Choti Sardarni 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update: everyone goes against Meher and Sarab

Choti Sardarni 20th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab says you cleared things mentioning dagger, bridge and murder. You have time till tomorrow. Police will arrest you after that and the punishment would be doubled.

Param says papa I want that gun. Sarab says it isn’t a toy. Param says I want it, want it. A gun is framed on the wall. Param says please give it once papa. Sarab says no.

Rana says Bitu is it gonna be over? How long will we be jailed? Ginni and Jeeto will run with someone else. They look at Param and Sarab. Bitu looks at the gun. Rana says they hit you a lot in the jail. He says my slipper will go to jail. What is wrong with Sarab. I will treat him right. He says tonight is gonna be long.

Param says I want that gun. Robbie says let him play. I am sure it doesn’t working. Sarab says it’s in working condition. Meher says why are you crying? Param says I want that gun. I told Karan, I will get him a new gun. Sarab says give him the new toys. Meher says come let me show you the new toys. Robbie says it’s still in working condition? Robbie recalls Sarab insulted him. He says this gun will solve all my problems.

Meher gives Sarab new toys. Jagga is there. Meher says veer ji you here alone? Param shows the new toys to Karan. Meher says you are alone here. What happened? He says I beg you Meher. Don’t do this. Param runs out. Kulwant is on the door. Meher says you’re taking mummy ji’s side? You always.. He says yes I take side of the right thing. How can I let my mom go to jail in this age? She has done so much for us all her life alone. She is saying Manav is alive then what murder? She says attempt of murder then. We have asked her to surrender. Court will decide the rest. He says you can do what you want. I will be her son. Kulwant says I will change the history tonight.

Param looks at the gun. Kulwant says why are you upset? He says I want that gun. Papa said it’s not for kids. Sarab sees off all the guests. He says to Surya thanks for coming. Vikram says someone give us cake as well. Sarab says wow. Vikram says beautiful incident is one year old now. Vikram falls. Sarab holds him. Sarab says Vikram.. He says I am not Vikram. My name is.. Surya says what are you saying? Bring him water please. Manav recalls Meher said Sarab is hers now. He recalls Sarab kissing Meher’s hand. Manav looks at the cake. He says I can remove the name. I will do anything for you. Surya says don’t do this. Manav stabs Sarab’s name with knife. Surya says what are you doing? He says I gave my life for you and you keep taking Sarab’s name?

Manav looks at the gun but falls. Surya and sarab pick him. Aditi comes running. Everyone comes there. Aditi says please drink water. He says I am fine. Give me whiskey. Sarab says he’s stressed about something. Meher says Aditi you should take him home. Robbie says he won’t go anywhere. There’s a curfew in Punjab. Sarab says all of you stay here tonight then. Kulwant says to him why would you care about your family. Sarab says we will see tomorrow. Manav says it won’t stay. Aditi says what? Sarab says everyone should rest. He says let’s arrange everyone’s stay Meher. He holds Meher’s hand. Manav looks at them in anger. Bitu, Rana, Jagga and Kulwant also see them leaving. Manav says stop my gobi de parathy. Meher is shocked. She stops. Her hand drops from Sarab’s.

Sarab and Meher turn back. Seema says what are you saying? What’s wrong? He says yes maa I.. I can’t live without my gobi da paratha. He says my life, my everything my love, my gobi de parathy, I can’t live without you. Seema says what are you saying? Manav hugs Seema and cries. He gets up. Robbie says he’s drunk, Manav says what did you say? This is love. I don’t think you ever loved. Robbie says I had love marriage with Harleen but you love gobi da paratha. He says yes I love it a lot. Sarab says you will get it. Manav says then give me my love? Manav looks at the gun. Manav says promise you will give me my love? Sarab is about to shake hand, Meher stops his hand. Manav is upset. He looks at Meher holding Sarab’s hand. Meher says Vikram is drunk. He will keep speaking. Let him rest. Manv says I am fine. Sarab says Ajay get him gobi k parathy.

Kulwant before tomorrow morning I will save myself at any cost. Rana says our work is easier. Rana says what will we do? He says do one sin to hide another. Jagga says mother can do any sin for her kids. Kids can do the same. They all look at the gun.

Precap-Manav wakes up at night. Kulwant is also in hall. Meher sees the lights have gone off. She sees shadow. Someone pulls the gun on Sarab.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Preeti jindal

    Why don’t you post a Little bit earlier

  2. Stupid story Now Kulwant will kill Sarabjeet and blame will come on Manav. Such a selfish lady.Storyline has got worst.

    1. Yeah….I hate Kulwant…Just bcoz of that selfish kulwant, Manav is in such a bad condition. His pain, his love for his gobi de parothey…It hurts so much yrr….He should forget Meher now, I know it won’t be easy for him….I don’t know why I am so emotional😅….but I really feel sooo bad for him. I can’t see him like that …

  3. don like this story line, instead of this drama y not let us know the kidnapper of meher and the blackmailer of dolly. Where is dolly? hopefully they dont make d baby sick and he needs manav help. y cant meher and sarab story continue without much drama?

    1. yes… that’s been hidden for so long… pls tell us who they are!

  4. And meher wud b now pregnant vth sarab’s child

  5. Shaheera Khan

    thank you atiba really this story needs to end now getting feuds by the gobhi the prat hay jaap. and yes meher is trying to get her family pay thier deeds but will she be able to disclose the reason behind it in the court room being sarab wife .

  6. Oh no,a tragedy after few lovely episodes.I can’t see Sarab Meher and their kids hurt 😟. I think none of them will hurt Sarab.There might be some other villain with whom Robbie is associated.The person who did Meher’s kidnapping at Serbia.Robbie was shown to be in contact with that person at that time.

  7. You have to blame Meher for continuing this vendetta and revenge against her mother/ brothers, when she could let bygones be bygones. Now Meher (and Sarab in particular) has created enemies with everyone. It is almost certain someone will shoot Sarab. It is equally likely Sarab will come to know Vikram’s real identity very soon, than all hell will break lose. Just as likely is that Manav will soon claim custody rights with the child Karan. All said, this is now a really messy drama.

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    Unwanted dragging drama 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ sarab is going to hurt and blame will be on Manav rather it would have been done by either kulwant or robbie… I had thought that Jagga always support right thing, but he is supporting wrong, kulwant and sons should be punished for attempt to murder…

  9. Bittu, Rana, kulwant or jagga will try to kill Sarabjeet or may be someone else, but I think that the blame will come on Manav…!!That boy had already suffered a lot in his life….I don’t want any more problems in his life. I hope in this difficult situation, Aditi will help him and they will come close. I want him to be happy now.

  10. After a couple of happy episodes for Mehrab, the story is turning very messy. Would Choti Sardarni be able to save both the families? Sarab always stood with truth and honesty. Kulwant must be punished, and what about Robbie? He still has evil intentions for Sarab. Manav needs time to recover. His approach to recovery is destructive. I do not know what the story writer is up to, I want to see a happy ending.

  11. Saokekimberly

    Right now we want to see most of Sarab and Meher romance and fun family time with the kids Param and Karan. They have gone through a lot of problems for the past episodes. The makers should give them at least a happy family time. I can’t wait for Karan to grow. I feel like Meher is going to be pregnant with Sarab’s child and will definitely be a girl. Maybe the unborn child is the one who is going to keep them together when Manav decides to claim both Meher and Karan. The baby is going to be the one who will keep Meher and Sarab from separating.

  12. Too many unfinished stories and now one more to the add. I expected more happy moment between Sarab and Meher. May be meher comes in and the killer disapears.

  13. I really don’t understand the logic here. Who Put a gun on the wall where any body can take it and do whatso ever they want to do with it? I hope it is meher and sarab’s doing to trap them inorder to get evidence.

  14. One year after Manav dead,Meher thinking Manav dead that’s y she became close to sharbath
    What about Manav now how can she say that to Manav to be with adati

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