Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#34) Twinj meet

Hey Lovely ppl…….I am back with d nxt part…….nd dont worry today Twinj ka faceoff hojayega

Firstly Sorry for disappointing u all in d last epi……I seriously dont know what was running in my mind that I wanted u all to wait for d confrontation…..but dont worry aaj hojayega……Thank u for all those comments inspite of me dragging d plot…..

As an apology here’s a Long epi for u all

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The party was still in progress. By now Kunj was completely under d effect of alcohol…..In d process of enjoying with girls he dint control himself from drinking.

As he was drunk nd not in his senses he walked out of d club. It was already too late approximately 11.30 at nyt. He was stumbling nd walking on d pedistrain. All of a sudden due to imbalance he fell on d road and a car pulled up just before it could hit him.

Kunj stood up stumbling nd spoke(in drunken way) “Sorry….Sorry”.

Until he had stood d driver of d car had come out to check whether d person was alright or had he been injured.

Kunj looked up to d driver nd started rubbing his eyes. He was continuously rubbing them it appears as though he is trying go come out of a dream but is failing continuously. Finally he started speaking to himself ” Kunj din mein sapne nahi dekhte…..Twinkle yahan nahi ho sakti….vo toh Aarav ke saath hogi na apni life enjoyyyyy kar rahi hogi”

( Guys by now u must have guessed ki d driver of d car was our one and only Twinkle Taneja…..But y isn’t she reacting to things…..offo bechari shock mein hogi na….chalo lets listen from her only)

____Twinkle’s POV____

For a moment I thought I was dreaming…..But d moment he took my name I realised I wasn’t…..d love of my life my Kunj d one whom I thought to be dead was standing alive right infront of my eyes… brain had become a dump yard of question……But for d moment I couldn’t think of anything other than catching hold of Kunj as he was in a very bad state nd was almost loosing his consiousness.

I caught him and with great difficulty I made him rest on d back seat of d car. Looking at his condition d first thing running on my mind was to take him home and bring him back to consiousness.

I drove back to d apartment where I had been living in a flat provided by d company. With d help of d sercurity person I took him to d flat nd made him lay on d bed….he was still not completely unconsious still mumbling ” Y doesnt this Twinkle get out of my mind….found a 1000 girls but couldnt move on without her”.

Tears were gushing out of my eyes endlessly since d past few minutes. The not so perfect life looked like a mess just within a few minutes. Everything was just…..

I took out his shoes nd wallet so that he could rest properly. He was in deep sleep when I just couldn’t do anything more than thinking about what all happened in d last 2years. Kunj was alive yet he dint try to return back home….did he trust upon Aarav’s words more than me???…..was he so very hurt that he dint bother about anyone and decided to live life in his own ways.

In d process of these thoughts I dropped his wallet which was in my hand.
A few things fell out of it. I was collecting them when I found a visiting card of Neil’s company and a stamp size photo of Neil. Now a new question Did Neil know him???
Or does Neil’s brother Dev know him???

All this could probably be answered by only one person….. Neil Malhotra


D door bell rang nd I proceeded to open it. I knew It was Neil who was on d door as I had called him urgently without telling him any reason.

Neil entered in and looked a bit worried probably coz I had sounded worried on d call. He bombarded me with questions. I dint reply to anything just held his hand and took him to d room where Kunj had been resting.

“What is Dev doing here?” Neil questioned me as we walked in and this gave me another blow but before my mind started to Imagine stories I thought of clearing things one by one

” Neil Dev was too drunk I found him on d way so brought him here” “Ohh…thank u so much Twinkle…I will take him back home” Neil replied

I dont want him to take away my Kunj from me….for now all I wanted to know is y hadn’t Kunj returned back home if he was alive….nd I thought Neil could give me d answer.

Me: Neil Y dont u let him rest here for tonight….I guess he was upset due to something….maybe some girl as I heard him murmering things….nd moreover it would disturb him if u try…….

N: Ya probably thats a better Idea.

Me: Neil would u mind telling me about him……I mean d girl he was telling about

I told this only bcoz I wanted to know Kunj’s point of view of things that had happened…..nd maybe having both of our situations with me I could make things alright easily.

N: Its a long story….I dont think u will want to listen

But I insisted him upon telling me. Nd finally he agreed.

He dint tell me anything regarding Kunj’s identity but just tld me about the betrayal nd d msg. As he completed telling me d jist of d story I just sighed nd replied

Me: Neil wouldn’t u want to tell me how u met him.

Now I could see d confused look on his face. He just gave a questioned look nd I continued

Me: Wont u tell me how Kunj Sarna became Dev Malhotra

A tear dropped from my eye when I questioned this nd I guess Neil understood I was the same Twinkle about whom Kunj had tld him. Without questioning me he told me d complete story of how Ashima md Kunj had been working together….. how d family bond grew nd later on Kunj nd Neil moving to Paris….. Neil finding out about Kunj’s identity nd d most shocking thing that I got to know at d end was d change in Kunj’s behaviour nd attitude.

I just couldn’t believe that Kunj could change so much…..Its truely said Loveing someone is giving them d power to destroy you nd I had destoyed d old Kunj my one decision of living with Aarav as a friend had brought a devastating storm in our life.

I made my way towards the balcony to get some fresh air only with a thought that it could calm me nd my heart atleast for some while. After some while when I entered back I couldnt find Neil anywhere. I went to d living room nd I could see a note on d main door I picked it up to read it

” I feel Kunj has had a very big misunderstanding…..I could see your love for him….nd I am pretty sure u wouldn’t have betrayed him….try sorting things…..All d best nd dont worry Kunj’s external behaviour has changed but he is probably d same old Kunj Sarna who left u behind nd he himself couldn’t move on…..He still loves u Twinkle and maybe he somewhere still feels that u couldn’t betray him.


This message brought me some positive energy. Now I was completely determined to get Kunj back to my life. Now I was only waiting for Kunj to wake up. Some happiness some excitement surrounded me. It was already early dawn I first freshened up changed into a simple Kurta nd leggings. I went to d kitchen nd made some lemonade for Kunj which would help him get off d hangover.

Neil had messaged me that he was sending a few cloths of Kunj with d driver as he might want them. The driver arrived with them after a while.


I have been restlessly moving around in d room since past 4hours waiting for Kunj to wake up.
I had been splashing cold water on my face to keep myself awake as I hadn’t had a minute of sleep last nyt. What could be greater than THE TWINKLE TANEJA not sleeping.

I stood leaning beside d door. And just after few minutes I found Kunj having some movement. I guess he was waking up…..I was happy to have found him nd more than that I am nervous what can be his reaction….will he even talk to me….will he want me to get back in his life….what if he doesnt believe me…..Every possible negative question was taking birth in my brain with every passing second.

____Kunj’s POV____

“Oh my god……my head is just bursting with pain….what was d necesity to drink so much…..everytime I land up in this condition…..nd as always Neil would have kept a glass of lemonade on d side table”

I moved my hand to d side table my eyes still closed. I picked d glass of lemonade nd after a few minutes I was feeling much better I slowly opened my eyes What d hell……where did I land up…..which unknown place is this

With all these thoughts running in my mind I stood up from d bed nd turned towards d door. I guess my hangover is not yet off my head. I was just blinking my eyes to get myself out of a dream when I heard ” Its not a Dream”

I have no clue how to react Twinkle was standing right infront of me the same beautiful nd elegant Twinkle for whom I had fallen…..d one whom I loved probably still love d most…..I just couldn’t stop adoring her as she walked towards me…..but all of a sudden d whole past flashed infront of me.

“Excuse me….may I know who are you nd Y am I here” I questioned her trying to pretend as though I dont know her. She gave no response nd just walked towards me as the distance between us was reducing I could see d pearls falling from her eyes….That hurts me…..

” Wasn’t it enough that u keep us away from yourself for 2 years………and now you are pretending that you dont know me” I could sense d pain she had but how can I forget d pain which I had gone through nd still am going through.

“Excuse me I think I should leave”….I still pretended nd tried to go out. I was near d door when I heard her speak again “U believed that message so easily…..was our trust so weak that a message crumbled it…..Infact I should thank Aarav for sending that message…..only bcoz of that you are standing alive here”

My anger knew no bounds as I heard Aarav’s name I turned around nd walked towards her in anger held her by her shoulders nd pushed her back pinning her to d wall she trembled with fear….” I am alive but did u ever try to findout whether I am alive or dead….No….one news report nd U thought I am dead….anyways why would it bother you…..enjoy your life with Aarav…..who Am I to speak to u” I left her shoulder nd moved a bit back

“Do U think I betrayed you?” is what she questioned I didnot give her any explanation and maybe she took my silence as an answer but she dint reply anything.
She walked towards d sofa in d room and brought me a towel nd said ” I think you should freshen up first we can talk with a calm mind afterwards”

We stood in silence for a while nd then I made my way towards d washroom to freshen up.


Hope u all liked d epi…..I actually wanted to write more but d epi would become very long nd I lacked a bit of time too.

Sorry once again for disappointing u all in d last epi….nd sorry if u were disappointed with this epi too

I was happy that u all shared your disappointment in your comments….Nd I hope you will continue to do that if in case u were disappointed

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