Udaan 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kangan telling Arjun that this bangle was worn by that lady who did the accident. Arjun is shocked. Chakor says its Tejaswini’s bangle, I made Bhagya wear it and she liked it a lot. Bhaiya ji comes and asks whats happened. Tejaswini recalls the accident. Arjun gets angry. Bhaiya ji asks whats the problem. Arjun says you know it very well, you thought what you did 2 years before, it will not be known. Bhaiya ji says I don’t know, what happened. Arjun says your wife has ruined Kangan’s life by making her handicapped.

Bhaiya ji says he gave respect and called him here, and he is blaming them for accident, if he needs money for operation, he can ask for charity, no need to blackmail. Arjun gets angry and holds his collar. He asks what will he give in charity. Ishwar asks him to leave him, how can he blame him, does he have proof. Arjun asks him to see Kangan and Tejaswini’s face, she knows she is culprit. Ishwar says you are mature, you should know court laws wants proof.

Arjun says you are saying this, I thought you raise voice against corruption, now I understand you are sold to Bhaiya ji, you are also Bandhua to him. Chakor asks him not to say this. Ishwar asks her to be quiet. Arjun asks her to break her trust. Bhaiya ji asks him to end it and leave. Arjun says it just started, I will ruin you. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to explain him the result of misbehaving with him. Kangan asks Arjun to come with her. Chaklor asks Ishwar to save Arjun.

Ishwar asks Bhaiya ji what is he doing, its puja day and he can explain later. Bhaiya ji says fine if you say, and asks Arjun not to come again. Arjun asks him to fight alone if he has power. He threatens him saying he has promised Kangan and will get justice for her. He takes Kangan and leaves. Lakhan asks villagers to leave. Kasturi says take care Chakor and hugs her. Chakor takes Baa inside. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini did she do puja, did she get Devi’s blessings. He leaves.

Kangan packs the bag. She tells Arjun that she will go far from here, she does not have anyone except him, she does not want to lose him. They cry. He says nothing will happen to me, my life has one aim to take revenge of the one who did your accident. He says we will not run and asks her to recall what happened that night. FB shows her accident. He says we shouted and they left us to die. Kangan asks does he have any proof against them, what will he do.

Bhaiya ji says Arjun does not have proof, he did not see our face. They recall in FB about going out to Lucknow and Tejaswini driving. He asks her to be careful and she hits Kangan. She stops the car and he does not let her go to see Kangan. He says drive fast and they leave form the spot. Tejaswini says Arjun threatened me, I don’t want to go jail, do something. He says why will she go jail, you are Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi’s wife, he will not get any proof, else I will do his accident as his sister.

Kangan tells Arjun that they will kill him and says promise me, we will go far, don’t think about accident, I don’t want revenge, I want you alive. He says fine and hugs her. He says stop crying, we will go tomorrow morning. He thinks if he goes far, he has fire in his heart against them.

Bhaiya ji says he will end this case from root, but he is afraid any other problem can come. Tejaswini asks what. He says whats happened with us, is by Bhagya, you made her human, she is Devi Maa. She says its Chakor’s mistake, she made Bhagya wear it and told its mine infront of everyone, I will not leave her. Bhaiya ji says how to explain her. He gets Ishwar’s call. Ishwar asks him to come on site soon, its imp work. Bhaiya ji says fine, I will come.

Chakor talks to Bhagya and removes the bangle by applying the oil. Bhagya smiles. Chakor says whatever happened today, don’t think about it, he was angry, but don’t think Tejaswini is bad, she will not hide anything from you, like my mum does. Bhagya keeps the bangle angrily. Chakor says even I felt bad for Arjun and Kangan, but I did not understand completely, don’t worry, Tejaswini will make everything fine. Tejaswini comes and asks why did she make Bhagya wear this and scolds her. She raises hand to beat her and Bhagya hugs Chakor.

Chakor says I did not know, else I would have not made her wear this, I did not know why Arjun got angry, forgive me. Tejaswini says I will explain Arjun, he did wrong. Chakor smiles and says see Bhagya, your mum is very nice. Tejaswini smiles and says Bhagya you will sleep with me in my room from today. Its night, Arjun hides his face and enters the haveli by climbing the walls. He brings some kerosene.

Arjun puts kerosene in Tejaswini’s room to burn her and says she will be burnt in the fire in which he burnt till now. He burns the place and is shocked seeing Bhagya instead of Tejaswini.

Update Credit to: Amena

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