Bigg Boss 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: An Entertaining Night with Kavita’s return

Bigg Boss 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
The episode starts with Salman entering the stage. He welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says there will be a surprising celebration today. We gave them a task today and see what they did.

In the House:
The task is about what inmates want to say to the others. They have to tell the names who they think should wake up.
Pavitra: She says Naina should wake up, she is losing time. You have to make a place for yourself.
Rubina: She says Shardul needs to wake up. You lose the plot many times.
Abhi: He takes Eijaz’s name as you think shouting makes you look more prominent. You are different as a normal person but a different person in a task. You don’t have to show a violent side in the task every time. You went off when Jaan touched you in yesterday’s devil task. Eijaz says I don’t like when someone touches me.
Jasmin: She says I want to tell Jaan to wake up, he thinks Nikki is his life. You have to make your own personality.
Nikki: She says I want to take Jaan’s name but he doesn’t listen so I will ring this bell for Naina.
Jaan: He thanks Jasmin for taking his name, he says I have been ignoring signs. He says I have noticed things that I was ignoring.
Eijaz: He says I want to take Shardul’s name as I see potential in him but he has to level up his game. He takes Jaan’s name and says you are in a comfort zone, I tried to give you a task to not talk to Nikki for a day but I left it. He takes Jasmin’s name as she should accept her mistakes but she doesn’t listen to her friends. We are trying to tell you of your mistakes and make your game strong, you should wake up. Jasmin says I am the same Jasmin who called you a superstar. Eijaz says you don’t know me, you have seen my character. Jasmin says I have seen a superstar and then I saw you doing things which don’t suit you, I never disrespected you.
Naina: She takes Shardul’s name as he doesn’t listen to others. He should understand others too, you always just talk. Shardul says I hear people but not always you. Naina says I don’t want to talk more.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He asks how are you? Jaan says you look awesome. Salman thanks him. He says my mood changes as per the situations of the house. I give tips to everyone but only a few people take it nicely. He says some guests are coming too, we will have entertaining today. He says we have to entertain people so they watch our channel. Salman says to Eijaz that you shouldn’t understand too much. He says I want everyone to be happy today so I will talk to you in detail tomorrow. He asks Abhi if that’s fine? Abhi says as you say. Salman says today will be focused on entertainment only but we will back tomorrow for the talk. He says you all played safe in the game. He asks Aly how is he? He says I am fine. Salman says you are in a cage. Aly says it’s going well till now. Salman says you have made landline popular again. All laugh. Salman says girls want to talk to you all the time so I will choose a representative in the house who will flirt with you. I see Jasmin sitting there, she blushes and says Jasmin can flirt with him. Salman asks Nikki when was the last time she talked on a landline? She says 4 years back but I like landline more. Salman says show the world how to flirt on a landline, it has to be healthy flirting. Nikki nods and goes to talk to Aly. Nikki says I wish you were here. Aly says wish you were here. Nikki blushes. He says I like it when you dance in the morning. Nikki says I will dance in front of you then. She says I am waiting for you, she ends the call and says it’s done. She goes to sit beside Jasmin. Jasmin laughs and says I like it a lot. Salman asks her to cry a little. She laughs. Salman says we will celebrate with music. He calls Remo, Puneet, Shakti and Salman Yousuf as dancing sensations. Salman welcomes them and congratulates Puneet on his engagement. Salman says let’s meet the inmates. He asks Shardul to not stare at them. All laugh. Shardul says my system goes bad sometimes. Salman says Shardul is nice but he has a habit of staring so don’t notice him. Salman says our guests will give a BBQ test. You all have to think you are part of the house, I will give you a situation and you have to tell who fits that role. He asks Puneet if he had to flirt then will he flirt with Aly, Shardul, Naina, Jasmin, Nikki or Jaan? Puneet says I can’t flirt with Jaan as he is an expert. I will flirt with Nikki because everyone else is my friend. Salman asks Shakti who is the laziest in the house? She says I think it’s Jaan as he is always doing Nikki’s work. Salman asks Salman Yousuf who will he fight the most in the house? He says Pavitra because when fights, she goes so high. Pavitra laughs. Salman says to Pavitra that don’t blush, he is talking about fighting. Pavitra says I don’t fight. All are shocked. Salman asks Remo who will make the captain? Remo says I will make Eijaz the captain again as she gives rewards. Salman asks Shakti if you were in a finale then who would be against you? She says Rubina because she is a teacher and I am a dance teacher too. All laugh. Rubina thanks her. Salman says her only student is Abhi. Salman asks Salman Yousuf who will break the rules with him? He says Jasmin, she looks very innocent so nobody will doubt her. She will start crying. Salman asks Shakti if you have to cry then whose shoulder will you choose? She says Abhinav. Salman says so Rubina will cry on your shoulder? Shakti says Abhi is intelligent, he can even understand aliens. All laugh. Salman asks who will dance with on the wake-up son? Puneet says with Nikki.
Salman says to the guests that you danced with me on Garmi song. He laughs with them. Puneet says Aly should do it. Aly lies on the floor and shakes his bum. All laugh. Salman says now Rahul, Jaan, Abhi and Shardul will dance. Shardul says I don’t have a bum. All laugh. Shakti says Salman Yousuf should show it. Salman Yousuf starts dancing and shows them the step on the floor. Salman Khan and Puneet join. All boys in the house follow the step.

Salman makes the guests sit on chairs. He says it’s time to judge the inmates. You will judge their performances. Their performances should show their journey in the house. He tells the inmates that these guests are here to guide you also. We will see your journey today but in a musical way. Shakti says the first story is about two people who have love and has intense passion, sometimes fights and sometimes love. They all guess it to be Pavitra and Eijaz. Shakti says they are fine but then suddenly start fighting. They are destructive but together. Pavitra and Eijaz smile.

Eijaz-Pavitra: The clip shows their date and romance night as a flashback. Then Pavitra and Eijaz start dancing intensely on Nasha. Eijaz pulls her closer and dances with her. They both intensely stare at each other. All clap for them. Nikki says they were angry at each other. Salman says one had love in her eyes too. Remo says they showed it well. I like to see Eijaz here and he is showing all his emotions. Pavitra was soft in the dance. He gives them 4 stars. Salman gives them 3 stars. Shakti gives them 5 stars. Puneet says I will give them 3 stars as they didn’t come closer to each other’s faces. Salman Khan says they got 15 stars.

Puneet says the next pair is my friend. They are very opposite, one cries and the other one makes others cry. They all guess it to be Jasmin and Aly. Let’s ask them what is going on between them.

Jasmin-Aly: Aly dances in his room. Jasmin dances in front of him cutely on love life. Jasmin dances but Aly acts like ignoring her. Aly sits near the glasses and dances with her. Aly kisses her forehead through the glass. All claps for them. Salman says very nicely. Rubina says it was very cute. Remo says it was a freak-out dance. Jasmin says I asked Puneet to make me learn to dance before I came to the house but he ignored me. Puneet says I tried once but she is the worst dancer. Jasmin says liar. Puneet says she dances from the heart so it’s nice. Salman Yousuf says they danced with glass so I will give them 3 stars. Shakti gives them 5 stars. Puneet gives them 5 stars. Remo gives them 3 stars as he wants them to learn dancing.

Salman Yousuf says now the story is about a husband and wife. Rubina’s inlaws house is now the green-zone. They have proved that there is a husband in marriage and the other one is always right.

Rubina-Abhinav: They start their performance with Abhi waking up and running to the kitchen. He starts making food for his wife, do all the work then Rubina appears. They dance on Biwi no. 1. He runs around her like a dotted husband. He lifts her and dances around. He lightly kisses her on the lips in the end. All cheer for them. Salman Yousuf Abhi caught the beat and that is unbelievable. He choreographed him before and it’s very difficult for him. Abhi says I am a very bad dancer. Salman Khan says very nicely, he says this was the first kiss in 5 weeks? Abhi says no, there are more kisses. Salman says you are making others jealous in the house. Rubina hides behind him and blushes. Jasmin says you are married. Remo says their performance made me recall my own house-life. Salman Yousuf gives them 4.5 stars. Shakti says they both performed well, Rubina was all out. She gives them 5 stars. Puneet says I will give them 4 stars. Remo gives them 5 stars for Abhi’s efforts and Rubina is amazing. Abhi says I dropped Rubina a lot before lifting her finally. Rubina says he was taking advantage by throwing me down so many times.

Shakti says the next pair is the one where the girl is running ahead and the guy is just a shadow. She says it’s Jaan and Nikki.

Nikki-Jaan: They both dance on kyun aagy peeche. Jaan pulls her closer and dances with her. He acts like massaging her feet, running behind her. Nikki runs away from him but he pulls her back and falls down. All clap for them. Remo says Jaan took all of his chances. Salman Yousuf I don’t know what stars to give them, Jaan left all the steps when Nikki touched him. Jasmin says it happens with him every time. Remo says I will give them 3 stars. Puneet gives them 3 stars. Shakti says I liked this a lot, she gives them a standing ovation for Nikki’s performance. She was on fire. Jaan looked lost and in so much love. She gives them 5 stars. Salman Yousuf gives them 2 stars.

Salman Yousuf says the next story is about the guy who had many dreams. He talks less but says meaningful words. He presents Rahul Vaidya.

Rahul: Rahul starts his performance on I am the best. He dances around the inmates. All cheer for him. He dances with Nikki, Jasmin and Pavitra. All clap for him. Remo says Rahul enjoyed his performance. Rahul says we were all so happy to dance. I am a hopeless dancer so thank you. Remo gives him 4 stars. Puneet gives him 5 stars for performing from heart. Shakti says I was his singing’s fan. She gives him 5 stars. Salman Yousuf says Rahul’s stage performance is amazing, he gives him 4 stars.

Puneet says the last story is weird. They entered as a wild-card. We all thought there will be a tornado but we are still searching for them. They are Mr. India of the house. He presents Naina and Shardul.

Naina-Shardul: They both dance on idhar chala udhar chala. They both act lost and dance together. All clap for them. Salman Khan says this was the best performance. Shardul was fantastic, Naina went a little over-board but Shardul was amazing. Remo says there was honesty in this performance, outstanding. He gives them 5 stars. Shardul says I can’t believe it. Puneet says they performed really well. He gives them 5 stars. Shakti gives them 5 stars. Salman Yousuf gives them 4.5 stars but Remo says it was a 5-star performance.

Salman says Rahul has 19 stars with the runner-up position. Shardul-Naina is winners with 20 stars. They all get medals. Salman says now our guests will perform on their new song. He calls other performers also. Remo says I have launched a music label to launch upcoming singers. Salman says I have a YouTube channel and I am the new singer there, all laugh.
Salman Yousuf dances with Shakti on the song tere hain hum. The new singers sing loug kia kahengy. Salman Khan claps for them. He thanks them, they all leave.

On the Stage:
Salman says there is another guest who was the housemate. She is waiting for us in the house. Let’s meet her. He connects the video call to Kavita Kaushik. Salman says you are back here again? She says I see everything with clarity. You kept saying to use your mind and not your emotions. I now have the experience, I was playing from the heart and went ahead with someone else’s game. Salman says you are getting a golden chance to enter again but you have to impress our special celebrity panel first. He connects the video call to Aarti Singh, Surbhi Chandana, Kamya Punjabi. Aarti tells Kavita that you asked everyone to not shout in the house but then you went so rude and shouted so much. Kavita says when I entered the house, all were aggressive and I was made the captain suddenly. When I asked them to work and not break rules, they started bickering with me. Aarti says Shardul was not arguing with you but you were not listening to him, you were being rude. I know Kavita and I know you are so entertaining but you increased the stress in the house. Kavita says Shardul was not doing his work, he was being lazy. It used to irritate me. Aarti says but then Eijaz became the captain and you went off when he asked you to work? Kavita says he was making everyone do his personal task. Vindu Singh joins the video call. Surbhi says Kavita is a big celebrity, why would the audience not vote for you? Kavita says when I entered the house, Eijaz asked me to take out of the red-zone. I knew Eijaz from before in parties but I don’t know about his real nature. I saw a very different side of Eijaz in the house. Salman says but you said you didn’t know him? Kavita says he was dapper, quiet at parties but in the house, I saw him in a totally different avatar. He provoked me but I tried to not react. But then I had a blast as it was the tipping point. I was emotional and said bad words. I gave him food in the lockdown because he a single man. Surbhi says he confided in you during the lockdown but you brought it up on TV. Kavita says he is talking about his personal life and not me, he plays the victim card. Vindu says he was so excited to see you in the house, what will happen now? Kavita says I was surprised too by seeing his excitement. I didn’t know him. Salman asks Kavita if she knows Vindu? She says yes very well, I know he has a sweet side and aggressive side too. Salman laughs and says he has no aggressive side. Kamya tells Kavita that you looked negative with that fight, who will you blame? Kavita says I will blame myself, I was emotional and said things which were not correctly framed, I showed weakness. Salman tells us to use our minds. Salman says you have to play from your heart too, you have to show emotions too but don’t cross the line. Don’t curse and beat others. Don’t put others down, that is not okay. Kavita says as a woman, I told Pavitra that Eijaz’s avatar is hurting me. He was so obsessive, he didn’t listen to anything anyone said. He provoked Pavitra two days ago. Aarti says that’s Pavitra’s issue. Kamya says you saw Eijaz’s game for two weeks before going to the show, when you went inside did you think it could happen with you, that you would be eliminated so soon? Kavita says I was shocked too, people only see 1 hour of the show so I gave them the benefit of doubt for 23 remaining hours in the house. Salman says you have a big fan following but still you were eliminated in the first week. Vindu won the show but he cried so much, nobody can make him cry in real life but he cried in this show and he cried so much. Kavita says maybe it was my mistake to not cry, I gulped down my tears. Vindu says you will cry soon. Salman asks the panel what to do about her? Should we send her again to the house? Vindu says please send her again. Aarti says she is an amazing person, she should be in the house. Surbhi says show your other shades in the house, she should go in. Kamya says she should go inside and show her the entertaining side. Salman thanks them. The panel signs off. Salman congratulates Kavita, he says we all want you to go in the house. You will go in a bit, all the very best. Kavita thanks him. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the video call to the house. He says nominated inmates are Rahul, Naina and Shardul. Rubina was saved by her husband. He says we will tell tomorrow about the elimination. He ends the call. He says they don’t know that Kavita is coming back. Let’s see.

In the House:
Jasmin is talking to Aly and says I never disrespected Eijaz but he keeps putting me down. He is very smart and thinks I am biased, he just wants to create an issue with me but I won’t let him do it because I respect him. Aly says he is saying nonsense, I will solve it with him. He doesn’t listen to anyone but he will listen to me, he doesn’t know what he is doing.
Kavita enters the house and goes into the lounge. Eijaz says welcome back. Kavita says hi Pavitra but Pavitra doesn’t answer her. Nikki hugs Kavita. Jasmin hugs Kavita. Rubina rushes and hugs her. Jaan hugs her too. Rubina says you look so nice. Aly asks Eijaz what he will do now? Eijaz says I knew it. Aly says I don’t have respect for Kavita anymore. Naina cries hugging Kavita. Kavita says don’t cry, I am sorry if I made you feel like anything.

Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP – Salman says Pavitra pushed Eijaz with her elbow and then cursed him. Pavitra says I didn’t. Salman says you did, he shows her the clip. I don’t know if this is aggression or drama. Pavitra is not in her senses right now. Pavitra says it was not related to that. Salman says this is no way to be shown. Pavitra says sorry. Salman says you can’t keep saying sorry and repeating it.
Salman tells Jaan that you are not a sweet boy anymore, you are cursing so much that you are looking like a brat. You look cheap. Salman asks Nikki where did you keep the mask? You can’t even say the word, what you did is shameful.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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