Fans TREND #StopTorturingSid after Sidharth Shukla BROKE DOWN in the confession room

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We witnessed some high wattage drama on Bigg Boss 13 last night. SIdharth Shukla and Asim Riaz had a huge fight yesterday and then Sidharth had a melting moment when he was called in the confession room by Bigg Boss.

He confessed that he wants to hit Asim as he is sick and tired of his consistent poking. He even asked Bigg Boss for his permisiion. He was ready to leave the house as he said he couldn’t take it anymore. The fans to got concerned with ti and trended #StopTorturingSid. One Sidharth fan shared on social media how he can’t see the contestant like that, and wrote, “Can’t see him like this…..” Another diehard fan of Shukla wrote, “Sid ke samne bolta you both need to be careful…Ghar ke bahar bolta hai ki sid you’re a cry baby…Umrao ji yeh baat Sid ke samne bol ke dikhana…uss time mitha nhi banna,” warning Asim Riaz’s brother Umar Riaz after he called Sidharth a cry baby on social media.




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  1. Sid is getting what he did and said to Rashmi and got the entire ‘His team’ to go against her. He just never stopped. I think Asim is not doing wrong. He speaks for Rashmi but why does Sid not stay away from this. He does not say anything to him. It is Sid who comes to fight and well I must say he met his match….Sid said many words to Asim and went on his family too. But now he is the one on a sympathy trip. He kept telling him I will see you out of the house and used a lot of foul words. Well in previous years we had Vikas Gupta who was constantly being tortured by Shinde even when he was in jail she was poking him with a long stick. She was finally the winner. Sid should take Asim’s advise and count from 1 to 10 and if that’s not enough then from again from 10 to 1 and also use the tip given by Karen Singh Grover. Sid is doing this to run down Asim as he knows he is a strong player.

    1. So basically u r saying what rashmi was doing was correct (defaming sid talking abt outside unverified things ,with arhaan and others , her asking all the time kaisi ladki ,kaisi ladki and just wanted get him speak sl*t or something when he had answered one time rashmi shivanindesai jaisi ladki. Was she silently getting poked )
      Now u mean to say What asim did was correct , telling that he did not see vishal getting down. If someone cheats in a sport very daringly and visibly and then telling i am correct – do u just let it go. Would your ego not hurt. And if he did cheating just to irritate sid so that he does something bad and get him out – then they are correct.
      Good judgement.

      Not that i am professing love for sid. He has low on patience , more agressive than for his good. Maybe you could in sids shoes have taken that moment very sportingly and played smartly without the agression. U wld have actually left the scene when asim said dikhao dikhao making faces and telling chal bhag bhag.
      But that not who he is. He has made it clear that he will give back in kind pushing the bar up for good and bad act against him.

      My point i am not judging just one and give clean chit to other. Both in my perspective is wrong , and leaving all abuses , poking agressiveness aside- who is playing a big boss game better. All are playing beautifully like a script , using alliances. For me asim used shukla in first half of the game to get support for his character and upon getting complement he is now playing anti shukla which he took and learnit his weaknesses during dosti. shenaaz used paras , sid to get a love angle where paras tried to get two girls loving him and fighing between her and generate his content. Sid used his leadership qualities, his wittiness and his logical reasonign and subtle support llokign like loyalty. Rashmi tried to user her fame outside , woman and sympathy game to her best.

      Which one do u like best game and who apprared more real in their attempt is the question? For u its asim then so be it , simply making your point why u love asim game overall. Not by demeaning another character.
      For me it is sid who is making all ppl to come to him to devise their game and its revolving arnd him. Hook or crook he has all ppl hooked onto him. Shilpa and vikas did in season 11 , manveer did in season 10 , gauhar and tanisha in season 7.
      From my take in season 13 – shukla is projected dead in centre with everybody here and there putting their game with him. Paras and mahira did try playing one themselves but not gripping as they got isolated among themselves. While sid shehnaz took their love angle involving others (jealousy, hatred,love etc) with shehnaaz flipiing here and there and making other comment.

      For me sid is game winner. Whether he wins or not i am hooked to big boss and big boss is the winner in the end of the day.

  2. Verma4

    Sid, can’t take the heat then stay out of the kitchen.

  3. Asim is crazy…. He is sick yo core… He just needs siddarth to be in the show

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