Code Red 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kandivali, Mumbai, 2014:
Flat No. 702, Kandivali Complex:
A kid scares his mother by pretending to lie as a dead one. Her mother wipes the ketchup from around his face. The kid is studying later. He hears some voice and looks around. The mother finds her son sitting at the balcony railing a little while later. She thinks of it to be another prank of his and calls out for him to study. He shocks her by jumping off from the balcony.

Death is the only definite thing in life. We may fall ill and we may not; we can marry or not but death is inevitable. We can try to commit suicide but it is not definite that we will be successful. Who knows how long we will live for real? Who has the perfect / precise answer to that? This is actually unexplainable.

People living in the building feel that there is something wrong with the house. Everyone who comes to live here jumps off one day or the other from there balcony. It’s been empty since a very long time. The price has been reduced to half but still no one is ready to take it. Approx 8 families have been finished here. There is no such problem with any other flat in the building. There is something wrong here.

4 months later, Kandivali Complex:
A family comes to live in Flat No. A – 702. The kids had to take stairs as the lift was not working. They tried talking to someone but the people showed no interest. Weird people live here. Their father tells them that everything will be fine in a while. We are lucky to get such a good flat in such a less time. His wife comes looking for the broom. She has been cleaning a room but it is all the same.

The boy (Sachin) is sleeping at night. He hears someone humming and gets up. He is drinking water when his sister pats at his shoulder from behind. She had gotten up to ice cream. They both enjoy ice cream together.

A few days later:
Sachin brings his girlfriend (Piya) home when there is no one at home. They are sleeping later on when Sachin hears the same humming sound again. Dust comes inside a room with the wind. A footstep mark is seen over it. A while later, Sachin is seen sitting atop the balcony railing! Piya wakes up and joins him as well. They both jump off from the balcony together.

2 days after the incident:
No one in the family has any clue as to why the couple committed suicide. The girl tells her father that Sachin was going to talk to him about Piya. They both were really happy together. They hear a noise. Shivangi (Sachin’s mother) is tired of cleaning the house. She continues to clean the mess but it is not going away. She yells at her husband (Pradeep) to leave her alone just like Sachin did. Her husband somehow calms her down. She cries for her son. Pradeep has been trying to find out the reason for Sachin committing suicide but has not been able to find out any substantial reason.

3 days after the incident:
Sachin’s sister too is found dead. Her parents (Patel’s) are heartbroken. An old woman finally tells Pradeep that this was the 24th death in this house. I knew it already. I have seen everyone dying here one by one. Death waits here for everyone since 1999.

Pradeep was now sure that something had happened in the flat that prompted everyone to kill themselves later on. What was the reason behind it?

Ramdhani Chawl, Kandivali, Year 1998:
A couple enjoys bhel atop a building. The man tells his wife (Chaya) that we have lost. So many people will be living in these buildings. It seems they all have won while we have lost. We still are living in a room in chawl. Chaya asks him if he is not happy. He says he is happy that he is with her but sometimes he feels small in comparison to all these big buildings. I feel that somehow I am now lost in this dream world. She reminds him that this is a Chayanagri. What’s the guarantee that you will be happy once you get it? I can see you carrying this ad in your pocket since last week. Let’s go and check out this place. He denies. We wont have that much money anyways. She points out that you don’t need money to see dreams.

A B Builder’s Office:
Chaya and her husband (Sharma’s) are at the office. She is pensive but he assures her that it will be fine. The agent (Sanjay) comes there and greets them. He explains them the building plan and what all facilities will be available there. It is a 2 BHK house. They have to pay 3 lacs as down payment. The rest can be paid in instalments for the next 15 years. You wont feel like going out of the house after looking out of the balcony from your house on 7th floor.

Chaya and her husband (Vikas) cutely bicker over the house. Chaya had filled in a word in her office. The instalment will be cut from my salary. He jokes but then they seriously discuss the matter. They both don’t earn so much yet they decide to cut their expenses so they can arrange for the booking amount somehow. Chaya’s MIL is very proud of them. They tell her about the facilities too.

Sharma’s pay the down payment of 3 lacs. They sign the necessary documents in the builder’s office too. Sanjay assures them that the house will be ready soon (6 months). You might get it before that time even.

Vikas is late. His mother and Chaya have been waiting for him. He comes there just then. He has stopped taking bus and had walked all the way till their home. Chaya knows that he is doing it to save money. He will save Rs. 900 per month this way. Chaya wants to go see their new house once.

Chaya and Vikas come to their building. They have to climb all the 7 floors right now as there is no lift yet. They are really happy together. They plan what all will be there in their house (door, tv, sofa, etc). They come to stand near the balcony of their bedroom. They see the sunset from there together.

The couple enjoy ice cream. Chaya wants her husband to take one ice cream as they haven’t shared it since a long time. They appear to be one cute, happy couple. Chaya starts cutting down on things that they buy regularly every month. VIkas too returns home really tired from all the walking daily.

5 months later:
It is late at night but Sharma’s decide to visit their house. The building is still in the same condition. Vikas wants to see their flat at night. Guard stops them from going upstairs. The work has been stopped here for forever. The builder has paid all the workers their due and has left from here. This company has closed down. Vikas calls Sanjay.

Vikas and Chaya come to meet Sanjay. Sanjay has not picked any of their calls yesterday. Why has been the work stopped there? Sanjay replies that the government has changed so things have been halted. We are just waiting for some legal formalities to finish and then the work will resume. He hastily excuses himself on the pretext of some work.

Vikas’s mother is not keeping well. She tells them not to worry about her. Think about your house. I will be fine once I go to our new house. Vikas denies. We don’t want that house. I will go to the builder’s office tomorrow and then get my refund.

Vikas is sitting on top of the building. Chaya scolds him for coming here when his mother is so unwell. He is worried about the bank notice. They haven’t been able to pay the instalments since last 3 months. She points out that they haven’t paid the rent for last 2 months too. He feels so helpless and tired. I am not able to face my mom. She wonders if they committed a mistake by buying that house!

Vikas meets Sanjay again. He scolds him for the change in his behaviour. Its been 6 months already. We have not been able to live peacefully. The guards don’t let us enter our new house or here at your office. I want my refund. I don’t want this house. Sanjay shouts back at him. this is our office not your house. Read the contract again. there can be no refund. There is a clause about delay but no refund. You should have read it carefully and then signed it. Vikas holds Sanjay by the collar, demanding for his money. Sanjay tells the guard to take care of Vikas. He hits Vikas on his head. his head is all bloodied.

This had become a bad dream for the Sharma’s. So many people pine up their hopes / dreams / put everything on their house but the builder’s don’t care about all that. Sharma’s had lost everything in their dream. The very same building had become now become their tombs.

Vikas returns home. His mother has passed away. Chaya is sitting in front of the dead body staring blankly. Vikas too sits down near her.

Vikas and Chaya come to their new house with the ashes of their mother. They pour the ashes there itself (in VIkas’s mother’s supposed room). We should make her rest in her room only. All this while they pretend to open the door, window, everything as it should have been in their properly constructed house. Vikas and Chaya thinks of her last words. Vikas pours the ashes and says mom has slept. It is our house now. we have to live here only. You will stay with me always, right? She nods.

They both stand at the edge of that room as they think of their dream house and what all they have sacrificed for it. they both jump off from there together.

Shivangi hears Chaya singing and she too walks out towards the balcony.

People say those who commit suicide are weak / coward. Is it true? A person commits suicide when he cannot see any hope in his life. Death is the ultimate way to end that pain. Vikas and Chaya had only one dream. Their hard earned money had been snatched from them. Their helpless and anger stayed in that house. Their souls dint let anyone stay in that house as they felt that that house was theirs for forever!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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