Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: A Plan To Kill Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pankaj’s aide calls him and informs he is waiting for Govind babu. Govind gets asthma attack at Vijay’s house. Prabhath and Vijay help him. Vijay says seeing his running around, he did not think he had asthma. Govind says one cannot judge people with just looks and suggests him not to waste his youth and do some good work. Vijay says he did not see his unemployment for 5 years. Govind says he will go home now. Prabhath asks Vijay to drop Govind babu home. Vijay takes him on bike. Pankaj’s aide calls Raghav and informs Govind is traveling Vijay. Pankaj asks to kill even Vijay as Govind’s death is important. Truck is about to hit Vijay’s bike when another vehicle passes in between carrying god’s idol. Aide informs that Vijay and Govind escaped. Pankaj says he has to find some other way to kill Govind.

In the morning, Mandira goes to market and shopkeeper, auto driver, etc., don’t take money saying she is their bhabhi. Mandira thinks who is their bhaiya. Vijay reaches home and is shocked to see Mandira in his home. She says he is not dreaming, it is her and his house. She tells his family whole story and asks when did she marry Vijay. Prabhath asks Vijay to apologize her. Sister interferes and asks why should her brother apologize, even Mandira may be wrong. Prabhath orders Vijay again. Vijay apologizes Mandira, says she is looking beautiful, apologizes again, and says she is awesome, apologizes again. Mandira leaves looking at Vijay while he smiles. Prabhath asks Vijay he must be hungry and should ask his bhabhi to prepare something. Vijay says paneer pakoras with chutney. Prabhath scolds him if he is not ashamed, if that girl had brought police, what would have happened to their dignity. Vijay leaves. Bhabhi asks Prabhath not to scold Vijay in front of everyone as he has grown up. Prabhath says he has right to correct his younger brother. Vijay’s niece says she did not like papa scolding Vijay and did not like that girl. Vijay says he does not mind bhaiya scolding and will make that girl her chachi. Niece asks sure…He says yes and asks to cheer up.

Mandira walks on street and someone follows her. She senses it, but walks towards hostel. Her room mate loads gun and seeing her hides it behind her back. Mandira asks what is she hiding and checks back. Room mate hides gun under clothes in cupboard and says there is nothing. Mandira leaves. Room mate calls someone and says Mandira is doubting her.

Pankaj plans to kill Govind again. Raghav says Vijay saved Govind and he will kill Govind now. He calls Vijay and says Pankaj is donating fire extinguishers to a factory and Vijay has to make sure they are fixed properly. Vijay agrees and reaches factory with workers and fixes cylinders. Raghav thinks poisonous gas in fire extinguishers will kill Govind. Prabhath drop Govind in market. Govind asks him to get cake for his daughter’s birthday, gets a call that there is something wrong in factory, asks Prabhath to take cake and reach factory while he will reach factory first. He enters factory. Raghav’s workers open toxic gas and run away. Govind suffocates and collapses. Prabhath reaches there and shouts for help. Vijay returns on his bike. Drama continues.

Precap: CM tells party members that politics is a mind game. Raghav suggests Pankaj to convince Vijay that he is his dear one, Vijay will work hard for him.

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