Chup chupke SS- part 3

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Swara:what the hell?touches his hand and smiles and says “Niki”. Nikhil:(shrieks’ loudly)surprise shona (twirls her around in joy) Swara hugs him tightly he too reciprocate Nikhil: I miss you shona Swara :I too miss you Niki Nikhil: shona please don’t say like that it’s sound like girl you know She giggles and said you know na i can’t Nikhil: (he make faces)by the way shona who is the idiot ? Swara(confused):idiot…? Nikhil:Haan your fiancée poor soul .I don’t know how he will manage this pressure cooker whole life Swara(angry):”Iam pressure cooker to you wait and watch(she empties whole bucket of water on his head and starts running. Seeing this everyone starts laugh ragini too laugh with confused face Nikhil:swara(being irritated) I swear i will not leave you today. Swara: first catch me niki Shomi interrupt Shomi:arrey you first see yourself Nikhil go and get change . Ragini&shekar: maa/sumi who is he? Shomi:oh forgot to tell you yeh Nikhil na na niki (Nikhil with pout face give her you too join her walla look)swara’s best friend cum partner in crime. Shekar:(smiles)hello beta you and have some refreshments (to ragini)go and shows him a guest room. Nikhil:ji uncle
(he turns around awestruck to see ragini)
blows whistle and tells “PATAKA” Ragini:(angrily)what…..? Nikhil:(shows his 32 teeth) no…no…nothing (in mind wow girls pat his own shoulder)mumble”abhi toh maza aayega” and winks at her. Ragini(frustrated):close your mouth and follow me? Nikhil:Hey beautiful your sweet name please.? Ragini:why do you want to register your property on my name..? Nikhil:chill baby”Iam all yours take what you want” Ragini: (completely pissed off from his statement) what the hell? (see swara coming and sighs) Swara:(warning tone)Don’t you try to flirt with my sister stay away .i just warning you(smiles evilly)you know what can i do Nikhil:he he he i just thought to tease her(yeh toh kahan pasadiya yaar mujhe yeh bhootni toh kabi kabi meri romance ki villain banjathi hai) Swara(to Ragini): you go Ragini I will show his room(Ragini leaves stamps her foot on his) Nikhil: aww mumma you both sisters are devils Swara(raises her eyebrows):what did you say? Nikhil: no…nothing (senses something)Shona can I ask something..? Swara:(smile) am your friend Nikhil you can ask anything (Nikhil tries to ask her but shomi calls her see excuses herself and leaves) Nikhil:(to himself) i know shona you didn’t even lie to me.”TUM WAHI KADA HAI JAHAN WOH TUMHE CHODA THA”but you have to move on swara .He is your past swara now your future calls you .you should happily embrace that(sighs sadly goes to his room)

——————————————- IN THE ENGAGEMENT AVENUE All are happy shomi shekar dadi dida all are welcoming guests In room swara gets ready ragini helps her(with teary eyes) Before swara could see she wipe her tears Ragini:(in low voice) you are looking beautiful swara. Laksh toh aaj tumpe marne wala hai. Swara:(smiles faintly)ragini please stop it iam getting embarrassed (sorry ragini i know i hurt you a lot. please stop hurting yourself for the mistake which you didn’t done) Nikhil:(enters the room)wow shona someone pinch me.i can’t believe my eyes you really look like a girl you know(Ragini giggles) Swara:really thanks for your compliments .now you are done na then shut up and leave Nikhil:haan haan i will leave and by the way(points to ragini) you look cute ragini(pull her cheeks) Ragini saw Nikhil with blood shot eyes Swara:slap his shoulder stop flirt with my sister and go Nikhil:haa meri maa and one thing(too ragini) “bye beautiful”he winks at her and start running like a child On seeing this both sister bursts in to laughter finally Maheshwari family also arrived Nikhil happily goes to invites all of them why not becoz this is most precious day in his best friend life. He desperately wait to see his soon to be jiju .but the seen in front of him made him numb.seeing his expresssion Ragini nudges him and sighs him what. Finally gain some strength Nikhil:(stammering)Whe… s..wa..ra? Ragini:(confused)in room why.? Nikhil doesn’t pay any heeds to ragini rushes to her room Nikhil: swara..(shouted angrily) Swara: ya Nikhil why are you shouting..? (Nikhil saw sanskar standing there by holding sujatha hands tightly that’s why he behave like this) Nikhil: swara wo..wo… Swara:(smiles faintly)so you see sanskar there that’s why you are behaving like this (swara says everything abt sanskar meeting and he is none other than laksh brother) Nikhil gets teary eyes Nikhil:(hugs her tightly)don’t do this to yourself Shona .it will hurt you more. Please Shona( he fell on her knees and cries miserably ) Swara(cries too):hugs him please Nikhil try to understand me and what about my mom happiness Nikhil: (chocked voice)it’s not that much easy have to face him day & night Swara: I don’t care Nikhil Nikhil: But i do care swara. You know swara sometimes i too feel jealous of him . Swara looks on Nikhil: becoz i wonder how could you love him this much .even after knowing that he didn’t even know that you exists. You know what swara he is a big looser i ever seen in this world that’s why he don’t deserve you. Swara(can’t hear anymore):hold his shoulder shut up just shut up. I don’t want to hear anything please go away Nikhil: now also you can’t bear anything against him(smiles weakly) Swara:(put her hand on his hear) please go away (push him slightly) and sat on floor with thud ..

Tears continuously flow from her eyes (Shomi calls her from outside she composes herself and goes) One pairs of eyes were watching this with heavy heart who does not know how to react Nikhil too comes out and get shocked ra…ra..ragini (yes it was ragini) Ragini doesn’t say anything and drags him to the room Ragini: batao mujhe Nikhil:ragini you mistook .. Ragini:(cuts him)i want truth ..only truth Nikhil:…….. Ragini: tell me damn it

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  3. Nice one..I wanna give u a suggestion that plz do write in small paragraphs it would be easier for the readers to read ur story..
    Hope u don’t mind it..continue

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