Chupke Chupke 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update : Mystery man troubles Meera

Chupke Chupke 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadiya comes to Abhi. Abhi says you would have called me. Dadiya says you are unwell and that’s why I thought to come here. He says you have knee problem and I will be fine, asks her not to worry. She says much have changed after Meera came. Abhi thinks she is right. Dadiya tells him that she can see his restless in his eyes for Meera. She says she saw spark in Meera’s eyes and says true love reflects in her eyes. Abhi says actually yes. He says you take care of us well. Dadiya asks him to rest and goes.

Meera is restless in the house. Neera comes and asks did you call me. Meera asks him to sit. He says I can do any work. Meera asks about work. Neeraj says he can’t write jingles now. Meera asks so what you are writing? Neeraj says he is writing poetry. Meera asks him to tell. Neeraj tells poetry about husband and wife. Meera says you have started a morcha against men, and says they are not bad. Neeraj says but husbands are bad, I believe that most of the husbands torture their wives. Meera says you don’t have that love feeling. Neeraj asks me and gets sad. Meera says I don’t know who is putting these thoughts in you and says Abhi takes care of her so well. Neeraj says that’s why he has all praises for women. Meera says you don’t want to write jingle, but you have to write for food products. Neeraj says he will write. Meera gets tempted thinking about food and says we will talk some other day about food jingle. Neeraj thinks I know why you don’t want to talk about food today.

Abhi thinks why everyone can see love in Meera’s eyes, and thinks she is a good co actor. He thinks about moments with her and thinks what I am thinking, this is not right. He thinks his dream is to go to America and asks himself not to forget his dream and focus.

Peon comes to Meera and give a letter to her. She reads the letter of a mystery man, who promises to harm the guy who is hurting her and also promises to shield her. She is shocked and gets tensed reading letter and the name Preetam Pyaare.

Next day, Meera tells Ganga that she is going to office. Ganga says Pandit ji will come in sometime. Meera promises her that she will return before Pandit ji comes and hugs her.

Meera comes to office and asks Neeraj if clients came. Neeraj says no. Meera asks when will they come? Neeraj asks her to have food and says I forgot that you are on dieting. Meera says she has to go home early today as there is puja at home. She gets Mausami’s call and she tells her that it is about Chachi. Meera asks what happened to Ila Chachi. Mausami says Chachi asked how can her daughter have blind faith. Meera says she didn’t give her that upbringing. Meera asks if you told her about me. Mausami says no, and says Chachi is worried about your Low BP, and says she is happy that she is keeping fast for Abhi. Meera asks her not to let Ila Chachi know about her fast and ends the call.

Ganga makes arrangements for puja. Bua asks where is your laadli bahu. Ganga says she will come, and manage home and office, both. Bua says today’s girls…they think they are understanding and mature, if she will come in last and behave like VIP. Abhi says Namaste bua ji. Bua says we were praising your wife. Ganga asks Abhi if he talked to Meera. Abhi says Meera is waiting for client to come as the meeting is important. Ganga gets worried, but asks Bua not to worry as she will come on time. She says still there is 1 hour left for puja. Bua asks her to bring tea. Ganga goes to bring tea. Abhi calls Meera, but her phone is switched off. He thinks come fast Meera else Bua will create scene.

Meera asks Neeraj if someone call came. Neeraj says Preetam Pyaare’s call. Bua tells that today’s girls don’t care for anyone. Ganga takes Meera’s side and says she might be busy in work.

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