The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 10

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Episode begins.

( Its night. Yuvani is looking around for Sayaam. )

Yuvani: Where did he go?….

( She goes to his room. Sayaam is drinking. There are lots of bottles on the table. )

Yuvani: Sayaam!

( She knocks the bottle out of his hand. He is drunk, but lifeless. Yuvani sits on the floor with him. She holds his shoulders. )

Yuvani: Sayaam! What is wrong with you? Why do you keep drinking?

( She looks around. )

Yuvani: And so much as well! I know for a fact you only drink this much when you’re in pain!

( Sayaam cries. )

Sayaam: Im tired Yuvani. Im tired. I cant take it anymore. I beat myself everyday that I didnt do enough to save Krishna. I miss her. I miss her….

( He cries and falls onto Yuvani’s chest. She hugs him and strokes his head. She cries silently, trying to be strong for Sayaam. Priya watches from the door. She cries. )

( Its morning. Sayaam joins Priya at the dining table. )

Priya: Good morning Mamu!

( Sayaam smiles at her. Yuvani brings food to the table and serves them both. )

( Yuvani thinks to herself: Oh God! He’s a mess. I need to get him away from here for a bit. )

Yuvani: Um.. Sayaam I was thinking you could drop Priya to school today? I have some work to do.

Sayaam: Sure.

Priya: Yay! Today Mamu will drop me!

( Yuvaan comes to the table. )

Yuvaan: Im so hungry!

( Yuvani smiles and serves him. )

Yuvaan: Today I have such an important deal. My client of the Chauhan family, is coming to stay here for a while on a business trip. This is such a big business deal!

( Suhani comes to the table. She clutches the table in pain. )

Sayaam: Ma, whats wrong!? Are you ok?

Suhani: Yes beta, im fine. You know I get odd pains. Im old!

( Sayaam helps Suhani sit. )

Suhani: Who is coming?

Priya: Yuvaan mamu’s client!

Suhani: Its a good thing. Maybe Yuvaan can finally secure some deals!

( They smile and laugh. )

Yuvaan: Ma…!?

Suhani: Ok sorry baba I was joking!

( Priya holds Sayaam’s hand and takes him. )

Priya: Come on Mamu! Its time for school!

Yuvani: Bye Priya!

( Priya waves and leaves with Sayaam. )

( They walk to school. )

Priya: Mamu, you are ok?

Sayaam: Yes why?

Priya: Just asking.

( Sayaam smiles and kneels to her level. )

Sayaam: Your mamu is fine. Now you go and have a good day, I will see you later.

( Priya hugs him. )

Priya: Byeee!!

( Priya leaves. It is now really crowded. Sayaam bumps into someone. )

Sayaam: Sorry! I didnt see you there.

( The person turns around. It is Kaira, the Krishna look-a-like. She smiles. Sayaam is shocked. )

Kaira: Its ok.

( Sayaam stands unable to speak. Kaira waves in his face. )

Kaira: Hello!? Are you ok?

Sayaam: You?! Your..?

Kaira: Oh sorry! My name is Kaira. Kaira Chauhan.

( She puts her hand out to Sayaam to shake hands. He stands shocked. )

Sayaam: You’re not Krishna?

Kaira: No. My name is Kaira.

( She takes Sayaam’s hand and shakes it herself. )

Kaira: Actually, now you are here. Please could you tell me how to get to the Birla house? Im sure you have heard of it?

( Sayaam is still in shock but pulls himself together. )

Sayaam: Actually I live there.

Kaira: Really? Will you take me there?

Sayaam: Yeah…of course….

( Kaira hugs him quickly. Sayaam is shocked. )

Kaira: Yay thanks.

Sayaam: Come…this way…

( They walk along the road and engage in small talk. Kaira’s phone rings. She doesnt answer it. )

Sayaam: Arent you going to pick it up?

Kaira: No. Its just my fiancé. Im fighting with him now. I dont want to speak to him.

( Sayaam nods. )

Kaira: What about you?

Sayaam: What?

Kaira: I mean, your life. Love life? Family?

( Sayaam smiles. )

Sayaam: Its complicated.

Kaira: Oh ok.

( Sayaam checks his phone. His wallpaper is Krishna. )

Kaira: I hope you dont mind me asking. Who is that? And why she looks so much like me?! Oh God!

Sayaam: Thats exactly what I thought!

Kaira: Who is she?

Sayaam: My wife.

Kaira: Oh! So will I meet her?

Sayaam: She is no more….

Kaira: I had no idea….Sorry

( Sayaam looks sad. )

Sayaam: Its ok. She will always be with me. And always mine. I love her.

( Kaira smiles. )

Sayaam: Look. We are here.

( They stand outside the Birla house doors. )

Kaira: Wow! Such a big house.

Sayaam: I will warn you before we go inside.

Kaira: Warn me….

Sayaam: My family have been through so much…just give them time…

( Kaira looks on as Sayaam opens the doors. )

Episode ends.

  1. Good one. Feeling bad for Sayyam.
    Please introduce Krishna soon?

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      Thanks for reading x will do soon

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    No Kiara..We want Krishna..

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    Good episode..But is this Kaira actually krishna who has lost her memory??

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  7. I love your ff so much. It’s so different. Can’t wait till you upload the next episode please do it quick ❤️❤️.

  8. waiting for krishna

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      Keep reading! She will come soon xx

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