Choti Sardarni 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav makes a deal with Kulwant

Choti Sardarni 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rana says who will be blamed for Karan’s kidnap? Kulwant gets a call from Manav. She says on him. Kulwant says yes? Manav shouts where is my son? Where is my Karan. Kulwant says wonderful, so much fire to find your son? Look behind, he’s there. Bitu comes out of the car with Karan. He says here is your son. Manav hugs him and says my son? Are you okay. No one can part papa and Karan. I have a surprise for you. He shows him balloons inside the car. Manav says I got you so many toys. Bitu gives the phone to Manav. Kulwant says see I keep my word. I did what I had to. Now your turn. Do you remember the deal? He says yes.

Manav said to Kulwant Sarab won’t be able to get you arrested in this case. I will get you out of it. You have to do one thing for me. Meher is on the way. Sarab calls her. Meher doesn’t pick. Sarab sends a voice message I know you left to get Karan vaccinated. It will hurt him a bit but don’t woryr. He’s my lion son. Meher says if mummy Ji doesn’t have Karan, then it must be Manav. But he never came to the hosue. Meher says I won’t let anything happen to Karan.

Manav says do you like driving with me? You will grow up and take me to places. He says I am so happy. Thank you for giving me my life. Manav plays song. Tu mera dil. Meher keeps calling Manav but his phone is on the back seat.

Scene 2
Param cries. He says did bad uncle pick Karan? I should ask papa to look for him. Sarab is under check-up.

Aditi is with her friends. Her friends ask her to call Manav so they can meet him as well. Aditi says he’s too busy he can’t come. Manav comes to the same hotel as Karan. Manav says what happened my son? Aditi orders saag. Aditi calls Manav but he doesn’t pick.

Harleen is on her way. Param cries. She says Param must be alone at home. Karan had vaccination as well so Meher must have left. Meher calls home. Ajay picks but he can’t hear. Robbie says that Vikram misbehaved with Sarab but he has more respect than me. Harleen says he wasn’t in his senses. Still, he saved Sarab’s life. Why do you keep talking about respect. We all know what you have done in life.

Scene 3
Bitu comes home. Kulwant Meher came. She roared and left. Rana says we have to find a way. Now we will be booked for kidnapping as well. But says did we make a mistake? She says don’t think small. We gave Karan to Vikram and he will get us free from this. Rana says Meher won’t sit silently. Kulwant says yes she will not let Karan go. She will take Karan back but we will get our freedom before that.

Meher comes to Seema’s place. Seema says what happened? Meher cries. Seema says is sarab okay? What happened? Tell me. Are you okay? Seema gives her water.

Manav comes to a hotel room with Karan. He says do you like your new room. It’s all decorated. Manav says papa arranged all this. He says until papa makes another plan no one should know where Karan and papa are. Karan cries. Manav says why are you crying? papa is with you. You will forget Meher, Sarab everyone. He shows him toys. Karan keeps crying. Manav says your papa is with you. Why are you crying.

Meher says please call Vikram. He isn’t picking my call. Seema says what happened? Meher says he isn’t picking my call. Please call, he will pick your phone. Seema says he isn’t picking. Meher says please keep trying.

Precap-Manav is outside the room. The door gets locked automatically. Manav runs towards the door but it’s locked. Karan is inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. It’s simple. Karan is an infant and really needs his mother in his infancy.. So Manav might not get the custody of Karan. Also if Manav manages to get Karan’s custody, won’t his mother Seema get to know about it. If it happens, Manav may loose even his mother too… It’s difficult to guess what will happen next..But most probably, Manav might not get Karan’s custody, considering every situation.

    1. Manav would not be able to take care of Karan very well if he stays with him. He things Raising Karan is all about playing with him a and buying a lot of toys and balloons. Why is Manav playing with Karan’s life like that? He even left him alone in the hotel room. He doesn’t even know that karan is supposed to receive his vaccination on that day.One more thing he does not have even the slightest idea of taking care of children, just buying gifts and playing with the child is not the only thing that takes to raise a child. He should just take back Karan to his mom and think about joint custody. Even if he raises Karan alone, I am sure that when he grows up he is going to hate his dad when he get’s to find out that he was actually kidnapped.

  2. Manav’s smile is soo cute🥰

  3. Fighting over karan will go nowhere, only kulwant will win and do even worse things.
    Meher and manav both deserve karan. Sarab being more sensible and understanding can just sit with manav and meher and come up with an arrangement for joint custody.
    Aditi should be told the whole truth. After this manav and aditi can decide if they want to keep the marriage of get it annulled.

  4. Oh no. I don’t understand why this plot went like this. Now Manav has agreed to Kulwant..both of them are now guilty. And again Sarab and Meher to the rescue of Karan. First Param got kidnapped while in Serbia and now karan

  5. Shesha485

    Confusing…. Who is good and who is noot good? Who really deserve Karan? Unpredictable but going complex

  6. Confusing, some of our comments suggest joint custody while Manav is planning a way to keep Karan to himself separating him from Meher, Sarab and everyone which is not making the situation any better than it isn’t idk what these writers are trying to portray but Meher, Sarab and Manav should all remeber two wrongs can never make a right, see even Kulwant has the upper hand now

    1. Shaheera Khan

      i have not watched this drama from the beginning but looking at manav he is not a stable person i dont know why surreya made him as a cab officer ,first thing should had been his proper treatment but that does not mean i am favouring all the culprits including meher and sarab nearly all of their families they are all power hungry and know to turn the law for thier favour especially i cant stand mehrab now .

    2. Not only manav but meher and sarab are also planning to keep karan for themselves. Someone needs to suggest joint custody, sarab being the most level-headed and mature out of the trio could have been this person but he also lost all his senses.

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