Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 17

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 17

A quick recap: Amaya’s bidaai, Twinkle and Kunj’s late night meeting.

The day of the reception.
The Tanejas were having their breakfast with the new member of their family, Amaya, and as usual, were having a jovial conversation, laughing and enjoying their family time after a long period.
But, Twinkle was lost in her own world, thinking about Kunj’s words of the previous night, smiling like an idiot. She didn’t notice that RT was asking her something. She was jerked into the real world when Amaya tugged at her dress.

“Haan? Aapne kuch kaha?” She asked, and was embarassed when they all laughed at her.
When the laughter had subsided, Yuvi repeated RT’s question for her.
“Papa pooch rahe the ki tum office kab join karogi par lagta hai ki….”
“Ki humari Twinkle to kisi ki khayaalon mein doobi hui thi…” Amaya completed for him, and they hi-fived each other.
“Papa kal se. Kal se office aaoongi main.” She told RT, avoiding any eye contact with Yuvi and Amaya who were giggling uncontrollably.

Soon, Twinkle, Yuvi and Amaya were sitting in the hall, talking randomly, while Leela and RT were making preparations for the reception that evening.
“Bhaiyu, shaadi mein wo oldies sahi keh rahi thi ki bhabhi ke ghar aane ke baad aap mujhe bhool jaaoge. Dekho na aaj subha bhi aapne unki side liya…” Twinkle complained.
“Haan yeh complaint toh mujhe bhi karni hai. Bhai shaadi ke baad hum sab ko poori tarah se bhool gaye hain…” Rahul added, joining them with Chinki and Aman.
“Haan hume bhi yeh complaint karni hai” Chinki and Aman added.

“Arrey nahi baba… Aisa kuch nahi hai. Main toh bas…”
“Aur bahaane mat deejiye bhaiyu.. aap dono ki shaadi hone ki sabse badi wajah to main hoon… Lekin mera hi koi wajood nahi raha..” Twinkle said, faking tears.
“Nahi meri princess! Main tumhare liye to sab kuch chod sakta hoon. Tumhara wajood meri zindagi mein kabhi bhi kam nahi hoga. Tum jaanti ho na… Main tumhare liye apna jaan bhi de sakta hoon?” Yuvi said, cupping her face, as everyone adored their bonding.

By late afternoon, everyone was busy getting ready for the reception. Chinki was extremely excited since she had designed the dresses of all the girls and ladies, and it would be like her first pageant. (Guys, if you remember, Chinki is a fashion designer.)
Aman was running around, trying to handle the media persons and give them instructions on what area was allocated to them and that they had to show him anything before it was publicised anywhere.

Twinkle was looking over the catering and other arrangements, getting the staff to follow her instructions, and Kunj was getting the decorations done. Both of them were rushing around to have things ready when the first guests started arriving, and they crashed into each other.
“Dekh ke nahi chal sakte? Andhe ho kya?” Twinkle shouted, without even seeing whom she had crashed into, since she was setting her dress properly, looking down.
“Dekh hi raha tha… Pata hi nahi chala kab kho gaya…” Kunj replied.
“Kunj tum? Alisha aa gayi kya? Maine dekha nahi use…” Twinkle said.
“Kya? Alisha?” He asked, dreading even the thoughts of her.
“Haan… Ab jo main jaanti hoon ki tum Alisha ko KITNA pasand karte ho, tum Alisha ko dekhke hi kho gaye hoge…” She said, giggling as she walked away, while the realisation hit Kunj at that moment, that she was teasing him.

A few metres from there, she turned and walked back to him.
“Tumne bataaya nahi ki main kaisi lag rahi hoon?” She asked.
“Bataya to… Dekh hi raha tha, pata hi nahi chala kab kho gaya..”
“Really? Thank you so much! Main Chinki ko bata doongi ki tum uske fashion designing skills se impress ho gaye ho..” she said excitedly, walking away.
“Uff! Bewakoof! Maine kaha ki tum acchi lag rahi ho. Tumhare dress ko to maine dekha bhi nahi..” He said.
“Jaanti hoon” she said, turning back to smile at him. “Waise tum to aaj kuch zyada hi hot lag rahe ho.. Paas khada bhi nahi ho paa raha…” She said, fanning herself with her hand, it was her turn to wink at him and walk away, just like he had done the previous night, and it was Kunj’s turn to watch with widened eyes.

Soon the guests began arriving, and the media persons were shooting and recording everything that they could find, desperate to get some news that they would be able to run for atleast a week. After all, it was a royal wedding.
“Sab kitne khush lag rahe hain… Aakhir tumhari chudail girlfriend hi nahi dikhai de rahi hai…” Rahul told Kunj.
Kunj couldn’t agree more. Alisha was a walking disaster magnet, he thought.

“Mr. Kunj Sarna, is it true that you and Miss Twinkle Taneja are no longer together?”
“Are you dating Miss Alisha now?”
“What was the reason for your breakup with Twinkle Taneja?”
Kunj was bombarded by questions from the media persons. He looked on helplessly, wondering what he was going to say.
Aman rushed to his rescue, and diverted them away, after lots of efforts. Kunj thanked Aman and heaved a deep sigh of relief, when he noticed Twinkle watching the incident with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, RT had told Manohar that Twinkle was going to join them in office from the next day, and they went to Twinkle together, telling her about the formalities that she would have to complete before starting her work and other stuff, while she simply nodded, fighting her tears back.
“Twinkle? Sab teek hai na?” Chinki asked, once RT and Manohar had left. She had seen Twinkle wiping away tears from her eyes.
“Haan yaar. Mujhe kya hua hai?”
Chinki gave her a glare, and Twinkle knew that she better answer honestly.

But before she could speak, they overheard people murmuring that there were rumours that Yuvraj and Amaya’s wedding was just a way to cover up the strained relations between Twinj, and that their wedding was just a way to make sure that the Sareja empire’s powers shall remain in the family. Twinkle was extremely angry, she couldn’t tolerate that people were pointing fingers on her brother’s wedded life because of her.

As these talks spread through all the people present there, Twinkle burst out.
“Enough! Bhaiyu aur bhabhi ek doosre se pyar karte hain aur sirf iss wajah se unki shaadi karaya gaya. Aur mere aur Kunj ke beech jo kuch bhi hua, ya Sarejas ka iss shaadi se koi lena dena nahi hai.” She almost screamed.

RT, Manohar, Aman and Kunj took over from there, and handled the situation. Soon all the guests left, leaving behind tensed faces and tear filled eyes, while there was someone who was rejoicing in this situation too.

Stay tuned to know who that person is, though you all must have already guessed rightly.
Hope you guys liked the episode.
Do let me know your honest opinions.
Thank you so much again.
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