Balwant’s help and calls him. Ranvi shows the pics of school event to Ratan and wishes Veera was here. Ratan says I m glad that she is balancing her marriage, Veera and Baldev should learn from you all, whatever happens, is there is much love, no one can separate you, you both are ideals. Gunjan and Ranvi smile.

Balwant ponders about the situation and says I can’t believe this is happening in my house, Manjeet did this. Veera says whatever she did, she has Geet and Deepu, they don’t have any other home, I have seen since childhood you always help people. Balwant calls out Baldev. Baldev comes and gets angry seeing Manjeet. He says you don’t know Papa ji. Balwant says I came to know everything, but they are our relatives, they did wrong, but we can’t ask them to leave like this. Baldev says great, I can’t understand this.

Balwant says we have to think about Deepu, I agree you can’t bear if anyone tries to separate you and Veera, and asks Manjeet not to do this again. He says he will make her leave the house. Manjeet apologizes and says I did not know Veera and Baldev love each other a lot, I thought why should they b together with hatred, it would be good to stay separated and happy. She taunts them. She says she will not do this again. Balwant says fine. She thinks she will not lose and break Baldev and Veera, I know how to break them, its easier now.

Baldev argues with Veera as she has supported Manjeet. He asks does she want to end the marriage and using Manjeet for the purpose, as he wants to safeguard the marriage and she always does the opposite. He says you always go against me, even when I fight for you, you just want to show me down and say my decision is wrong. He asks where did that Veera go whom I loved and married going against my family. Mahiya………..plays…………

She cries and asks does he think she does not want to make their relation right, so I have come in bhoomi pujan, why don’t you see what I do, and why do you see what I don’t do, you don’t see how much I love you, you think I m not proud of you, I m proud of you, so I stopped you from wrong decisions, so that no one points on you. He says I can’t do anything as I wish, just you are right. She says how to explain you. He says you feel you can never be wrong, you will prove yourself right even if I m supporting both of us.

They start arguing. She says what would people think if you kicked them out. He says I would tell them what they did. He says Balwant and Ratan were sarpanch, and you always compare me with them. He holds her close and says I know you love me as much I love you, even then we fight, you listen to everyone and find goodness in their badness except your husband, I did not respect from you, you still regard me as your love Baldev, not your husband Baldev. She says no Baldev and cries.

Geet cries and asks for Deepu. She says she is nowhere. Bansuri asks what happened. Veera says Deepu is missing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. His words made me cried “Veera to Sab k burai mai achai dondty hai our party mai nahi q k shadi k bad tu ne mujhy izat hi nahi d ” he is so true she always try to show him wrong she is a good bahu a good beti but not a good wife always inversely proportion to baldev and that’s angry me

  2. So sad I was thinking everything is now fine but no Veera ko to Mazda data hai baldev k khilafat karrty huy hai Veera kya bulo tenu plz change the track

  3. I don’t understand director patakha chorta hai WO b bars wala and last moment pa WO pus hojata hai bechary actors @ audience ko confuse kar k rakha hai

  4. I hope ab k bari Veera c baldev bichar jaye and geet k with us k shadi ho tabhy is ko pata chaly game us kar. Importance

  5. Hmm u r ri8 that veera is a good sister nd daughter but she is not at all supporting baldev or behaving as a good wife.

  6. Veers is a really bad wife nut a good daughter and sister !! Why won’t she understand Baldev !!

  7. Veera(the actress) is only 17yrs old

      1. not only what,????so?!! if she ave 17yrs????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Veera doesnt look like she is 17 yrs old

  9. Baldev is right she doesn’t understand his feelings where did that veera go whom he luvd and married against his family!

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