Chupke Chupke 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi comes home. His sister says you are looking handsome. Dad says you are looking blossomed. Abhi asks if I am a flower.. They sing song. Abhi asks what is the matter. Dadiya tells that nobody will search girl for him or ask him to marry. Chacha comes and says he finally got this plant and says similar one he gifted someone. He says good thing will happen now. They forward Abhi and Meera’s photo to everyone in the family. Abhi is shocked and asks how did this happen. Dad and his chacha say that they are happy. Dadiya says you can marry her whenever you want, she is a nice girl. Abhi says Meera and I are just friends. Dadiya asks him to call her on her birthday and says I need this gift on my birthday. Abhi is exercising in his room and then thinks if he shall call Meera for Dadiya’s birthday. He thinks he will get job in 7-8 months in US and thinks what is the problem. He thinks to invite her and sends message to Sundar, thinks she might misunderstand him. Sundar sends message to Kajal and gets Meera’s no. He sends no. to Abhi.

Meera is in the office and Neeraj irritates her with his bad jokes. Meera says she has work. Kajal sends him to Subroto. Kajal asks Meera if she got Abhi’s call. Meera says no and says he is a nice guy and not like usual men. She says we haven’t exchange numbers yet. She gets Abhi’s call and is shocked. Kajal says I will go to give you privacy. She picks the call. Abhi asks can we meet? Meera says I thought you are sensible. Abhi says I am and insists to meet her. She says she will see and ends the call.

Abhi’s sister asks Dadiya about the gift. Dadiya says your dada gave me. She says she shall gift something to Meera and plans to give her chain.

Chacha Gopal and Chachi Saro tell Abhi’s mum that they shall order pizza party. Abhi’s mum says they need to make food for bhajan mandli. Chacha says they will call DJ and sings baby ko bebe pasand hai. They think to call both.

Meera comes to meet Abhi and says you have reached my home. Abhi says someone was following us. Meera says I sensed something, then thought I am becoming filmy. He asks her to come home for the birthday party as her photo is viral in her house and she became heroine. Meera recalls talking to Gacchu’s Dada ji. Dada ji tells that Guru ji tells that if elder daughter is unmarried then…
Meera feels bad for Mausami and calls her. She tells that Gacchu family are orthodox. Abhi asks her to come and request her.Meera asks what I will get in return.

Abhi brings Meera and tells that they want to marry. Everyone is surprised.

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