Yeh Teri Galiyan 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Asmita doesn’t go with Shan

Yeh Teri Galiyan 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The doctor says she is fine. Shan hugs Asmita says I love you. I don’t want anything but you two. Our daughter is fine. Nevi come and says SHan how is Krishi? Shan says is that you asking? Do you even care? Asmita says don’t say that Shan. She is fine. Chahat says papa comes with me. She is fine now. I am taking you to the police station. I want to go to mama. I miss her. Please. I can’t live without her. Shan says we can never go to her now. Chahat says why? Krishi cries and says please. I want to go. If you love me please take me. Asmita says Chahat, Chahat says I am talking to my papa, not you. Shan says we can’t meet mama. Chahat says bari mama please ask papa to take me to mama. I am really worried for mama. Asmita says Shan, you should tell her. Shan says Chahat.. Asmita says it’s her right to know the truth. Chahat says tell me papa where is my mama? Shan says your mama is no more. Chahat is shocked. Shan hugs her and says your papa is always with you. Asmita says yes we are all with you. Shan hugs Nevi. Nevi says I know how you feel. I know you love Chahat. You can’t see her like this. You have to be strong for her. Chahat faints. Shan and Asmita call the doctor.

The doctor says she is stressed and shocked. Please take care of her. Shan says I did so many sins that’s why my daughters are in this condition. I am such a bad father. Nevi and Moni pray for them. Nevi says truth won today. I feel so bad for Chahat. She has to pay for Nandini’s sins. I will take care of her like Moni. She is my daughter from now on.

Asmita caresses Chahat’s face. The nurse gives her an injection. Shan says in heart I can never forgive myself.

Scene 2
Asmita sits tired outside. Shan gives her coffee. Shan says you didn’t tell Chahat Nandini’s truth. You showed some maturity final. Shan says I made many mistakes. Can you pardon me? Our hearts are tied together. We can’t live without each other. Asmita says our paths are different now. We can never be together now. I am Mr. Shekhawat’s wife. Shan holds her hand and says please. We will bring up Krishi and Chahat together. Nurse says ma’am Krishi is conscious.

Krishi hugs Asmita. Shekhawat comes in. He says discharge formalities are done. We can go home. Asmita goes with him. Shan and Krishi look at each other. Shan says stop. Krishi won’t go with you. She will live with her real father. She wants to live with me only. Asmita says don’t do this. It won’t make a difference. Krishi would go with me. SHan says she is my daughter too. I have a right on her. Asmita says stop it. We are going from here. Don’t make it more difficult for us.

No Precap.

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  1. I know that Shaan was wrong from the beginning but we must take note that Shikawat also was wrong as he wanted to help Nandini to get rid of Krishi be it falling in Oil vessel and participate in Pot section. Shan despite not willing to accept Krishi as biological father but he loves her a lot. I think Asmita has the right to know that Shikawat does all this to get her as wife and Nirvan’s mother. Please Director it is time to end our beautiful show in a good note and not dragging again as now it appears that Shikawat will replace Nandini in the evil role. What we have all expected and what we are getting. This is why YTG has not got anything in the ZRA and again and again Ekta show be in Starplus or Zee get everything. We will surely miss Shan-Asmita love story but we will accept a beautiful ending.

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