Choti Sardarni 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher to donate her liver

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Choti Sardarni 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab does a press conference. He says I am here has a father not as a politician. My Param has a tumor in his liver. Harleen says she is in a critical condition. Everyone is praying for Param. Sanjana tests everyone. Jagga says please hurry up. Sanjana says reports would take some time. Meher recalls what Sanjana said.

Sarab says we need a donor with AB negative. You can save my Param’s life. I beg you all, please help him. Help this helpless father. Yuvi says dadi, please heal Param. Kulwant Kaur long live. Kulwant is in tears. Kulwant says if I could I would give my life to save him. God won’t let anything wrong happen to our Param. Meher recalls Seema saying can you risk your one child for another? The doctor gives reports to Sanjana. Sanjana says where is Sarab? We don’t have a lot of time.

Harleen says every passing moment is taking our Param towards something bad. Please save him. If you have AB negative blood group please save him. Meher recalls her moments with Param. She sees TV. Harleen says please save our Param. Meher comes to the doctor. She says I am sorry. None of your family member’s match his blood group. Only a miracle can save Param now. People call each other to ask for AB negative blood. Sarab and Harleen hold their hands in front of people to beg them.

Sarab goes to a radio station too. The host says our Sarabjit is here to say something. Sarab says I am here to request you all to save my son. Sarab is in tears. The host gives him water. Sarab says my son Param, he has a tumor in his liver. We need a donor who can give a piece of their liver. Please contact us, so we can save our child if you have AB negative blood group. Please help us save a life. The host says there are 12 AB positive and negative people in the hospital to donate. With further tests, we will know if they would be able to help Param. The entire city and country are praying for Param. All people send messages for Param. The host says we are all with Param and his parents. We hope he gets better. There are 35 people who matched but failed in further tests.

Scene 2
Sarab is sitting distressed. Meher comes to him and says we found the donor. Please sign these papers. Hurry up. Sarab says really? Meher says yes everything matched. Just sign these papers. Sarab says I knew God would listen to us. I knew our Param would be saved. He signs them immediately without reading. Papers fall on the floor. Sarab picks them and reads it. It says Meher’s name as a donor. Sarab says what is this? Sarab is shocked. He says what is this? Are you crazy? Do you know you are pregnant? I can’t risk your life along with Param’s. Meher says please, we don’t have time. Give me the papers. Nothing would happen to me. Sarab says are you, God? Did you read them? It says there is hardly a chance of you living. And you fooled me to sign them? How can you do that? Meher says would you sign them if I told you? Meher says the amount of care you have for me, I do it 100 times more than Param. Give me the papers. Sarab says I won’t. How did Sanjana even give you these papers? Let me talk to her. Meher says I have spoken to her already. Sarab says what?

Meher said to Sanjana she wants to donate. Sanjana said there’s one percent chance of you surviving. I can’t allow that. Meher said it isn’t impossible. I read on the internet. This woman donated her liver to her child while she was pregnant. She and baby survived. In such rare cases, it’s allowed. Sanjana said don’t teach me science. Meher said I am just telling you a mother’s position. She sees her daughter’s picture. Meher says if your daughter were in Param’s place and you were in my shoes? What would be your decision? Meher said Sanjana, this isn’t a medical case only. Please see this case from a mother’s perspective too. Sanjana said please try to understand. Meher said please do this surgery as a mother, not as a doctor. God will handle everything. Sanjana said I can’t hide it from your family. I have to tell them that there is hardly any chance of you surviving. I am sure Sarab won’t allow you. Meher said this time isn’t to explain someone. Sanjana said I have one condition. You have to get these consent forms signed by Sarab. Then I am ready. I won’t do it without his consent.

Sarab says I won’t ever allow that. I can’t your and this baby’s life along with Param’s. There is only a 1% chance. Do you understand? Meher says you said donors are a blessing by God. Give me the papers. Sarab says why don’t you understand. Meher says he calls me a mother. As his mother. Meher says as his mother, I have to the right to decide this for my son. I know we aren’t related by blood. After this operation, we will be related by the liver at least.
Precap-Meher says please give me these papers. Sarab says enough. My one consent will risk three lives.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Another emotional episode! Tears, tears and more tears for Sarab, Meher and Param!!! It is so sad!!

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