Choti Sardarni 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarab gives is name to Meher’s child

Choti Sardarni 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says where are we going? He says to get you your answers. Ten minutes.
Rovi calls his boss and says I am stuck. They will find me. I will lose everything. The boss says I will close their eyes before anything. He says if I get arrested, I will take everyone’s name. The boss says don’t worry. Nothing would happen. She makes a circle on Param’s face.

Sarab and Meher come outside a hospital. Meher says why are we here? He says to get your check-up done. Meher says I am fine. He says we have to keep a check on the baby. The nurse asks Meher what’s your name? She says Meher Kaur Billo. She says and father’s name? Meher is silent. Sarab says Sarabjeet Singh Gill. Meher is shocked. They see a father with his sons. Sarab smiles. Sarab says a child needs both parents together. I couldn’t give Param the mother’s love he deserved. This child needs a father’s name and love. I will give him that. Meher smiles. Sarab says he will live in my house as my child. Your child will come to this world with the father’s name as Sarabjeet Singh Gill. Meher smiles in tears. He says let’s go for a test.

Meher goes into the sonography room. Sarab goes with her. Jolly calls someone and says what? Dolly says what happened? Jolly says the goons are killed before they were going for the tests. Dolly says what? He says yes, now this case will be given to the CBI.

Meher trips. Sarab says carefully. Meher says why are you being more nervous than me? Relax. The nurse gives them a glass of water. Sarab drinks and gives half to Meher. The doctor says to drink it, madam. It will increase love between you both. Meher’s sonography starts. Sarab and Meher look at the child together. Sarab says this is what OParam looked like as well. The nurse says you both have to take care of this child together. The doctor says you don’t have to give her stress. Your state of mind affects the baby. You two should be happy together for the child to come to the world happily. Sarab says in heart I will fight. Meher says I will fight as well.

Scene 2
Yuvi says the samosa is so tasty. Jitto says when did we get independence? He tells the date. bitu says Jitto sign these papers. I have filed a case on mummy ji. To get my part from the wealth. Jitto says I won’t let this house be separated. She says are you crazy? I will never sign them. Bitu says so you want to live here like a servant? Yuvi says don’t call my chachi servant. Bitu says shut up or I will slap you. Jitto says don’t be rude to him. Bitu says imagine if she keeps insulting you in front of our kids. Jito says I would want our kids to live with all his family. Yuvi says yes.

The nurse asks Sarab and Meher to wait for the reports. A family has a young child and child of Param’s age. He says you both don’t love me anymore. I don’t want this sister. Meher says we should tell Param about this child. We should prepare him. I don’t want to make him feel that our love has lessened for him. He says you’re right. Meher says when I was born Bitu got insecure. Sarab says how would we tell him? Meher says I know how to tell him.

Scene 3
Rovi comes to Harleen and says I was thinking we should shift to Canada. I will do business there. Khushi comes there. Harleen says where is Param? She says he went out with Sarab and Meher. Harleen says where?

Meher, Sarab and Param are at a park. The kids don’t let Param play with them. Sarab says we could tell him at home. Meher says I know how to tell him. Param says no one is playing with me. Everyone is playing with their siblings. Papa, you play with me. Sarab says we are busy. Meher says elders can’t play here. Let me call Khushi. Param says she only scolds me. Meher says when I was your age, I used to play with my brothers all the time. Sarab says I would play with Harleen too. Meher says it’s so much fun having siblings. Param says I want a sibling too.
Precap-Sarab says God has added a baby in Meher’s tummy already. You won’t tell anyone. Dolly asks Param what did your papa tell you? What’s in Meher’s tummy? Param says papa told me in Meher mama’s tummy.. Meher adds food in his mouth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Verma4

    Absolutely love Yuvi’s Sunny Doel’s avatar.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Sooo emotional episode… Love the growing bonding b/w sarab, mehar and param… And yuvi is coming on track due to jitto…. Wow…
    Hope that boss is not sarab’s first wife, as doubt on this strongly….

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